Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Teacher Accused In Multiple Incidents Of Sexual Abuse, Arrest “Inevitable” Says Detective


    Pittsburgh, PA – A former Rabbi and teacher at a Pittsburgh yeshiva has been fired after being named as the alleged perpetrator in several incidents of child molestation.

    According to The Jewish Chronicle, 26 year old Rabbi Nisson Friedman is being investigated by Pittsburgh police in connection with assaults on at least three boys. A family member who declined to be identified said that Rabbi Friedman was himself a child victim of sexual abuse.

    Rabbi Friedman, son of well known lecturer Rabbi Manis Friedman, had been a teacher at Yeshiva Boys School of Pittsburgh since 2014. He was suspended this past September after he was observed “touching a child inappropriately” in the school’s library.

    The yeshiva reported the incident to the authorities and informed parents that an investigation was underway.

    Detective Bryan Sellers of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sex Assault Team commended the yeshiva for its handling of the case. Over time, reports of other incidents of alleged abuse by Rabbi Friedman have surfaced from parents in both Pittsburgh and other communities and Sellers said that he is “absolutely certain” that there are other victims who have yet to come forward.

    Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, principal of the yeshiva, noted that while Rabbi Friedman hails from a well known family in the Chabad community, the yeshiva had followed the same screening procedures on him that they did with all other prospective employees including running security checks with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

    In addition to his work at the yeshiva, Rabbi Friedman has worked at several summer camps in recent years.

    Sellers said that he believes that a warrant for Rabbi Friedman’s arrest is “inevitable.”

    CBS News reported that Rabbi Friedman is currently in the midst of a divorce and is currently living with family members in New York.

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    1. A real shame!

      I remember when the word frum was equated with ‘erhlicht’; that was over 50 years ago.

      Then I noted that many of the frum people were not erhlicht.
      Then I noticed that many of the children of frum people were falling out of frumkite.

      Then I heard and saw frum adults divorcing and that many men were having sexual ‘excursions’ in forbidden areas.

      Now it is getting very very bad when big rabbis are sent to jail and educators are being arrested for taking advantage of their positions to have sex with children.

      I do not know what HaShem has in store for us, but it is hard to believe in the ‘frum’ people as the wonderful people they were 50 years ago.

      • You’re quite naive in this area…these sorry excuses for men are sick, and unable to control their sick desirs, even risking their entire lives, families, jail time.

        • i still dont think we yidden have to let everyone know the yichus.
          to nu. 1 dont forget there was no internet then plus every generation has its mageifa, challenges. Everyone has a yetser hora, no one can judge the other since were he in his place he might not have acted better. There are many many erlicheh yidden nowadays as well you just dont hear about them, I am not siding with a molester ch”v and by publicizing i hope it will deter others but dont generalize like that. nu.1

        • I watched it-devastatingly ignorant and insensitive. Rabbi Friedman should go visit the Chabad Drug Rehab in LA to get a better understanding of what sexual abuse does to people.

      • His yichus is extremely important to show that it can and does happen anywhere. No one is immuned –
        As far as yichus goes…your shem tov can begin with you or end with you.

    2. We really have to re-evaluate who we consider authorities.

      And as for the issue of yichus (pedigree), it’s become a mere vehicle for nepotism which often gets us the least qualified for the most important positions.

      The finest scholars are built in a classroom where they learn good midot as well as academic studies. Being born with a certain surname is no substitute.

    3. 1. I don’t think his yichus is pertinent in any case. It’s certainly not germane and may be stam loshon horo.
      2. I know the case, and also know that the young rabbi happens to be an excellent teacher, and merited his job on this merit, not his father’s. He was vetted, like all teachers but unfortunately went under the radar.
      3. The senior rabbi of yichus, happens to be from the first rabbis who 25 years ago advised parents t report these matters to the authorities. It was unpopular then, but he was ahead of the curve.
      4. as far as the “making fun” mentioned above, it is out of context and should ever have been broadcast. I believe he was saying that the experts need to recognize when the trauma is more imposed than actually true. If an adult person is not traumatized or seriously hurt by the abuse received when he/she was a child, than he saw no advantage in encouraging a continued victim mentality and continuation of suffering from depression, in aa case when it is alnmost self imposed. So if the person could get over it–then let it be so. He was answering a specific question about a specific problem.
      His general record in this matter should be judged not this case.


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