Newark, NJ – Passover Pizza: New Triangular Matzo Shape Debuts


    Newark, NJ – It’s not your bubbe’s matzo.

    The New Jersey-based largest producer of kosher food in North America is breaking tradition in its 129-year history by unveiling its first triangular matzo.

    Manischewitz says the shape is part of its Matzo Pizza Kit.

    CEO David Sugarman says matzo pizza is a Passover staple for Jewish families because they are not permitted to eat foods made with yeast or leavening.

    The company needed a special die to make the new shape from the traditional rectangle. The company says breakage meant it had to replace a cooling conveyor with a new process. Employees now grab the matzo by hand and place it into cartons to cool.

    The company says it can produce about 1,500 triangles every 15 minutes.

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    1. many people just smear matza with tomato sauce and put some cheese on top and a few spices and warm it up until the cheese melts and there you have Pesadik pizza.


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