New York, NY – Unsure Of Community Cooperation, City Hall Reviewing 2015 Metzitzah B’peh Deal


    FILE - A mohel arranging medical tools prior to the traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony. EPA New York – Just days after the Department of Health issued a warning to the medical community to be on the lookout for babies who contracted neonatal herpes via metzitzah b’peh, Mayor de Blasio has announced that he intends to reconsider whether or a 2015 deal that removed a requirement for parental consent is working as planned.

    In 2012 Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed for a citywide law that would regulate metzitzah b’eh by requiring parents to sign a consent form saying that they understood the associated risks. In 2015, the law was repealed in an agreement that would require the mohel of any baby who contracted neonatal herpes to be identified and tested for the virus as previously reported by VIN News (

    But according to the New York Post (, officials with the New York City Department of Health have said that of six mohels linked to cases of babies with neonatal herpes, only two have been identified. In both of those cases, the mohels were told to discontinue metzitzah b’peh and were not tested.

    “We’ve made it very clear what we expect from the community,” said the mayor, when asked about the issue at a press conference.

    de Blasio said that City Hall is evaluating the situation and that the results of that review will be released within “a matter of weeks.”

    The most recent case of a baby contracting neonatal herpes via metzitzah b’peh was announced last week by the Department of Health.

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    1. The mayor is running for reelections in 2017. This is his way of saying eiher you vote and support me or no metziza bpeh. And I thought only Christie bullies. I did even think De-Blassio was smart enough to pull it off. But I guess these progressives know what they are doin!

    2. How many more must die or be brain damaged before we wake up?
      Is one Yiddish childs life worth 10,000 metzitzah b’peh??? When it can be done with a straw. Hashem Yerachim

    3. It would be worth dealing with all of DeBlasios craziness justbto have him eliminate this dangerous herpes infecting Metziza nonsense, if parents endanger their own children it is the job of the government, and the community, to step in,

    4. It should be up to us to enforce this if the government can’t. It’s really not rocket science that babies are getting permanently disabled by Mohels who have herpes.


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