Orange County, NY – Middletown Man Wins $10,000 A Week For Life On Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket


    Robin Poptanich of Middletown NY being presented with a check by NY Lottery official (NY Lottery)Orange County, NY – Robin Poptanich from Middletown is Orange County’s newest Lottery millionaire.

    The 63-year-old Middletown resident was identified Thursday as the winner of the New York state lottery’s “$10,000 a Week for Life” scratch-off game.

    The lucky Lottery player’s road to riches started with an early arrival for a routine service call.

    “I service medical equipment for a living and arrived early to a service call that day,” said Poptanich. “I decided to stop at a store and buy some Lottery scratch-off tickets to occupy the time.”

    Poptanich stopped at Fort Montgomery Food on Route 9W in Fort Montgomery and bought two tickets. “I scratched the tickets in my car and lost on the first one. It was the second one that was the big winner!”

    Poptanich scratched off a coin symbol which indicates an automatic win. The corresponding prize turned out to be the ‘LIFE’ symbol earning the 63-year-old $10,000 a week for the rest of his life.

    “I immediately signed the back of the ticket and called my wife and daughter to tell them the good news. I then made an appointment to meet with my lawyer to discuss claiming the prize.”

    Poptanich opted to receive his prize as an annuity. After required withholdings he will net $344,136 every year for the rest of his life.

    “My initial plans are to take care of my family and buy a new house,” continued Poptanich. “I already made plans to retire. After that we’ll travel and just enjoy life.”

    Poptanich was the 99th New York Lottery player to claim a prize of $1,000,000 or more in 2016.

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    1. VIN,you are doing a terrible disservice by highlighting this story,there is a very big gambling problem in the frum community especially the ones that cannot afford to gamble away the little that they have
      it’s a scene that i see almost every day in our local candy shops where KOLLEL yungeleit and other young people are wasting away their money and time and their dignity with scratching tickets all day.

      • You don’t get it….since their Rabbonim have told them its assur to attend college courses and get a basic education and job skills, they are obligated to resort to alternative means to get money to feed themselves and their families since a real parnassah is “assur”. If you shteig for a few hours a day behind a shtender, than the Ebeshter will definitely reward you with winning the Double Daily Scratch Off and you’ll have the $11 to purchase the Thursday Night Chulent feast at Mendy”s without having to beg for a loan from your chavrusah.

      • Whilst you do make a point regarding the addiction be issue, however it’s amazing how you reflect the very attitude and approach of many here, instead of approaching the very issue in concern and dealing with the problem or to the least alerting… You choose to again sweep it under the rug and kind of “ban” again..


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