New York – Contrary To Daily News Reports, Felder Vows To Fight For Tuition Relief


    New York – A Daily News report that Simcha Felder has given up hope of providing tuition relief to private school parents is completely inaccurate, said the State Senator.

    “I would say at a minimum it is very, very misleading,” Felder told VIN News.

    The article titled “Brooklyn pol gives up- no chance private school credit will pass,” appeared on Sunday on the Daily News website.

    The story quoted Felder as saying that he feels that the Education Investment Tax Credit has no chance of ever passing the State Legislature and that because of that impending failure, he “will instead focus on blocking a New York City tax on plastic bags, working to improve services to special-needs families and pushing security-related bills.”

    A strong advocate for tuition relief for non public school parents, Felder said that the current liberal climate in both New York State and New York City has stymied attempts at tuition relief for private school parents.

    Felder noted that he made it clear to reporter Kenneth Lovett that he had no intentions of abandoning his efforts on behalf of non-public school parents.

    “Giving up is not part of our DNA,” said Felder. “I told the reporter that the EITC has to be modified so that we can actually get something done.”

    Felder said that the best hope for tuition relief for private school parents would likely be through a bill that would provide services to all students in the state.

    “Certainly in New York City, where the education system has failed miserably under the mayor, it is important to provide extra services for public school students and perhaps that could be included in the same bill,” observed Felder. “It has to be important to every New Yorker that every child in the state receive a good education no matter whether they go to public or private school.”

    Felder vowed to fight on for tuition relief for private school parents with a new effort that will hopefully be approved by the State Legislature.

    “The Lubavitcher Rebbe said that if you try crossing the river and the river is impassable, then you build a bridge over the river,” said Felder. “Because the EITC as it is written now has no hope of passing, we have to dedicate ourselves to finding another way to help non-public school parents.”

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    1. This is utter nonsense. As long as illegal immigrant children get “free” education that OUR taxes pay for, there should be tax credits or some compensation for education that WE pay for privately. We should fight tooth and nail. I have no children in school any longer. So my taxes right now pay for Public School children to be taught Islamic garbage. I’m NOT happy with that! I want my children to get tax credits for Yeshiva tuition. Fair is fair.


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