New york – One-minute Read: Why You Might Need Wedding Insurance


    New York – If you’re busy planning a wedding, you might want to consider insuring it.

    Wedding insurance policies are relatively easy to understand, and the two main types are both inexpensive compared with the cost of a ceremony and reception:

    —Liability insurance covers you in case of an injury or property damage at the wedding. Liquor liability, sometimes a separate coverage, pays out if someone drinks too much and causes an injury or damage.

    —Cancellation coverage reimburses you for costs such as deposits and guests’ airfare if you need to cancel or reschedule the wedding for an unforeseen reason. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include a change of heart.

    The most common wedding cancellation claims involve:

    —A vendor, such as the venue or caterer, going out of business or being otherwise unable to fulfill its agreement.

    —Extreme weather, such as a hurricane and tornado.

    —A member of the bridal party or family being too injured or ill to participate.


    Cancellation and liability coverage are sold separately. Prices are based on the number of guests or the wedding’s price tag, depending on the insurer, but each can cost under $200 for a wedding with fewer than 50 guests.


    You can buy wedding insurance through an event insurer, such as Wedsafe or WedSure, or a large insurer such as Travelers Insurance. Some insurers sell “event insurance,” which can also cover a wedding. Ask your agent if your current insurer has any options.


    NerdWallet: Wedding insurance: What’s covered, who sells it and prices

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