Jerusalem – Israeli PM Blasts UN At Lighting Of Second Chanukah Candle At The Western Wall


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lights the 'Chanuckia' on the First night of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem Old City on December 25, 2016. Photo by Marc Israel Sellem/POOLJerusalem – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lit the second Hanukkah candle at the Western Wall Sunday night, accompanied by Rabbi Shmuel Rabbinowitz, the Rabbi of the Western Wall.

    “I was not planning on being here tonight.” Netanyahu said. “But in light of the UN resolution I do not believe that there is a better place to light a Hanukkah candle than here, at the Western Wall”

    The UN resolution states that all so-called Jewish ‘settlements’ over the 1949 Armistice line are illegal, including the Jewish Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.

    Netanyahu said that according to the UN, the Maccabees did not liberate Jerusalem, but rather “occupied Palestinian territory.”

    “According to the UN resolution, the villages that they left in Modiin [to fight the Greeks] and the surrounding areas, the villages and their surroundings, were all ‘occupied Palestinian territories.'” he said.

    “Of course, we know that the Arabs came much later. We were in those places [when the Hanukkah story took place, a millenium before the Arabs arrived]. We returned to those places. I ask those nations wishing us a happy Hanukkah – how can they vote for a UN resolution which says that the places where we celebrate Hanukkah [and where the story toook place] are ‘occupied territory?'” Netanyahu asked.

    “The Western Wall is not occupied. The Jewish Quarter is not occupied. The other places are also not occupied. Therefore, we do not accept, nor can we accept, this resolution. We are confident in our future because we know our past. I ask to go and light a Hanukkah candle here on behalf of eternal Israel. Happy Hanukkah.”

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    1. Mr’ bibi: pls stop crying….. enough just stop fighting with the whole world & sit down to talks with the arabs & everything will be ok, & wait for GOD to give us back isreal.
      (Btw lol for candeling on the wrong side)

        • You are probably not familiar with Mr. Alterg. He is not liberal, he is against Bibi’s position because Mr. Alterg is aligned with the Satmar thinking about the land/government of Israel.

          To the other posts:

          As far as Mr. Trump’s position – his Secretary of State is an OIL man. Hope this does not sway him towards the Arabs. I wish Mr. Trump luck in moving the American embassy to Yerushalayim – hope he can do it, and safely with no repercussions. Every recent U.S. president has tried but the same obstacles that have prevented Clinton, GW Bush, and Obama are still at play. Also hope it does not provoke Israel’s enemies towards an all out war. Very scary for all of us, especially living in Israel.

      • sorry but it is the arabs who wont sit to talks about a jewish state not israel. It is unbelievable that israel is always punished for not talking or doing anything to promote peace while it is the arabs that refuse to negotiate
        Didn’t all of the signers of that condemnation realize that it cleaned away all previous signed agreements by both parties.

        • Why is everyone so surprised? Isn’t this all predicted in our Torah? In Golus, all the nations hate Israel and the Jews because of their envy of our status as the chosen ones.

      • Ever since we became a nation, we where facing enemies. and we always had brothers siding with them. When moshiach will come, hopefully today! The side I want to be on is our side, and not with the kind of you. Who is always ready to energize the enemy against us jews.

      • Alter G please go hibernate for the next 4 years as we make this country great again and repair our once trusted relationship with our only ally in the Mid East

      • Let’s see how long you’ll be “LOL’ing” when Pres. Trump takes office and makes Israel our number one friend!!! Hope you choke on it, you NK sicko illiterate.

    2. Mr’ bibi: pls stop crying….. enough just stop fighting with the whole world & sit down to talks with the arabs & everything will be ok, & wait for GOD to give us back isreal.
      (Btw lol for candeling on the wrong side)

    3. Yidden, we only have to wait another 25 days more, before the muslim loving and drug dealer commuting President is out of the White House for good. Every Shul in the world should sponsor a Kiddish, the Shabbos after Obama leaves office. It can’t happen soon enough!!


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