Brooklyn, NY – Hikind Slams Post For Claiming Ocean Parkway Protests Are To Prevent Traffic Near His Home


    Brooklyn, NY – Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who has spent the last several weeks fighting proposed changes to Ocean Parkway traffic, bashed the New York Post for irresponsible reporting after a story appeared today charging that Hikind only opposed the modifications because they would reroute traffic down his block.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Hikind has been leading the crusade to prevent a new traffic pattern that would prevent drivers from making right hand turns from Ocean Parkway onto Avenue J, Avenue P and Kings Highway. Instead, those wishing to access those streets would have to do so from the service road instead of the main thoroughfare.

    Hikind lives on Avenue L and an unnamed source quoted by the New York Post said that Hikind is opposing the changes, which are intended to provide greater safety to pedestrians and cyclists, in order to prevent additional traffic from driving down his block.

    “It’s one thing to selfishly disagree against changes for personal gain,” said the source in the Post article. “But it’s a whole different level of absurdity not to tell everyone the truth about why you are doing it.”

    Hikind, who has represented the 48th Assembly District for more than 30 years called the allegations laughable. He noted that his home is several blocks away from both Avenue J and Avenue P, giving motorists little reason to drive past his home.

    “To make this into something involving me is like a big lie,” Hikind told VIN News. “The entire community is up in arms about this, not just Dov Hikind.”

    The fact that the Post relied on an unnamed source to present the charges against him was unprofessional, said Hikind.

    “What is this, the Iran deal, that we can’t name names?” said Hikind. “If someone has something to say then let them say it, by name.”

    Hikind also criticized Governor Cuomo’s office which has declined to comment publicly on the issue.

    “Suddenly the governor has nothing to say?” said Hikind. “This involves hundreds of thousands of people. This is government at its worst.”

    Diane Park, a spokesperson at the New York State Department of Transportation, said that the agency continues to work closely with area residents as the project proceeds.

    “We’ve engaged the community throughout this project, meeting as recently as December 12, and we are committed to continuing to work with the community to ensure safety along this important corridor,” said Park.

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    1. Years ago, I used to ride my bicycle along the bike path of Ocean Parkway; then, it was safe, and I didn’t have to worry about traffic at the intersections. Last year, on a visit to Brooklyn, I was shocked to see how recklessly people drive on Ocean Parkway. I saw a lunatic make a left turn in front of oncoming traffic, failing intentionally to yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. Those motorists show no derech eretz, and place no value on the safety or the lives of others. Incidentally, at one time, Ocean Parkway was so safe, that there was an equestrian path on the eastern side of Ocean Parkway; equestrians at that time could safely ride their horses from Prospect Park, all the way to Coney Island. Today, it would be a disaster, with the psycho drivers on the road! Alas, there is no respect for traffic laws any longer.

    2. The ‘UN-NAMED SOURCE’ could very well be the NY Post themselves, in order to sell more copies of the rag, one of their reporters comes up with a fictitious source in order to create something out of nothing, on a slow news day.

      The NY Post used to be a very good paper but has long lost its direction !!!

    3. At first we need to say thank you and give credit when credit is due, so thank you very much Dov Hikind ,
      Then to the Post, You need to realize what is your post on this world? To lie and lie and lie? How can you even write up something like that against the fact even if it would be his interest to keep traffic away from his home, Nothing and Nothing has been or is being done to properly solve the safety matters of Ocean Parkway and do your own research for a month time daily on each and every Ave and you will see I am right

    4. Lost in this story is how NYC, in a demonstration of their power to punish essentially shut down Ocean Parkway at Kings Highway for 3 hours on Friday afternoon.
      I am one of those people that works. I was stuck in humongous traffic. I waited it out to see what the issue was. NYC chose Friday afternoon to close down two lanes southbound and punish the Jewsih people returning home. This is the same NYC that halts all non emergency work during the xmas season, EXCEPT when Jews can be punished.


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