Brooklyn, NY – MTA Employee Arrested For Abusing Orthodox Jewish Young Woman Twice At BP Subway Station


    Brooklyn, NY – An MTA station agent is under arrest after being accused of sexually abusing a 19 year old Orthodox Jewish woman at the 18th Avenue subway station in Borough Park.

    Police said that 63 year old Mohammad Talukder had reportedly harassed the young woman on several occasions when she came into the station, repeatedly trying to get her to talk to him and to date him.

    According to police, Talukder pulled his victim into an isolated construction zone on the northbound side of the mezzanine area of the station on the evening of April 18th, pulled down her shirt, and began groping her.

    After fighting off the attack the victim fled the station, but Talukder allegedly approached her again on Wednesday evening as she left the station at 7:30 PM, groping her and kissing her on the neck.

    The young woman reported the two incidents to police on Thursday and Talukder was arrested with sex abuse and forcible touching. Police said that Talukder, a Flatbush resident, has no history of prior arrests.

    The MTA did not immediately return a call for comment on the matter.

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    1. Did she tell anyone after the first attack? Why did she not travel with someone or go to another station? No, I am NOT blaming the victim, far from it. However, some common sense is also in play & she should have reported it after attack #1. Honestly, our girls are so naive.


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