Paris – French Jews ‘Relieved’ Macron Won But Worried Over Le Pen’s Electoral Gains


    A French national living in Israel stands in front of a poster depicting Emmanuel Macron, a candidate in the 2017 French presidential election, at a polling station in Jerusalem May 7, 2017. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun - Paris – Leaders of French Jewry expressed both relief over the defeat of the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in the presidential elections and concern over her receiving more than a third of the vote.

    Le Pen, whom the chief rabbi of France and the CRIF umbrella of Jewish communities have decried as dangerous to democracy and minorities, received 34.2 percent of the vote compared to the 65.8 percent who voted for the centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, according to a report by Le Monde based on exit polls from Sunday’s final round of the elections.

    “I am happy with the result of Emmanuel Macron being elected president, which constitutes a veritable relief for all our nation and for the Jewish community of France,” Joel Mergui, the president of the Consistoire, wrote Sunday evening in a statement by his group, which is responsible for providing religious services to Jews.

    Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, who is employed by the Consistoire, also spoke of his satisfaction from the vote. But in his statement, Korsia also referenced concerns over the support shown to Le Pen – a nationalist who seeks a ban on wearing Jewish and Muslim religious symbols in public, ritual slaughter and the provision of pork-free meals in school cafeterias.

    The vote was the best electoral result ever obtained by her National Front party, which was established in the 1970s by her father, the Holocaust denier Jean-Marie Le Pen, who has multiple convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews. He clinched 18 percent of the vote in the 2002 presidential elections — the first time that National Front made it to the final round.

    “Well aware that many voices have been raised in favor of the candidate of the National Front, the Chief Rabbi calls on all political leaders to take seriously the voters’ cry of despair and anger in order to review their platforms and to regain the enthusiasm and support of the citizens,” the statement by Korsia’s office read.

    Francis Kalifat, president of CRIF, called the victory “uncontestable” and congratulated Macron on it. “Everything starts right now,” Kalifat, who has lobbied intensively in favor of Macron in recent days, wrote optimistically on Twitter.

    The president of European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, said in a statement: “We remain extremely concerned by the still large support for parties of the far right, not only in France but across Europe.” He also wrote in a statement that the result was “a victory against hate and extremism” by the French people.

    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, said in a statement that while Macron’s election is ”extremely encouraging,” his group is “concerned that a third of the French population voted for a dangerous political leader.” This, he said, is part of a “worrying political landscape in Europe and the increase in far-right rhetoric which has swept the continent.”

    Macron’s positions on Israel, its conflict with the Palestinians and the Middle East in general correspond with those of the government of France’s outgoing president, Francois Hollande, Macron told a predominantly Jewish crowd in March during a town hall meeting organized in Paris by CRIF.

    Hollande is one of France’s least-popular presidents. Citing dismal approval ratings, he had withdrawn from the presidential race to better the chances of his party to remain in power.

    The economic policies of Macron, a former banker who at 39 will be the youngest president in the history of the Fifth Republic of France, differ significantly from those of the Socialist Party. A believer in free-market economy, he is calling for an economic reform opposed by labor unions and advocates of France’s relatively generous welfare amenities.

    This has alienated many left-wing voters in what could explain a historically low turnout in Sunday’s vote.

    According to Le Monde, a quarter of registered voters did not show up to vote, making the turnout of 75 percent the lowest recorded in any final round of the presidential elections since 1969.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not address National Front’s gains in the vote in a standard statement congratulating Macron. He said that one of the greatest threats facing Israel and France “is radical Islamic terror which has struck Paris, Jerusalem and so many other cities around the world,” adding he was sure the two countries “will continue to deepen our relations.”

    President Donald Trump congratulated the “people of France on their successful presidential election.” Trump, who said last month Le Pen was “the strongest candidate on borders,” added: “We look forward to working with the new President and continuing our close cooperation with the French government.”

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    1. How foolish of these silly French Jews!

      If the would only read yesterday’s VIN comments on the French election results they would know Le Pen is the best friend they ever!

      Who should they trust, know-it-all Trump Trolls in NY (or Moscow?) or their own lying eyes? After all, what do the French know about French politicians??? If they can’t trust a shechita and kippa banning xenophobic daughter of a holocaust denying, Vichy supporting neo-Nazi to look out for the safety of the Jews, who can they trust?

    2. Correction on the Reuters line in my above comment as I see its not Reuters. However the rest of my comment remains. Its still a very sad day for french jewry.

    3. Le Pen would be the friend of the Jews, by at least acknowledging that Muslims are the number 1 menace to Jews worldwide. Macron is a SOROS funded, fake Socialist, LGBT practicing (his old wife is a just a ruse) liberal.

    4. Don’t you trumptrolls have anything else to do? Shouldn’t you be busy spreading malicious lies about Sally Yates like the tweeter in chief?

      Objective readers will put more faith in the opinions of the Jews in Paris over the “Jews” trolling from Moscow.

    5. The election of Macron in France demonstrates the inherent mysonygy of the liberal French – who hate women and could not abide the election of a woman.

      Progressive mysogynists.

      Liberte, Egualite, and paternite’.

        • I hate Hillary because of her middle east policies. I am against her botched Egypt and Libya policy. I am against her Israeli-Palestinian conflict views. Since I am a wall st guy I actually like that she can be bought by wall st.
          I think that no alt-right yid would have a problem with a lady president. Its purely a Hillary thing. maybe Ivankaforprez2024. Thats not a bad idea. Let me clear my comrade Vlad and see what he says.

            • Waht did I spoin? If you have been following me from day 1 when I was Trumpforprez, I have always argued that crooked Hillary’s crookedness and email scnadlas does not bother me so much. Since that’s what a politician is. Repubs would do the same. I was always bothered by her job performance. She got an F on foreign policy in my books. I suggest you read VIN’s archives and look at my posts.

        • Keep marginalizing God fearing patriotic, nationalistic Goyim, Keep sacrificing their love of country and sacrifice at the altar of the false gods of multiculturalism, liberalism and diversity. The backlash -when it comes- will sweep you up as well, and no hiding place not Wiliamsburg or Monroe will keep you safe.

          France is doomed.


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