Rockland County, NY – Key To The County Presented To Ramapo Woman Who Countered “No Jews” Graffiti With Hearts


    County Executive Ed Day presenting key to Rockland County to Ivey Mackle , Also in photo (L to R), Husband Dan Mackle, Jack Mackle, Emily Mackle. (Sandy Eller/ County, NY – A Pomona woman was awarded the key to Rockland County today for her efforts to conquer hate with love after anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled on a Ramapo street.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, residents of Cartaret Drive awoke on the morning of November 14th to find the words “No Jews” written on the street in front of two homes listed for sale, as well as on a nearby sign for a local real estate broker.

    Disturbed by the anti-Semitic messages that he saw just yards from his own home as he left to work that morning, Dan Mackle called his wife Ivey at approximately 6:30 AM to tell her about the offensive graffiti.

    “It was surprising,” Dan Mackle told VIN News. “Just kind of disgusting. I think that is the only word that can describe it. Disgust.”

    Despite the early hour, Ivey Mackle went outside to remove the graffiti before it could be viewed by the youngest residents of Cartaret Drive.

    “We just couldn’t have it on our block and I was going to do what I could,” said Ivey Mackle.

    Armed with a can of black spray paint and sidewalk chalk, Mackle got to work eradicating the hate messages with black paint, replacing them with smiley faces and hearts.

    “There are school bus stops right along the route where the mess was on our block,” said Mackle, a resident of Cartaret Drive for the last five years. “I knew that the kids would see it when they went to school and I didn’t want that to happen.”

    County Executive Ed Day presented Mackle, the mother of 14 month old twins, with a ceremonial key to the county at a press conference held today at the JCC of Rockland in West Nyack. Mackle’s key is just the second ever presented to a Rockland County resident; smaller versions of both keys hang in Day’s office.
    Official key to Rockland County presented to Ivey Mackle for her efforts to combat hate with unity
    “The key to the county is awarded to a person who engages in a truly unique act, makes a special contribution to Rockland or whose actions bring great pride to our county,” said Day. “In this case, she did all three. That is what Ivey Mackle did when she stood up to hate in her own neighborhood.”

    Day praised Mackle for covering hate with hearts, sending a message that unity reigns supreme in Rockland.

    “We have to stamp out the voice of hate with stronger voices,” said Day.

    Mackle said she plans to raise her children to be accepting of others and hopes that her street art sends a strong message to those who want to spread hate on Cartaret Drive.

    “They can’t mess with our block,” said Mackle. “We will be there to protect it.”

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