Brooklyn, NY – Three In Custody For Armed Robbery In Williamsburg


    Williamsburg, NY – Three Brooklyn men are under arrest this morning for an armed robbery that took place Sunday night in Williamsburg, with police investigating a possible connection to several other similar incidents that have taken place in the area.

    Police said that a 38 year old man was at South 5th and Berry Streets and heading towards the Marcy Avenue train station when he was attacked by a group of three men at approximately 11:20 PM on Sunday night. One of the attackers pointed a gun at the victim while two others ransacked his pockets, making off with his cell phone, debit card, metro card and cash before fleeing the scene.

    The victim, who was not hurt, called police and, after canvassing the area, police arrested three men near the location where the robbery took place.

    23 year old Darwin Soler of 99 Wilson Street was charged with robbery, criminal use of a firearm, tampering with physical evidence, criminal possession of stolen property, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

    20 year old Mario Marte and 19 year old Jelmin Reyes Ferrera, both of Cypress Hills, were charged with robbery, criminal possession of stolen property.

    Police, who recovered a black 9 millimeter gun during the arrest, said that they had no record of any prior arrests for Soler and Reyes Ferrera, but that Marte had seven prior arrests.

    One Williamsburg woman who agreed to be interviewed only on condition of anonymity said that she was the victim of a similar robbery early Sunday morning when she walked with her husband on Hooper Street between Marcy and Harrison Avenues at 1:23 AM.

    “A guy came out pointing a gun and said ‘give me your bag,’” recalled the woman.

    Handing over the black shopping bag she was holding, the robber noticed a wristlet on her arm and demanded that as well, before fleeing.

    “I started screaming and my husband called police,” said the woman, noting that the robber got away with just the $40 she had in her wristlet.

    The woman said that at first she saw just the man in front of her, who she described as African American and wearing a black hoodie, but that she noticed an additional two men who were standing a little farther away who were with the armed robber.

    The robber did not ask the woman for her jewelry, nor did he take anything from her husband. The woman said that she was aware of several other similar incidents that had taken place in the past week and that police told her that they already knew the identities of the suspects but had yet to track them down.

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