New York – “Too Many Jews” Complains Official In Just Released Secret Recording, Evidence In Discrimination Lawsuit Against CUNY College


    New York – A CUNY college professor who was secretly recorded repeating anti Semitic remarks reportedly made by a high ranking school official is standing by the allegations, although he admits to being irked that his statements were taped without his consent.

    The remarks, allegedly made by Dr. Stuart Suss, a former interim president at Kingsborough Community College, are part of a federal lawsuit filed by an Orthodox Jewish staff member charging both Suss and the City University of New York with religious discrimination and harassment, as reported by The New York Post.

    Jeffrey Lax, chairman of the business department at Kingsborough and an Orthodox Jew, recorded a conversation that he had with Ronald Forman, a math professor at the college on April 4th. In that exchange, Forman said that Suss claimed that the school’s faculty had “too many Jews.”

    Forman, a Conservative Jew, told Lax that he was aware of charges of anti-Semitism that had been leveled against Suss. Forman described Suss, who is also Conservative, as his “oldest friend” at the school.

    “I’ll never admit it,” Forman told Lax, “but I heard him say it.”

    Unaware that he was being recorded, Forman also told Lax that while he understood his concerns, he was not to share their exchange with anyone else.

    “Don’t quote me,” Forman told Lax. “I’ll deny that I said it.”

    The recording was just recently turned over to the court as part of the pretrial discovery process in the lawsuit which was filed in February 2016.

    According to court documents originally reported by the Algemeiner, Lax was hired by Kingsborough in 2004 and a decade later was promoted to chairman of the business department where he supervises more than 70 faculty members and staffers. The lawsuit charges that Kingsborough, which has a large enrollment of Orthodox Jewish students, routinely tried to avoid hiring Jews and refused to allow particular members of the school’s personnel and budget committee, many of whom were Jewish, to vote on the hiring of certain candidates, a direct violation of CUNY policy.

    In one instance, Suss is said to have overruled a unanimous decision to hire a highly qualified Jewish professor and refused to allow an appeal on the matter. On other occasions, Suss is said to have allowed the hiring of Orthodox Jewish faculty members only after one or more non-Jewish hires were approved.

    Lax also charged Suss with creating a hostile work environment for Jewish faculty members, voicing support for suicide bombers who targeted Jews, mocking people who keep kosher and referring to Jews as “the devil.”

    Lax said that the harassment escalated after he filed multiple religious discrimination complaints with Kingsborough’s diversity officer, and that he was denied promotions, paid less than similarly qualified non-Jewish faculty members and shunned by top level administrators at Suss’s request.

    Other outwardly Jewish employees were similarly targeted charged Lax, with Kingsborough officials doing nothing to stem the tide of anti-Semitic hatred. One Jewish employee, whose car has an American and Israeli flag, has had his vehicle vandalized several times, while an Israeli flag on school ground has been repeatedly defaced. Lax also claimed that one Jewish professor found a swastika carved into the door of her classroom and her keyboard soaked in urine, with swastikas appearing in various locations on school grounds on numerous occasions.

    None of the incidents were reported to police, said Lax, who said college president Farley Herzak told him not to make waves when he filed a discrimination complaint two years ago.

    Kingsborough has filed papers to have the suit dismissed, saying that neither CUNY nor Suss have violated Lax’s rights in any way. CUNY schools have been criticized repeatedly for their handling of a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents and last Spring, Zionist Organization of America president Morton Klein blasted the school system for announcing it would “study” anti-Semitism on its campuses instead of taking action to halt hate crimes.

    Suss, who worked at Kingsborough for more than 30 years and is currently serving a vice president of academic affairs at CUNY’s Guttman Community College in Midtown, refused to comment on the allegations saying he was not allowed to talk to the media.

    Although admittedly angry about the clandestine recording, Forman said he stood by his words.

    “If it’s on the tape, it’s on the tape,” said Forman.

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    1. anon6-How many conservative Jews are employed at B&H?
      I’m not taking sides but I would guess as a public college they were trying to have a diversified staff and student body. I also thought you couldn’t use a tape recording that was done without the person’s knowledge in a Court of law.
      A lot of the accusations sound like hearsay.

    2. Just another instance of self deprecating Jews. With friends like this who needs enemies. When goyim see this type of hatred coming from within, they feel justified in their antisemitkeit. What are they afraid of? No one is telling them that they have to be from, but they are, “fil rishas, vainig mitzvahs” We have no one to blame but ourselves! We have failed to exhibit exemplary qualities of Torah observant Yiddishkeit. They so desperately want to be part of the goyish velt. WE must continue to strive to be what H’KB requires of us, to be the OR Haolem. Let us all strive to hasten the arrival of Moshiach.

    3. This is hysterical. Guy please can’t you see, someone or rather some organizations wish to rile up Jews that they are being targeted. You are all jumping to their whim. You should all really and truly belieevveee that some minor incidents are the great monster.

      Don’t be so predictable. Life is great here. Even though Bibi would love here to be anti-semitism so that he can pose to be our savior. Come on!!!

      • And life was great in pre-war Germany, Jews held positions in all sectors of government, were in all professions and banking and were accepted members of the community. Just like in the USA & they said it could never happen. We are guests here, never forget that fact, if the host wants to throw the guest out he will! evidence Spain, Poland, Germany. Please get your head out of your tuchas and realize there is only one place on earth that a jew is welcome Eretz HaKodesh!

    4. # 7 you are blind. I went to public high school and every day in the showers after gym class I was held by two guys and beaten by a third who said “let’s see how many times I have to punch the Jew before he starts to cry.” There is anti-semitism here. If you don’t see it you are blind. If you can’t recognize it you are an idiot. They are not killing us in groups, but there is CERTAINLY anti-semitism.

    5. this is going on all over. look around places that are city jobs. there are less and less Jews hired . They figure out how to get rid of them as soon as they can come up with an excuse.
      it’s out there. open your eyes


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