New York – San Diego Hilton Canceled Passover Trip For 700, Tour Operator Alleges


    New York – A Hilton hotel in Southern California reportedly has canceled a Passover trip for 700 New Yorkers, despite a $1 million deposit, the organizer said.

    The New York Post’s Page Six reported Wednesday that the 10-day trip to the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in San Diego was booked in November, according to the organizer, Joseph Allaham, owner of the New York kosher steakhouse Prime Grill.

    Allaham, who told the paper that he has been organizing Passover trips since 2014 under the name Prime Experience, said the Hilton will not honor the reservations nor return the deposit. The trip was to include guest speakers, rabbis in residence, a camp and entertainment.

    He says one family paid $230,000 to bring all their kin on the April trip meant to include guest speakers, rabbis, a kids’ camp and entertainers.

    The hotel would not discuss the case, citing pending litigation. The dispute will go to arbitration in California.

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    1. Although i hope nobody losses any money ,yet im delighted that these gatherings dont work out.besides all the major kashrus issues if deteats the meani g of Pesach, pesach is a time of bonding with ur family & not sitting in a hotel mingling and distracting urself by showing off how rich u (or not) and letting ur children fall to tge way side due to a lack of confidence of mkingur own seder or u getting along with ur wife etc…
      Those who participate in these pesach getaways might as well just skip pesach altogether cause thier childern & generations after will find no meaning in this great yom tov when they grow up

      • Mr. Frish you are talking like a Shoyte. Why are you so delighted when so many people have their plans go bust . Maybe you understand the meaning of Pesach different then others but this is NOT how a yiddishe person has to behave.!
        You end your comment with hostile sentence that their children will find NO meaning in Yom Tov ! I have a question for YOU. How many Boys and Girls went off the Derech while their parents stayed home for Yom Tov.?

    2. I can’t believe some of these insensitive comments. First of all many people don’t have your chumros “fun di alte heim” there is no reason for these people not to go to a hotel for Pesach. Second there are elderly and other people who for various reasons can’t prepare for Pesach and go to hotels..

    3. Who are you frish telling people that if they go away for pesach might as well not observe Tom tov never heard anything so ridicules you have a good yom tov and stop judgeing others after all I don’t think you have the inside track on what HK”B wants from us


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