New York – Hikind: Don’t Blame Trump Exclusively For Anti-Semitic Attacks


    Northeast Philadelphia Police Dectective Timothy McIntyre and another Philadelphia Police Officer look over the devastation of almost one hundred tombstones that were vandalized in the Jewish Mount Carmel Cemetary. The vandalism was discovered Sunday morning. APNew York – After a pair of shocking acts of vandalism that left more than 200 headstones toppled at two different Jewish cemeteries, Assemblyman Dov Hikind is speaking out strongly against those who blame President Donald Trump for a recent spike in anti-Semitic incidents categorizing them as unfair and hypocritical.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, more than 100 headstones were vandalized at Philadelphia’s Mount Carmel cemetery over the weekend. A similar incident took place last week in St. Louis at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery.

    The notion that the president is responsible for these attacks and many others that have taken place in recent weeks is preposterous, observed Hikind who said that Trump is a convenient scapegoat.

    “The fact is that we have no idea who is behind any of these attacks,” Hikind told VIN News. “Whether it is coming from the political right, the haters, neo-Nazi groups of the left? We just don’t know. But to say that all of this is Trump’s fault is an absolute lie.”

    While Hikind said he hoped to see the president take an even stronger stance against anti-Semitism, he noted that the recent barrage of criticism aimed at the president has nothing to do with hate crimes.

    “I’m not saying that he is 100 percent innocent,” said Hikind. “But this isn’t about the truth. It is about undermining the president. People on the left pray every day that our president fail and anything they can blame on him they throw his way.”

    Hikind wondered why others who have advocated violence and hatred have been spared the disapproval that is aimed at Trump on an almost daily basis.

    He noted that Councilman Carlos Menchaca, whose district includes part of Borough Park, suffered no backlash after taking part in a rally where he joined protestors chanting “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go” and that there was no outcry when Senator Chuck Schumer, who routinely refers to himself as “shomer yisroel” supported Keith Ellison in his quest to head the Democratic party despite his strong anti-Israel leanings.

    Hikind also pointed the finger of blame at Linda Sarsour, saying that she is an open supporter of Palestinian aggression against Israel.

    “She supports violence, but no we blame Trump, instead,” said Hikind. “How does that make sense?”

    The fact that representatives of the Democratic party have done little to denounce the recent upsurge in anti-Semitism is troubling to Hikind who said that anti-Israel sentiments and anti-Semitism are inextricably intertwined.

    “Unfortunately, the new Democratic party condones this hatred towards Israel and therefore towards the Jewish people,” said Hikind.

    Asked if he was considering switching his own party affiliation, Hikind categorized himself as “the most disloyal Democrat out there,” saying that while crossing party lines has created problems for him in the Assembly, he casts his votes to benefit his constituents and not on party lines.

    “Let’s just say that for those who are thinking about leaving the Democratic party, now is a good time to do so,” said Hikind.

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    1. Interesting. Every single elected frumm Politician is a Democrat. Let see how they will be welcomed in Nebraska,So Dakota,Louisiana,Missisipi,West Virginia and the rest of the Republican held White supermacist States. 98% of Frumme yiden live in NY.Nj.Cal and other Democratic controlled States.

      • And registered Democratic frumme Yidden voted for Trump in record numbers in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Hikind’s district was about 65%. These anti-Semitic acts have nothing to do with Trump. I’m fully convinced these acts are directed and paid for by the biggest supporter of the Demogogic Party – Mr. George y’sh Soros. Hey Anonymous, how about using a name for a change? Easy to take pot shots from behind a veil.

    2. To #1- I live in Ohio; do you have the chutzpah to tell me that there are no frum Yidden here? This is typical of the NY mentality that life does not exist beyond the Hudson, especially Yiddishkeit. It is a ridiculous provincial view. Do you think that there are no white supremacists in Brooklyn, or in the NYC area? Wake up, and get real! Incidentally, Chabad has centers in every single one of the states, which you mentioned.

    3. I do not totally blame him it is the atmosphere and his associations that are the problem. when endorsed by organizations like the kkk and other neo Nazis he obfuscated and delayed denying and refusing them. this is the atmosphere he and his people including Kushner have fostered

      • I’m wondering. Did Obama distance himself from his own pastor Rev Wright or Rashid Khalidi or any of his other radical Jew hating friends? Is distancing yourself from anti-Semites only required if you’re a white guy? The democrats are throwing around the anti-Semite label when referencing Trump while they nominate an anti-Semite Keith Ellison to DNC chair. Typical liberal hypocrisy.

      • No in all likelihood this philli incident was prepparted by troubled black teens. Philli is not exactly a hot bed for Trump supporters. 89% of phill went to Hillary.

        So who is to blame? The rotten fake media for portraying Trump as anti semtic thereby inciting copy cats.

        Let me repeat this again Trump is the most pro Israel and pro jewish president ever and so is his advisor Bannon. So all you clowns shut your silly mouth. Look at the policies comeing out of the white house. Stop buying fake news.

    4. Hikind is a publicity seeking political hack who abandoned his principles and sucks up to conservatives who use him for their own sometimes racist agenda. He finds anti-Semitism behind every progressive agenda and ignores the blatant racist and anti-semitic agenda that found comfort with Trump’s election. Simply trotting out your orthodox jewish son-in-law doesn’t insulate you from being blind to the ant-Semitic elements around you.


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