New York – Trump Names Orthodox Jewish Advisor To White House Foreign Policy Team


    VIN News Associate Editor Sandy Eller in interview with Jason Greenblatt at the Trump Tower in New York City on May 3, 2016.New York – An Orthodox Jewish Teaneck resident who found himself swept up by the political winds of the Trump campaign is once again being catapulted into the spotlight, this time as a member of President-elect Trump’s foreign policy team.

    Jason Dov Greenblatt, chief legal officer for the Trump Organization, was named as a special representative for international negotiations by the Trump transition team on Friday.

    The father of six was propelled suddenly into the public eye when he was named as one of two advisors to Trump on Israel policy during the campaign.

    In a May Trump Tower interview with VIN News(, Greenblatt said that, if elected, Trump would bring his no-nonsense business approach to the White House and to negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians if elected president.

    According to CNN, Greenblatt will be leaving the Trump Organization for the Trump White House team where he will focus mainly on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and America’s relationship with Cuba.

    In a statement released by the Trump campaign, Greenblatt said that he was honored to become part of the White House team currently being assembled by the president-elect and called on his two decades long relationship with Trump, describing him as “a leader with tremendous vision, skill and talent.” Greenblatt said that he looks forward to playing a role in helping the future president “achieve great outcomes.”

    “My philosophy in both business and in life is that bringing people together and working to unite, rather than to divide, is the strongest path to success,” said Greenblatt. “I truly believe that this approach is one that can yield results for the United States in matters all over the world.”

    Greenblatt told VIN News that he plans to split his time between New Jersey and Washington DC.

    “We are deeply entrenched in the Teaneck community so my wife and children will remain in Teaneck and I will stay in Washington DC during the week, with the hope that we will spend most Shabbosim together either in Teaneck or in DC,” said Greenblatt.

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      • YOUr comparison is totally out of reality. Germany was anti-Semitic before Hitler only Hitler brought it to the surface. Rathenau was an abornality. It was Krupp, and other large companies such as Bosch, Mercedes, Messerschmit who wanted Hiter to rearm. In 1938 there was the Evian conference who will accept Jewish children!!!! from Germany and the Protectorate none volunteered soon there was the Wannsee conference and the children went to the gas chambers in Birkenau, Treblinka, Maly Trostinec and Majdanek. The whole Western World has a hand in the six million

    1. The idea that Trump is an anti-Semite flies in the face of facts. His and his father’s history with Jews is very positive. Jews, like Greenblatt, hold high positions in his businesses. He has donated millions of dollars to Jewish organizations, including Friends of the IDF. He donated $10,000.00 to the settlement at Bet El. His father paid for building a Shul in the Rockaways, which is still there. This information does not come from Trump. It comes from the Jewish Week (a liberal publication which endorsed Hillary Clinton) and from the Jerusalem Post.

    2. To #1- Don’t even waste your time with our dear, “friend” Yonasonw, or his other alias. He is extremely intransigent, pertaining to his views, which I don’t think will ever change. Also, he delights in character assassination, with anyone who dares to disagree with him, or even try to reason with him.

      • Interesting comment. I voted for Hillary, but was happy to hear of his two recent appointments of orthodox jews. And yet, I have heard from Trump supporters that they, like you, do not think it is a good idea. Along with son-in-law Jared, three High level Orthodox Jews are wide open for the blame of anything and everything that will leave Americans unhappy. I guess time will tell.


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