Evansville, IN – Gunshot Fired Through Window Of Indiana Reform Synagogue


    Evansville, IN – A gunshot was fired through the window of an Indiana synagogue.

    The bullet hole was discovered late Monday in the window of a Sunday School classroom at Adath B’Nai Israel Temple in Evansville. The apparent attack was reported to police on Tuesday morning, according to reports.

    Rabbi Gary Mazo told the Indianapolis Star that the shooter would have had to walk around to the back of the temple building and fire into the classroom from the temple’s playground. The attack is believed to have occurred on Sunday night.

    “We’re in this climate now where acts of hate are happening everywhere,” the rabbi told the newspaper.

    “The goal was to make us afraid, but we’re not going to let fear consume us. We’ll stand up to fear, we’ll stand up to hatred and we’ll stand together. We know this is not representative of our community. We know that we live in a community that supports each other,” the rabbi also said.

    Both the Evansville Police Department and the FBI are investigating the incident.

    Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke visited the temple Tuesday morning and issued a statement condemning the attack and calling it “a disgusting act of hate and bigotry that cannot be tolerated.” He also said in the statement that: “Our community must come together in support of religious freedom and stand together with our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

    Indiana is one of five states that does not have a hate crimes law on the books.

    The incident occurred a day after proposed hate crimes legislation died in the Indiana state legislature and after the Indiana Jewish Community Center received a bomb threat, one of 28 JCCs and Jewish schools targeted that day across the country.

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      • What we thought? U ignoramus! Trump always did business with chareidishe yiddn. Hes one of us. This type of venom spewed by our people brings about anti semitism. It is shameful! We better shut up and go about our business and stop focusing on anti semitism that does NOT EXIST. Of course were in galus but that hasnt changed much in the last 40 days of the Trump presidency. This terrible outcry of antisemitism just brings it on ch”v. Lets just be peaceful and conduct ourselves like good yiddn do and stop worrying so much. Nothing is really going on. Its either the Liberals that want some power or the Zionists that want innocent people to make Aliya. Were all fine here in the great country of USA. Thank you President Trump. Your doing an awesome job and no rightminded person is disturbed with these bogus claims of rampant anti semitism.

        • “Nothing is going on” in the last 40 Days of “Trump” there was more anti-semmitic acts in the USA than in the last 40 Years. Its no coincidence that the Pres of Israel is warning about.

        • “Zionists want innocent people to make Aliya” Interesting. 8 years under a Muslim President we felt safe in the USA. 40 days now and there is daily vandalism, shootings etc and Israel is starting to make room for the american Aliya. Just like in the old country under Christian rule. Germany, Spain, Poland etc.

        • Curios how you say “Hes one of us”

          That’s what the blue collar lower middle class say.
          That’s what the white supremacists antisemitism say.
          That’s what conservative republicans say.
          That’s what the right wing Israelis say.
          That’s what conspiracy theorists (like Alex Jones) – who believe 9/11 was an inside job, that the Jews control the media and that the moon landing were faked. say.

          The truth is he is none of this. He is a multi billionaire businessman who’s only goal is self enrichment and self promotion. He can charm people when its in his interest and screw other people over when its in his interests. He is a narcissistic self promoter who needs to be loved to feel good about himself. He tells people what they want to hear if its in his interest.

          The danger is when white supremacists believe that Trump is one of them we see a rise in Antisemitism. Trump hasn’t done enough to make it clear he does not appreciate their support.

    1. Interesting that in Germany, the Reform felt they had no connection to Orthodoxy (whom they hated) and felt safe since they were NOT the Jews that the Germans hated.

      In the end, all types of Jews: liberals, socialists, yiddishists, reformists and assimilationists all went with the orthodox to the gas chambers.

      May HaShem help all of us Jews to get through this latest craze of extremism and social hatred in the US and Europe.


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