New York – Anti-Trump Late Night Jokes Coming At A Blistering Pace


    FILE - In this Aug. 10, 2015, file photo, Stephen Colbert participates in "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" segment of the CBS Summer TCA Tour in Beverly Hills, Calif.   (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)New York – Stephen Colbert, whose crude reference to Donald Trump angered some of the president’s supporters this week, has lobbed zingers at him at the blistering pace of 3.37 a day during the chief executive’s first 100 days in office.

    Trump is on pace to be the most joked-about president in late-night television in at least 25 years, the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University said Thursday.

    Colbert, on his show Wednesday, discussed the fallout from a Trump joke two days earlier that prompted calls to fire him and boycott the CBS “Late Show” advertisers. He said he didn’t regret insulting the president, but that “I would change a few words that were cruder than they needed to be.”

    Colbert said he was upset at Trump for insulting CBS “Face the Nation” host John Dickerson.

    It was one of 337 Trump jokes that Colbert has made since the president’s inauguration in January, the study said. Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” made 315 Trump jokes in the same period of time, NBC’s Jimmy Fallon unleashed 231 and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel 177.

    The Trump-battering has paid off handsomely for Colbert and CBS. The “Late Show” eclipsed Fallon’s “Tonight” show in the ratings shortly after Trump’s inauguration and has now won 13 weeks straight. Last week CBS averaged 2.74 million viewers to Fallon’s 2.68 million, the Nielsen company said.

    Nielsen’s preliminary ratings from the nation’s top markets indicates that Colbert’s show Wednesday night slightly exceeded the previous Wednesday — indicating no immediate fallout from the Putin joke.

    “The polarization of politics has migrated into the polarization of late-night humor,” said Robert Lichter, the George Mason professor who directs the comedy content research. “People want to hear jokes about the politicians they don’t like.”

    That in itself turns some conventional wisdom on its head: for years many late-night comics made it a point to be equal opportunity abusers for fear of turning off one side or another, he said.

    Trump has been the target of some 1,060 late-night jokes since taking office, the study said. That puts him on pace to beat President Bill Clinton’s record of 1,717 jokes in 1998, the year his affair with Monica Lewinsky was in the news, Lichter said.

    Colbert, for his part, isn’t taking any pity on the president.

    “He, I believe, can take care of himself,” Colbert said Wednesday. “I have jokes; he has the launch codes. So, it’s a fair fight.”

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    1. The jokes are intelligent, many can be appreciated only by an informed audience, and they generally are hilarious. That said, they reflect a serious anxiety, which I share, that Trump and his circle are the most uninformed, reckless and potentially dangerous administration that this country has ever seen.

        • No silly…intelligent and informed – because if they were not they would not understand the substance of Colbert’s jokes. They often are in-jokes for the well read…alas, many on this site would be woefully confused.

          • How embarrassing for you that you constantly feel the need to try convincing everyone how “intelligent” you are. (A sure sign of very low self esteem.) Trust us, you’re not. And you’re the ONLY one who thinks you are!

      • 1) the jokes only seem intelligent to you because you’re not. 2) if the same exact jokes were made about Obama, you’d be outraged and accusing everyone of racism. By the way, just because you claim to be intelligent, anyone who reads your hypocritical snowflake posts can easily see you’re not! How’s your alter ego, hashomer?

    2. The monologue is available on youtube. It has one graphically homosexual joke, with the bad word bleeped out, so that possuls the entire video, which is a shame, because it was otherwise very funny.

      • Ah, yes, maybe …similar to how progressives learned to laugh in Germany, Italy, Spain, the Soviet Union, the PRC, Panama, Argentina, El Salvador, Columbia, Cuba, Syria, Haiti, Venezuela, Ecuador, Pakistan, Iraq, Chile, and so many other countries…countries where democratic institutions and the press where under siege by administrations, and their ignorant or populist followers, with greater or lesser degrees of totalitarianism.

        But there again…Trump and his right wing cabal of deplorable ignoramuses may learn the lessons of Nixon and Agnew…if so, I will laugh and cheer beyond measure.

        • Actually it seems clear you haven’t had anything to laugh and cheer about since your face was covered with egg when you predicted and “guaranteed” everyone here that Donald Trump would never win the election! You’re not too smart, are you!

      • but the joke is not on them. it’s on a public figure who always berates every one else. remember ‘lyin ted’ or ‘crooked hillary’ or ‘weak jeb’ etc etc etc etc
        trump, when all is said and done, isdowright scary !

    3. This is why I don’t watch television. If this was funny so is joking about the holocaust. It is not funny and today social is mentally ill and need therapy to enjoy real comedians like George Burn, Jack Benny

    4. Colbert has major league problems, his father and two brothers were killed in a plane crash when he was a youngster and nebech it affected this guy badly.

    5. Jokes can be funny regardless of who is being made fun of. If you do not like a late night comic – don’t watch them. They make fun of everybody.
      The advantage that they have is that they do not have to be Politically Correct. They can make fun of hypocrisy and lies straight out.
      The main stream media can’t laugh at Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts. But late night comedians have a field day with it. That goes for all the lies that Politicians tell – whether democrat or republican.


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