Brooklyn, NY – Chasidic Man Dies After Being Hit By Truck In Williamsburg


    (Stefano Giovannini/, NY – A Chasidic man who was struck by a tractor-trailer in Williamsburg has been declared dead by doctors at Beth Israel Hospital.

    Police said that the victim was on Kent Street near South 10th Street at 1 PM this afternoon when he was hit by the 18 wheeler.

    VIN News has confirmed the victim as 21 year old Moshe Yehuda Wiener of Williamsburg, who married nearly two years ago. Emergency rescue crews rushed Wiener to the hospital where he later died.

    According to DNA Info, witnesses said that Wiener was getting out of his car when he was somehow caught under a passing northbound truck.

    “I just saw the truck dragging him,” said 25 year old construction worker Aron Gross.

    Reynaldo Rivera, another construction worker working at a nearby job site, rushed to the accident scene and said he saw Wiener bleeding from both his mouth and his arm.

    Both Gross and Rivera recognized Wiener who they said was delivering supplies to a job site.

    The driver of the truck remained at the scene and police are continuing to investigate the accident.

    Wiener is the son of Mr. Hershy Wiener a well known figure in the Satmar community.

    Funeral is scheduled to take place at Congregation Yetev Lev, 14 Hooper Street in Williamsburg at 8 PM tonight.

    (Stefano Giovannini/

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    1. B’DE.Oy nebach nebach.

      Thank you Bloomberg for giving us sick bike lanes. This street with bike lanes is a disaster. It was a beautiful wide street.Now,it is dangerous as it can be.
      High time for our Askonim and activist to remove this sick bike lane on Kent Ave.

    2. For those not familiar with the area this is an area where Mayor Bloomberg may he be judged for all these actions, decreed that there should be bike Lanes with a broad area then parking lanes and then fast moving traffic. The net result is that people exiting cars are inches away from fast moving trucks while bicyclist have their own Lanes very well protected. These are the very same bicyclist that refused to yield and have had incidents hitting a disabled children attending a school there and the parents of disabled children that are forced to cross the bike lane in order to bring the children to the door of the school.
      If you don’t live in the area and don’t deal with these hipsters you might think this is just rhetoric but these are not very nice people that are filled with a huge sense of entitlement witches basically what they were granted under Bloomberg and the current Administration.


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