Geneva – UN Rights Body Told To End Focus On Israel As US Mulls Exit


    FILE - Remigiusz Achilles Henczel (C) President of the Human Rights Council speaks with Eviatar Manor (R) Israel Ambassador to the U.N. and Shai Nitzan (L) Deputy Attorney General Ministry of Justice of Israel before the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review session at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva October 29, 2013. ReutersGeneva – The United States on Wednesday called on the U.N. Human Rights Council to drop its “obsession with Israel” amid reports that the Trump administration is considering quitting the body.

    In a speech before the Geneva-based council, U.S. envoy Erin Barclay said the United States’ commitment to human rights “is stronger than ever.”

    “Regrettably, too many of the actions of this council do not support these universal principles. Indeed, they contradict them,” said Barclay, the U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs.

    She cited ongoing abuses in Syria and North Korea, and noted in particular the top U.N. human rights body’s long-standing focus on Israel.

    “The obsession with Israel…is the largest threat to this council’s credibility,” said Barclay, a career diplomat.

    “When it comes to human rights no country should be free from scrutiny, but neither should any democratic country be regularly subjected to unfair, unbalanced and unfounded bias,” she added.

    The council’s annual rebuke of Israel has been a particular source of irritation for both Republican and Democratic U.S. administrations.

    The U.S. declined to seek a seat on the 47-member council when it was formed in 2006, citing skepticism about the membership of some authoritarian states. It joined the council in 2009, after Obama’s election, and has played a key role rallying like-minded nations in condemning human rights abuses around the globe.

    Rohan said the United States is dedicated to protecting and promoting universal human rights, including freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

    “As we consider our future engagements, my government will be considering the council’s actions with an eye toward reform to more fully achieve the council’s mission to protect and promote human rights,” Barclay said.

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      • Winking at far right groups by denying he knew who David Duke was, during election and taking many months to reluctantly condemn antisemitism only after immense pressure. The way he dealt with questions of antisemitism during Netanyahu visit and the next day with the frum reporter was a disgrace

        The Jews in the US are in the greatest danger now than any time in recent history. This is largely Trumps doing.

        • 1) The greatest danger is Islamic terror. Not some lunies who preach silly nonsense to feel good about themselves. Their threat is at most painting some silly swastickers and making noise.

          2) The uptick in reported in anti semetic is unclear. Firstly, is there really an uptick or is the media just making a fuss? Secondly, are more acts just simply being reported because of all the noise. But that does not mean more are occurring. Thirdly, as was “probably” the case in the liberal city of phllidelphia its unclear if some of the reported attacks were perpetrated by liberal teens (Maybe blacks) to copy cat and incite thanks to the media hype.

          3) Alt-Right does not promote hatred. They promote white pride in the same way balcks promote black pride. Its fake news reported by liberals who parce words and spin facts that accuse the alt-right without studying them. They believe in a Judeo Christian order where values like pro life and anti LGBT are observed. its not about anti semtism.

          Bottom line your blaming the alt–right is nonsense. The media loves to hype it up because they like to portray the image that the threat of extremism is not solely a muslim issue. But it is.

          • Cognitive dissonance. Denial doesn’t change the facts. I didn’t mention alt-right. You are conflating white supremacist /neo-nazi / kkk with alt-right. There is a difference.

            Trump whistled to the far right white supremacists, saying he didn’t know who David Duke is and taking a long time to condemn their support.

            Trump didn’t condemn antisemitism throughout the campaign and the first 3 weeks of his presidency despite calls for him to do so.
            The way he treated the frum reporter was disgraceful. Not to mention bragging about his electorate collage win when asked about antisemitism.
            White supremacists are a danger.
            This is in addition to Islamic terror (who are a greater danger).
            I don’t blame the alt-right. I blame Trump in letting the right-supremacist believe that Trump is winking at them and appreciates their support.
            When you have groups shouting “Heil Trump” and seeing such language and sentiment cropping up on the internet and have the appearance of winking at them, you are to blame for what these groups get up to and who may feel is being encouraged.

            • Firstly, anti semtism is a not a real pressing issue. Its made up by the liberal media. And so there is no reason for Trump to address it.

              Secondly, if you know anything about Trump he is a pupil of Roy Cohen who never apologizes or denounces associations. Its not about anti semtism. Its about a certain style

              Thirdly this whole PC thing where we have to denounce and make public statements is what us Trump voter are sick and tied of. We want action not talk.

              You and the liberal media missed the whole point about the big electorial win. Its typical fake news to take words and twist it. What he clearly meant was that listen we had a big win and emotions fly high after a big win. Thus the extreme elements within us may commit acts that are uncalled for when they are on a high. His point was that when emitons fly high sometimes unexpected or unwarranted things happen.

              Lastly, White supremacy is NOT a danger. They have never harmed anyone. They are just a bunch of loser lunnies. Only the liberal media thinks they are a danger so that they can blame terror on all extremists rather than muslims. Facts are that not one jew ever died from their studpity. They just like making noise.

            • so 70+ bomb threats, and bullets into Jewish institutions and swastikas cropping up in many cities on cars, graves etc, is all fake news?

              I’m not saying the left are innocent. College antisemitism comes from pro-palestianian groups aligned with the far left.

              But there is now a far right wing version of antisemtism.
              So let me ask you. Do you believe the media when its left wing college antisemitism but not when it seems to be coming from the far right?

              Do you only believe the media if its when it makes the democrats look bad but not when it makes the republicans look bad?
              I believe both far left and far right are dangerous. Those who decide that any news or issue that casts a negative light on “their” side and therefore must be “fake news” are willfully delusional.
              I believe that the polarization in US politics is quite sad. Each side shouts past the other and neither side is willing to look at the merits of each issue on its own merits.

            • If all 70 acts were commited by he far right then yes they are somewhat dangerous . But it’s unclear whether the far right did it . Many could have been left copy cats. We will only know when they are caught . I remember not to long ago when there was a car running around my town screaming at Jews curses and calling them dirty Jews. The cops caught the prepratrators. Guess who they were ? Troubled yiddisha teens otd looking for fun. My point is till you catch the guys you don’t know who they are . Contrast that with left college where we know who the trouble makers are . It’s fake news in the sense that it right away gives the message that it’s trump guys when we don’t know .

              Secondly, in left colleges they are supporting sucide bombers and terrorists . That’s a lot more dangerous than right wing mishigoyim. Thus a huge huge difference between the left and right .

              Thank you for providing an intellectual forum without name calling . I really enjoyed your comment

            • You are correct we don’t yet know who all the perpetrators are. (Thats why Trump needs to focus on finding out who they are. )
              We do know that Trump has whistled to the far right when asked to denounce the endorsement of David Duke and KKK instead of denouncing he claims he doesn’t know them.
              And takes forever to reluctantly denounce antisemitism.
              His actions give the far right the impression that he will look the other way as long as they support him.
              He needs to be unambiguous and come over clearly (with the same forthrightness he denounces “fake news”) that the far right will be held accountable for their actions.
              But he doesn’t do that because he does not want to dampen the fervor of these strong supporters.
              Just look at what David Duke tweets: “Are you tired yet of winning?”

        • Greatest danger??? So how many jews across the universe died from neo Nazis and ho many from Muslims? You really believe the “greatest” danger is alt-right verse muslims??

    1. this reminds me of the tale of Reb Zicha and Reb Elemelich where they agreed to change places after one of them was set upon by ruffians for being a zide to no Avail. ” when it is ordained in heaven to beat a Jew, that’s what happens.” said one to the other.So here it is natural to blame only Jews for everything.

      • That’s not the story at all and you twisted the meaning of it to somehow declare it’s OK for the UN to continuously bully Israel. Shame on you!


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