Dover, DE – Delaware GOP Lawmakers Take Exception To Reading From Quran


    Dover, DE – An opening prayer reading from the Quran at the Delaware Senate drew a sharp rebuke from a Republican lawmaker, who said the Muslim holy book calls for the death of Americans.

    Two representatives from the Tarbiyah Mosque in Newark were invited to Wednesday’s session to deliver the prayer. They began with an Arabic chant before reading a prayer in English based on a Quranic verse but with references to Allah removed.

    Republican Sens. Dave Lawson and Colin Bonini walked out of the chamber before the prayer.

    Lawson rose afterward to speak, calling what happened “despicable.”

    Democratic President Pro Tem David McBride later took Lawson to task, saying he was personally offended that the Muslim guests would not feel welcomed.

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    1. The liberalism of our democrats will be our undoing in the end. Just as a frog can be cooked in a pot of water that gets hot slowly and doesn’t realize that it is being boiled,The liberals will wake up after the fact that they have been deceived by a people lining in the 9th century and who never had an enlightenment of religious philosophy .

    2. the Muslim holy book DOES NOT call for the death of Americans; I read it. It is against Christians and Jews, true, but the Koran allows us to be their slaves and servants.

      BTW, “Allah” is Arabic for G-d, there is no reason to take that out.

      • Hey, lazy bum:

        When was the last time you referred to G-d as Allah, unless you were seeking to promote the bloodthirsty ideology of Islam? I actually studied the Koran a bit. The first half is quite conciliatory about other nations. The second half is viscious and barbaric, calling for the death of infidels (anyone not adhering to Islam).

        And sentencing people to slavery is nice, religious, G-d fearing, and moral? True, the Koran does not speak about Americans. But we are all infidels according to that piece of trash, and our death is prescribed.

        Protesting anything based on Koran is a good thing. I applaud these senators.

    3. How many of the VIN readers are queing up to take advantage of the muslims generous offer to be their slaves and servants? How many of the PC left have taken them up on their offer? They accept men and women so that’s no problem. Some like men and some like women, the muslims are very PC.

    4. I very much doubt the Koran mentions Americans. That bible of the Xians has caused more Jewish bloodshed than the Koran, yet no one objects to it’s being read.

    5. Bottom line is that 21st century Islam is a religon of hate. Its not so much what it says in the Koran as to how its interpreted. Yes christainty is soaked with plenty of yiddisha blit. But it has evolved and is now failry peaceful. Islam has not..


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