Spring Valley, NY – Neighbors Say Dangerous Dog Terrorized Residents After Video Captures Pit Bull Mauling Chasidic Child


     Surveillance video shows the dog, believed to be a pit bull, biting the boy’s face and neckSpring Valley, NY – A Chasidic toddler from Spring Valley is recovering today after being mauled by a pit bull as he played in a neighbor’s driveway on Thursday night.

    Eli Mendlowitz was playing with six other youngsters in the driveway of 68 N. Cole Avenue at 6 PM when he was knocked to the ground by a dog owned by neighbors who live across the street.

    Surveillance video shows the dog, believed to be a pit bull, repeatedly biting the boy’s face and neck with nearby adults intervening and rescuing the toddler within seconds. Mendlowitz, the ninth of ten children who lives several houses away, is estimated to be two and a half years old.

    Both the Spring Valley Police Department and Hatzolah were on scene within three minutes of the attack. An initial police investigation revealed that the dog had gotten outside when a door to the family residence at 67 N. Cole Avenue was inadvertently left open.

    Police said that all of the dog’s vaccinations were current and that its owners were ticketed for not having proper insurance for the animal.

    Mendlowitz was transported to Nyack Hospital where he received an unknown number of stitches.

    N. Cole Avenue resident Gedalia Weinberger said that his children have been chased by the dog on several occasions.

    “My children are afraid,” Weinberger told VIN News. “I’m afraid to let my kids go outside to play.”

    Weinberger said that the dog has been a problem for more than six months and that while its owners have said that they will be more vigilant, nothing has changed. He dismissed the notion that the dog had gotten out accidentally on those occasions when it has been spotted roaming N. Cole Avenue.

    “They let it run loose,” said Weinberger.
     family residence at 67 N. Cole where the dog was let loose
    Several Chasidic residents of the block said that the dog can often be seen running down the street. A next door neighbor who agreed to be interviewed only on condition of anonymity said that many live in fear of the dog.

    “I don’t feel comfortable to go outside or to let kids outside,” said the neighbor.

    But a Hispanic woman who declined to give her name said that she lives next door to the pit bull and that her children, ages eight, seven and three, often play with the dog. She said that the dog is named Max, and that she had never seen him act aggressively.

    “I don’t know what happened,” said the woman, speaking about the Thursday night mauling.

    According to the Spring Valley Police Department, only one dog complaint has been issued over the past year on N. Cole Avenue, which runs just over half a mile long through the heart of the village. But residents of the block said that they have filed multiple reports with police about the dog and have no idea why no official records exist of those complaints.

    Neighbors also charged that police initially told the animal’s owners to keep the dog confined for the next ten days, only showing up to take the dog to an animal shelter four and a half hours later after video of the attack went viral on social media. The video caught note of Chelsea Clinton who tweeted at 11 PM last night “Horrific. No child should suffer this. No animal (or person) should ever be in a position to do this to anyone, certainly not a child.”

    Spring Valley resident Yossi Gestetner, founder of OJPAC which advocates for Jewish causes, said that the police department dropped the ball in its initial handling of the incident, by waiting four and a half hours to remove the dog.

    “You take the dog away and then you let a judge take care of the rest,” said Gestetner.

    The police department’s failure to take complaints from local residents seriously is one of the reasons why people are hesitant to report incidents to law enforcement, said Gestetner.

    “Yesterday’s action by the police department or inaction, was inexcusable and retroactively explains maybe the reluctance of some people to call the cops, because they don’t see some serious action,” observed Gestetner, who called on the police department to be more responsive to the concerns of the Jewish community.
    The front of the house where the child was playing before being attacked by the dog
    Article II of Chapter 71 of the Village of Spring Valley’s official code is devoted in entirety to pit bulls and dangerous dogs, and is known as the “Spring Valley Pit Bull Law.” The law notes that the village “has an extremely dense population and an extremely large number of dogs, many of which are pit bulls or another dangerous breed of dog” which can “create a public danger to health and safety.” According to the village code, all pit bulls or other dangerous dogs must be restrained by a collar, leash and a harnessed muzzle when taken outdoors and owners must have $100,000 in liability insurance for animals described in Article II. Fines for a first violation range from $100 to $500, while fines for second subsequent violations are set at $500 to $1,000.

    Dogs whose owners have been found guilty of violating the law on two occasions may be confiscated by the village and possibly destroyed.

    The Spring Valley Police Department did not return calls for comment but said in a press release that they are continuing their investigation and that other charges may be filed in the incident.
    Press conference early this morning

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    1. typical cops, lazy and with attitude. “minorities” love pit bulls since those dogs are the most vicisious and aggressive to train to kill. Wouldn’t be surprised if the original owner of the property where the owner of the animal lived was a YID.

      • Here in Israel, we can’t do squat about the wild dogs that are terrorizing us. The city does nothing, the city vet is useless, & if we dare to do anything, we have been warned by a sympathetic lawyer we are hiring that if we try shooting or poisoning, WE will be arrested. We are getting attacked morning, noon & night as they roam like they own the place. People are afraid to go out – one man actually had to throw an abandoned shopping cart to get the pack to leave. Children on bikes have been bitten and mauled, a woman returning home from work was dragged by a pack & it is only chasdei Hashem no one has been killed…. yet.

        At least eventually, something was done in Monsey. Refuah Shleima to the toddler.

      • Excuse me, this happened right next to their house. An older sibling was watching them nearby but was scared to get the child away for fear of getting bitten too. Noone blames her.
        This dog was abused by its owners every day which trained him to become violent. They used it go scare the kids and laugh at them. It ran after adults all the time, and this tragedy was imminently going to happen. When people gave in complaints, the police did not take it serious. The owners that grabbed the dog are the ones who originally sent him running. They did not expect him to be this aggresive, but when u train a dog to abuse, they eventually will maul a person unexpectedly. How do I know all this? I lived right across and used to watch them let the dog run loose countless times. My kids and everyone around were terrorized from it. The owners deserve a hefty charge.

        • What you said makes 1000% sense. A dog will not attack unless taught to, abused to or provoked. Therefore if anyone should be punished it should be the owner not the dog. In fact, life in prison would be perfect since he has ruined this poor child’s life forever by scaring & scarring him for life.

    2. I have a few of those dogs in my neighborhood. My neighbors don’t fit the stereotypes of what other bloggers have written. I think a lot of rescue dogs are pit bulls and pit bull mixes. I think the dogs are unpredictable and I stay clear away from them. I feel sorry for the kid and I’m sure the experience will be with him for a long time. I think the man that got out of the truck deserves a lot of credit. Maybe instead of chastising the police Yossi should be thanking the strangers that risked their safety. Who was watching the 2 year old child at the time?

    3. Dog control is the responsibility of the municipalities in Israel. Dogs must be licensed, and microchipped and annually vaccinated for rabies. They must be leashed when out in the public areas and their excrement must be be picked up. Sexually neutered animals are given massive discounts in licensing fees. Dangerous dogs such as pit bulls are not allowed to be owned unless neutered or a special permit is given. Stray dogs whether owned or not are to be removed and owners are fined. Unowned animals can be destroyed. If your municipality does not do this complain to the mayor as he hires the municipal veterinarian responsible for this aspect of public health and he can fire the veterinarian as has been done in the past. If this does not help complain to veterinary services of the ministry of agriculture in Bet Dagan. I suggest firstly talking to the director of veterinary services. if none of this helps legal action against the municipality is in order

    4. If a dog owner should get “life in prison” how many years should a child molester be sentenced to. Animals can be unpredictable you can’t always blame the owner.


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