Jerusalem – All Cigarettes Kosher For Passover, Israel’s Sephardi Chief Rabbi Says


    A Bulgairan local man lights a cigarette for an Orthodox Jewish man, in Varna, Bulgaria, October 1, 2014. Photo by Nati Shohat/Flash90Jerusalem – Israel’s Sephardi chief rabbi ruled that it is permitted to smoke cigarettes that are not certified as kosher for Passover during the holiday.

    Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef said in a satellite television broadcast that cigarettes do not need to be certified as leaven-free for Passover, though some cigarettes manufactured in Israel or abroad are certified as kosher for Passover.

    He appeared to be responding to questions about whether American cigarettes need to be certified as kosher, according to The Jerusalem Post.

    Yosef seemed to base part of his ruling on the fact that leaven is not forbidden if a dog will not eat it.

    “If you put a cigarette in front of a dog, who is always hungry – he will eat anything. But put a cigarette in front him, will he smoke it? He won’t touch it,” the rabbi said in the Hebrew-language broadcast.

    Yosef did indicate that it is better not to even start smoking, but added that if a person is already addicted, he doesn’t need certification.

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    1. My question would be.. why would cigarettes ever be kosher in he first place? I am not sure which is more ridiculous…then question being asked or the answer being given.

    2. What a mindless and shameful comment. Instead of affirming the “pesach kashruth” of cigarettes, Yosef had an opportunity to admonish the tzibur NOT to smoke at any time, yom tov or otherwise. Why would he parse the issue from a halachic perspective when he had the opportunity to save a life (or many lives) by assuring cigarettes, even for a week.

    3. It is absolute hypocrisy for frum people to smoke, at any time. Halacha states that it is prohibited to place one’s health in danger. Therefore, if that is the case, why do so many frum people smoke? Why isn’t there a blanket prohibition against the use of tobacco, by the Rabbinic authorities in EY, and throughout the world? I can’t stand when I’m in Shul (even on Shabbos), and I have to smell the scent of cigarette smoke on someone’s clothing, because he smoked before Shabbos. It is a disgusting, smelly, dangerous, and addictive habit. There is no difference between being addicted to drugs, and being addicted to alcohol.


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