Cannes, France – Fashion, Film And Politics Collide As Israeli Minister Wears Jerusalem Dress At Cannes Festival


    Cannes, France – A custom-designed dress that was the talk of the town at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival in France on Wednesday was worn not by a movie star or billionaire heiress, but by a member of the Israeli cabinet.

    Israel’s Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev had cameras flashing and social media buzzing when she arrived on the red carpet wearing a gold topped dress whose flowing white skirt featured a panoramic view of Jerusalem’s Old City, including Migdal David, the Kosel and the Al Aqsa mosque.

    Regev said in a press release that the dress was intended to express “the beauty of Jerusalem, in honor of the 50th anniversary of its liberation and unification.”

    The floor length dress was created by Israeli designer Aviad Arik Herman, who has won praises for his over the top creations for the Miss Universe pageant.

    Herman thanked Regev for the opportunity to create the commemorative dress for the film festival, an event that shines the spotlight on both movies and fashion, in a Facebook post reading, “This exclusive dress was designed in honor and celebration of Jerusalem. Thank you so much dear minister for the privilege, opportunity and great honor!”

    The upper part of Regev’s dress was made of gold mesh, embellished with crystals, stones and strips of metal, while the brocade skirt was entwined with gold threads reported Arutz Sheva (

    Herman, who created the Jerusalem vista with designer Boris Sultanov, said that he and his mother Sari had worked on the dress for several months.

    While Israeli ambassador Dani Dayan described Regev’s dress as “amazing” on Twitter, others were less enthusiastic and social media has been flooded with photoshopped pictures of the dress that replaced the panorama of Jerusalem with a variety of designs.

    Canadian Eiman Annab offered three different versions of the Regev dress in a Facebook post titled “THE FABRIC OF ISRAELI OPPRESSION EMBROIDERED BY MIRI REGEV.” One of Annab’s pictures showed the West Bank separation one wall, another showed Israeli soldiers at the Kosel after the Six Day War and the third showed burning buildings in Gaza.

    A post by Saif AL Khatib of Australia had the dress emblazoned with a picture of Israeli soldiers forcefully carrying away a Palestinian boy accompanied by the words “It’s basically another malicious way of the Israeli occupation ways of stealing Palestine, its own and only capital ‘Jerusalem’ and our Palestinian identity as well.”

    Others took the opportunity to turn Regev’s dress into a wearable billboard of sorts.

    A New Israel Fund Facebook post lashed out at Regev, replacing the graphic portion of her dress with a design reading “50 years of occupation – time to take a stand.”

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    1. Eiman Annab’s protest photoshop of the dress aren’t even offensive.
      The first shows the wall that has saved the lives of thousand of Jews and Arabs by dramatically decreasing cross border terrorism. Saving lives is good. We should be proud of the wall.
      The second shows Israeli soldiers that participated in the liberation of Yerushalayim from Jordanian occupation. Liberation from foreign occupation is also good. We should b e proud of these men and there liberation they fought for.
      The third photoshop dress is Israel blowing up Hamas weapons depots. Hamas shot more than 1000 missiles at Israel before Israel fought back. Such restraint. Pride in restraint. Israel warned the Gazans which buildings they were going to destroy. What army in the world is so compassionate to their enemy. We should be proud of Israel being compassionate.


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