Queens, NY – Surveillance Video: Far Rockaway Man Forced To Hand Over His Shabbos Clothing In Armed Robbery


    Queens, NY – An Orthodox Jewish man was the victim of a bizarre Friday night robbery in Far Rockaway, forced by a gun wielding robber to hand over his coat, suit jacket and pants.

    Police said that the incident took place at 6:30 PM when a 24 year old man returned to his home at 10-56 Nielson Street. The victim was confronted by a man who pointed a gun at this head and forced him to undress in the bitter cold.

    Surveillance video shows the tzitzis-wearing victim removing his coat, suit jacket and suit pants and handing them to the robber, who then fled the scene. The victim can then be seen running into the apartment building, leaving his shoes outside.

    The robber is said to be a Hispanic man in his mid-twenties with curly hair, approximately 5’7” tall and weighing 150 pounds. At the time of the robbery he was wearing a medium colored sweatshirt, dark jeans and black and white sneakers.

    Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Crime Stoppers Hotline by phone at 800-577-TIPS, by text at 247637 (CRIMES) and then entering TIP577 or online at www.NYPDCrimeStoppers.com.

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    1. Not very nice to show him undressing. He will be very embarrassed when his friends and neighbors will recognize him. Please blur the whole man not just his face.

    2. I would think that some one is planning to impersonate a frum looking man for some criminal purposes. NOTE that he did not take the tzitizes.

      I would recommend people in the NY area to be on the alert for a person whose dress and facial description do not match, like a hispanic wearing suit and tie….

    3. It should be obvious to all that my comment above (if it was allowed )is absurd. I wrote it to highlight the often irrelevant, foolish and potentially embarrassing comments that people make on this important and newsworthy website.
      My point is we shoulsd accept facts of the story and that stop commenting our own opinions ,” why was he there? Why didn’t he daven at a later minyan” ?
      Get my point?

    4. The victim was very fortunate to be right outside his home. Now, let’s ask ourselves, if we had encountered this man walking several blocks to his home, would we have stopped to help him?

    5. Nazi slogans on the subway, a Jewish girl attacked on the subway, swastikas on synagogues and now this. What does it take for the Jews of NY to realize that they are no longer safe? Why are you still there? I hope the person who was robbed of his clothing will have the sense to save himself and his family and make preparations to move to Israel before it’s too late.


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