Livingston, NJ – Jewish Owned Company To Make Charitable Donation With Every Purchase, Lets Customers Pick The Cause


    Left to right: Meir Shemtov, Taiwanese business associate, CEO Dov Brafman, Dovi Vogel, Mendy BrafmanLivingston, NJ – A New Jersey based consumer electronics company that credits its success to its focus on the consumer has launched a charitable initiative that will benefit the disadvantaged with every purchase.

    CEO Dov Brafman founded Sharkk three years ago as a direct to consumer supplier of audio speakers. Over time the company expanded to include a full audio line, focusing on selling high quality products at attractive prices.

    “We all come from very simple backgrounds and remember how as kids we would save up our money to buy a Walkman that wouldn’t even last until the end of the tape,” Sharkk’s creative director Meir Shemtov told VIN News. “As we got older, we wanted to create a product that would be the best ever and cheaper than anything else on the market.”

    Focusing on eliminating the middle man and a high volume of sales, Sharkk found itself a niche with a premium Sharkk line of products available in traditional brick and mortar stores and an exclusive line of everyday essentials sold exclusively on Amazon that have been number one best sellers, according to Shemtov. Sharkk said that sales soared last year after making a decision to concentrate less on their products and more on their customers.

    “Our mission is to connect with as many people as we can in the deepest way possible,” said Shemtov. “We are obsessed with our customers. We read every review and sometimes modify our products accordingly.”

    That passion for connecting with people also led Sharkk to create the charitable Sharkk Foundation, which makes a contribution to the less fortunate with every purchase made. Customers have the ability to choose the type of donation made by the company and can select a sandwich to feed the homeless, a box of crayons for a hospitalized child or a warm hat for a disadvantaged child.

    “We chose the most generic causes that are not overly complicated because we believe in simplicity,” said Shemtov. “Less is more. We don’t like to make things too complicated. This is all about connecting people through acts of goodness and we want people to realize that we don’t use charity to sell our products, we sell our products so that we can donate to charity.”

    The response to the Sharkk Foundation which launched on December 15th has been very positive, said Shemtov, with customers taking advantage of the opportunity to include personal messages to recipients with their donations. Previous customers are also invited to contact Sharkk to have donations made on their behalf.

    Sharkk is not your typical company, said Shemtov, who grew up in Uruguay. Their Livingston offices have an in house chef, a ping pong table and a weekly shiur, as well as a nightly 6 PM jam session featuring eight different musical instruments. And while many companies hope to keep their projects exclusive, Sharkk would love to see others following in their footsteps.

    “We want every company in America to copy us,” said Shemtov. “Every time someone in America buys a product, we want those who are less fortunate to be a part of that purchase. A sandwich doesn’t cost that much. A box of crayons doesn’t cost that much and we are more than happy to make a donation for every product we sell.”


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