Jerusalem – Prison Time Begins For Controversial Jerusalem Activist Found Guilty Of Tax Evasion


    "Yoelisch" a prominent figure in the ultra orthodox Jewish community seen packing in his home in Meah Shearim, before leaving for his prison sentence, following a conviction of tax fraud. May 10, 2017. Photo by Noam Revkin Fenton/FLASH90Jerusalem – A proudly militant Meah Shearim activist and father of 16 reported to Israel’s Maasiyahu Prison in Ramla this morning to begin serving a five month long sentence for tax evasion.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Yoilish Krauss was sentenced to prison one year ago for failing to pay taxes on a slaughterhouse in Meah Shearim. At the time of his conviction, Krauss said that the authorities had gone after him because he is a member of the Chareidi community.

    Krauss told Israeli news site Kikar HaShabat ( that his Meah Shearim slaughterhouse was continuing in a 100 year old tradition of providing kosher chicken under the strictest rabbinical supervision even to those who had no money. Repeated attempts to make his slaughterhouse compliant with Israeli law were unsuccessful, said Kraus, but he continued his operations hoping for the best.

    “If I have to be jailed for something I am glad this it was for something that is a good deed and not, G-d forbid, on something else, like the things we hear about in the news,” said Kraus.

    Krauss, who lives a life of poverty in a two room apartment, was also fined 250,000 NIS by the Israeli courts. Friends have already begun a public campaign to raise the funds he is required to pay.

    Krauss, who only eats food that was cooked in his own home, told B’Chadrei Charedim ( that he intends to subsist on a meager diet during his incarceration.

    “They promised me that instead of bread they will provide me with matza and they will bring me vegetables that I can take maaser from myself,” said Krauss. “And if they don’t bring me vegetables I will only eat matza.”

    Krauss said he hopes to divide his time over the next five months equally between learning Torah and writing a sefer of his own.

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    1. Typical Yerushlaimi clown if there ever was one. I love the way they write how poor he is. Yolish Krauss does quiet well for himself.

      However, all this is expected when its chazor trief to become a professionals and earn an honest living like here in the USA. Lets stop adotping ollels and adopt careers instead.

        • What are my true colors? If we want to solve the poverty issue in Israel should it be by applying bandages like adopting kollels or via adopting jobs? Why can’t the guys in Israel work like here in the USA? What’s stopping them? There are enough ways around serving in the treifna army.

            • Sure,

              Under the evil shrieklicha Yair Lapid , back in 2013/2014 a new law was passed in the place of the Tal law here is how the draft looked like,

              “The compulsory draft, even in its limited scope applying to a minority of yeshiva students, will only take effect in four years (after the next elections) and will start off with large-scale exemptions. Close to 30,000 yeshiva students ages 22-28 will be immediately exempted from army service. Similarly, close to 20,000 additional yeshiva students who are currently between 18 and 22 years old will receive full exemptions at age 24”

              In a nutshell those over age 24 got full exemptions. That means if you were over 24 when the law was passed you do not need to serve in the army even for 1 day.

              Fast forward to 2017, The new government then came and abolished the mandatory draft for yeshiva guys. However, Litzman and Deri never abolished the clause that let anyone over 24 obtain full exemptions. That part of the law still exists.

              Thus anyone over 24 has no more draft. The draft is no longer an excuse not to go to work.

            • So first you blame the army. then when I prove that the army is not an excuse you resort to the dass torah tactic. The army thing is malarky.

              My daas torah says its Ok to go to work. In fact thats been our mesora for thousands of years. The idea that an entire community must learn and nobody should work is unprecedented. Its not daas torah.

              Its partly the rabbonim being bullied by the kanoim like R aron lieb was when he proposed nachal charedi. Its also partly based on the culture war. When the state was founded Ben Gurion wanted to shmad every frum jew. Thus the only way to fight back was to stay totally immersed in yeshiva. And it was a small yeshiva community. Nowdays, Bibi, has not interest in shmading charedim, nevertheless the anti secular altitude in ingrained in the culture.

              Bottom line your dass torah business is just fake news. It does not really exist. Its an excuse not to challange the unprecedented status quo

    2. he means 100% lshem shamayim but ain ruach habrios noche memenu,therefore the mishneh in ovos says ain HKBH noche meemenu .. Why didnt he comply to dineh demalchusa (shell reshoyim) dinah. Ohh haim ???u dont have to ???WHO EVER SAID THIS vu shtait dos ????he is the result of a machshavah taus,just like korach was ready to die 100% lshem shamayim. What a CH H and trajedy for yisroel,not that they imprisoned him NO NO NO he dosesnt chap what the emese torah world chaps. Even after this yad H on him, he still will never get it , b/c of this anti toreh krume shitah ,Not one real godol would be maskim to this falshe derech of CH H

    3. The hypocrisy of all Israeli loving posters here on VIN is unbelievable.

      You guys here always keep shouting that we must love “all Jews”. Including Jews who dont observe anything.No shabbos,Chazer Fressers,shrimp eaters,eating on Yom Kipur etc etc.
      But a torah Yid who is against Israel this type of Jew is a Mitzvah to hate. How hypocritical!

      • Nobody hates him. Yolish Krauss is one of the sweetest jews around. But he is a shpiler. I love him just like I love frei jews. I think both are misguided.

    4. pure evil what the Zionists do, look at the picture with his children crying just like in times of WWII, the Zionists release terrorists from prison with Jewish blood on their hands, the Zionists put away soldiers who kill armed terrorists, the Zionists lock up poor Jews like they did in the Middle Ages as debtors prison and yet the Zionists allow terrorists supporters in the Knesset to get salary. we must follow daas Torah and fight these anti-Torah people.

    5. Wow, he’s a celeb! There are 263 photos in this article – I counted. I wish I had a selfie with him. Is he going to appear in Madison Square Garden?


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