Jerusalem – Israel’s Former Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi Of Israel Agrees To Plea Deal


    FILE - Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger seen at the Jerusalem District Court at the opening of his trial, where he is suspected of taking bribed, fraud, and involvement in criminal activities, on March 10, 2016. Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90Jerusalem – After months of negotiations, Israel’s former chief Ashkenazic rabbi has reportedly accepted a plea bargain that would have him admitting guilt on multiple charges in exchange for a lesser prison term.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Rabbi Yona Metzger was indictment by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office for accepting 10 million NIS in bribes.

    Ch. 2 Israel reported that the deal would have Rabbi Metzger pleading guilty on charges of fraud, theft, conspiracy, breach of trust, money laundering, tax offenses and accepting bribes. There was no word on what kind of prison sentence would be dealt to Rabbi Metzger as part of the agreement.

    Rabbi Metzger was voted in an Israel’s chief rabbi in 2003 and resigned his position in 2013 amidst allegations of wrongdoing, just months shy of completing his ten year term. Rabbi Metzger was questioned as early as 2005 about suspicious activity, with Israel’s attorney general decided against an indictment, calling instead for his immediate resignation.

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      • Just because the media didn’t investigate and there was no oversight doesn’t mean to say nothing happened then. You clearly are not (i) native Yerushalmi or (ii) old enough to remember. Anyone close to the trough buries his snout in it.

    1. These Israeli witchhunts must stop!

      Rav Metzger was a wonderful chief rabbi and these stories are frivolous nonsense.

      The Israeli legal system is almost as bad as the American one

      • You are writing Shtus. Rabbi Metzger was charged before the Bais din of Rav Bakshi Doron with forging signatures on K’tubot and fondling kids when he was in Yeshiva. He signed a stipulation that he would withdraw as candidate for Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and never run to be Chief Rabbi of any city in Israel. The error of not including a prohibition against running for the Chief Rabbi of the State was an oversight that cost us dearly. Le Monde reported that he invited their photographer to his hotel room and the Shmutz went on and on. Aside from very poor Drashos and fabricated content of those Drashos he managed to get himself deemed UNwelcome in the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem due to the many allegations that continued to surface. He absolutely was not “a wonderful Chief Rabbi” but a failed one, the worst in history. Sof Ganav Litliah. Good riddance.


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