Brooklyn, NY – Sassoon Children To Be Memorialized In Flatbush Family Center


    Gayle Sassoon (center, with her childern's grandmother to her right) and her children.Brooklyn, NY – Almost two years after losing seven of her eight children to a catastrophic fire caused by a faulty hotplate, Gayle Sassoon is hoping to build a family center on the Midwood lot where her home once stood.

    In a rare interview, Mrs. Sassoon told the New York Post that the power of positive thinking has helped her cope with the unfathomable tragedy that took the lives of her children Eliane, David, Rivkah, Yehoshua, Moshe, Sara and Yaakov who ranged from five to sixteen years of age.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, the March 2015 fire is believed to have been caused by a faulty hotplate left on over Shabbos.

    “I want to turn tears into triumphs,” said Mrs. Sassoon, who suffered extensive injuries in the fire.

    A crowdfunding campaign has been established to fund the project which would include seven divisions, one for each of the Sassoon children who perished in the blaze. Mrs. Sassoon’s vision includes separate men’s and women’s learning centers and a library, among other initiatives.

    The building will also include seven pillars, each one bearing a name of one of the Sassoon children who lost their lives.

    A large indoor atrium would be dedicated in honor of Siporah Sassoon, the only one of the Sassoon children to survive the fire. Mrs. Sassoon plans to incorporate pictures of her children, their toys and some of their artwork into the building’s design.

    “For anyone to think about my kids in a sad light, I couldn’t sleep at night,” Sassoon said. “They were just so full of life and that’s what I want this project to show.”

    To make a tax deductible donation to the Sassoon 7 Project go to

    Firefighters stand near the site of a home fire in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York March 21, 2015. Reuters

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    1. The greatest contribution this family can make is to urge every family to be sure to buy and maintain smoke detectors in every home. This tragedy was caused through negligence. HaShem gives us choices and it is heartbreaking that these parents missed the chance to protect their children.
      VIS, please do not delete this post, it could save lives.

      • Yes, your advice could save lives. Very thoughtful.
        But then…
        But then you had to ruin it with your know-it-all explanation on WHY this tragedy happened and whose fault it was.
        The rock you crawled out of is over there.

      • I have been saying the same all along. I imagine, that one day, parents who don’t place smoke detectors in their home, will be prosecuted. This is nothing less than child endangerment. I don’t believe that I could bear to enter that home and see the toys and artwork of those children. However, I believe a worthwhile endeavor would be instituting classrooms in our schools for our learning disabled children. We all have these children and the time has more than come for this! This will literally save the lives of our children while keeping them on the derech.

      • Smoke detectors can save lives, but “beating a dead horse” in this case is rishus. And thats what you are.
        2 yrs after such a tragedy and your heart is as cold as the North Pole.

    2. I was going to write exactly what #1 wrote, but didn’t know how to word it. Thank you. Smoke detectors are under $10 and you only need two or three. No excuses.

      • Thanks for saying it…imagine the hate between yidden and we cry for moshiach????
        We have to clean house before we can expect Hashem to have rachmones on us.If we dont have rachmones on our own…uch in vei!!!!!


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