Westchester, NY – Hillary Clinton: Trump Budget Shows ‘Unimaginable’ Cruelty


    Westchester, NY – Hillary Clinton says Republican President Donald Trump’s budget shows an “unimaginable level of cruelty” for millions of Americans and children.

    The former Democratic presidential nominee lashed out at the president’s budget at a Tuesday night event in New York City hosted by the Children’s Health Fund. Earlier in the day, the Trump administration released a budget plan that calls for a drastic rollback of programs for the poor and disabled.

    Clinton says Trump’s spending plan shows a “lack of imagination and disdain for the struggles of millions of Americans.”

    She says the public cannot “remain silent in the face of these attacks.”

    Earlier in the month, Clinton launched a new political organization designed to push back against Trump’s agenda.

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      • I think, Sir, you may be the fool.

        But…let’s not be principled about this…let’s not talk about whether the larger society has an obligation to look after the needs of the poor (by the way, a value and obligation “invented” by the Torah)…let’s just talk about selfish identity politics..”what’s good for the Jews…for the frum Jews.”

        Do you have any idea what this budget would do to Yeshivas and yungerleit? Do you have even a clue as to the extent to which they rely on both federal housing subsidies and federal food assistance?

        Not to mention the Satmar and other Chassidic communities in Williamsburg.

        So, go work just a bissel…go online and find out for yourself specifically what programs would be affected, and by how much…and then go to any major American yeshiva…ask the Administrator what subsidies help pay for his food budget…and find out how many of his yungerleit are on Section 8.

        • Yes i have an idea what it would do to our frum jews. And its about time.

          As a side note, it won’t completely end all programs. It will make it a little harder. Frum jews will still survive. They may just have to cut back on spending $2000 to fly to the reba rav meilich or R shayla.

      • Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right.

        Wait a minute, I need to modify that, because by all objective accounts Hillary is an intellectual heavy-weight and Trump is, uh, challenged.

        I let emotions get in the way of facts, again. Sorry.

        • ” Hillary is an intellectual heavy-weight”

          An intellectual who got an F in terms of her job performance. I was never into her g-d damn emails. Thats nonsense. I dislike her for her job performance. She messed up in Lybia, iraq, Egyt and Syria repeating the same Bush mistakes that democracy can flourish in the middle east. She also believes in expanding government programs and expenditures. So her intellect gets her nowhere.

          Trump is, uh, challenged
          Thats your opinion. I disagree

          • Putting “-” in G-d does not clean up your comment…and your comment indicates to me that you probably are neither really Orthodox, nor likely to be in a position to know first hand anything about Yeshiva demographics, as you claim in comment #8.

            Don’t get me wrong, VIN warfare aside, we might get along…you may well be a great guy; and I am no prude, being, shall I say, insufficiently uncomfortable with the kind of cursing one finds working in a law enforcement environment. But…a Yid one does not say or write “GD” in any context.

            • Its a quite from Bernie Sanders. relax buddy.

              By the way i am a yeshiva guy and failrly learned. I guess togther ith my tax returnsI need to release my HS transcripts too on VIN.

            • I don’t quote Bernie Sanders the way you do…your Yeshiva education certainly taught you not to say “GD”…but it taught you neither spelling nor grammar.

              “Finance” encompasses a great deal…I used to “work” in capital finance, as an attorney structuring and defining NYC capital projects to ensure the eligibility of bond financing under NY’s Local Finance Law…what end of the business are you in?

            • Surely you have illusions of grandeur…

              I am sure that I work in a more sensitive environment than you do, including with amounts of homeland intelligence information. I dissemble a bit, and do not disclose any information which would allow one here to figure out where…I simply say I am a law enforcement attorney.

              So what’s the real reason you’re so cagey?

            • My exact area of finance is a bit of a niche area. I am not interested in disclosing my identity. Sorry

              But if you’d like you can speculate that I am some Trump operative.

            • See Wikipedia, below.

              Are you really saying that you cannot disclose where in all this is your “niche,” without disclosing your identity? Really now.

              “Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Especially valuable in areas rich with recorded information, analytics relies on the simultaneous application of statistics, computer programming and operations research to quantify performance.

              “Organizations may apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance. Specifically, areas within analytics include predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, enterprise decision management, retail analytics, store assortment and stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modeling, web analytics, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion modeling, predictive science, credit risk analysis, and fraud analytics. Since analytics can require extensive computation (see big data), the algorithms and software used for analytics harness the most current methods in computer science, statistics, and mathematics”

            • Once again its a niche in analytics that encompasses some of the analytics metrics you provided above.

              Why is it so important to know what I do exactly?

            • Ok so here is how I suggest you check out my bona fides. Feel free to engage in any fairly complex college level financial mathematics discussion. I can’t say I am perfect but I am pretty confident that my knowledge is quite strong on the matter. One who has no credentials would not be able to discuss those topics.at ease.

              So ask away.

        • The idea that Hillary is, what did they say, “an intellectual heavy-weight” is risible. For all her vaunted education, she’s as dumb as a bag of hair. She and the DNC had the election in the bag and she and they blew a sure thing by not only running the stupidest and laziest presidential campaign recent memory, but by actually insulting and ridiculing the very folks who’s votes she needed, thereby loosing the vital swing States that Obama carried twice. Granted that Trump may not be “an intellectual heavy-weight” himself, but he could spot Hillary 30 IQ points and still beat her.

    1. oh puleeez ….
      Will you be quiet already. Can’t you take a hint? This country handed you a whopping rejection. We’re through with you and your merry band of thieving scoundrels. It’s time to tuck you tail between your legs and slink off into oblivion.
      signed…. member of the basket of deplorables

      • By whopping rejection, are you referring to her receiving 3 million more votes than Trump? Just asking, because it has been a while since I’ve taken a graduate level math course and you obviously, being a proud deplorable, must have some advanced concept of addition to go along with the advanced morality that makes you proud to be an admitted racist.

    2. While most politicians are lawyers, and lawyers lie (at least most of them), it is widely recognized that all politicians do. This witch refuses to bow out. She spent several years campaigning, with most of her statements being blatantly false. She lied many times to Congress, the media, and the public. Many of her lies were caught, and probably others were not. One thing she is not is honest, and her word should have no bearing on us. I would ignore her,but she is so annoying. There are unfortunately too many people out there who worship anything she says, and this craze simply reflects the era of stupidity that will stump historians forever. meanwhile, the media might improve its image a bit if they ignored her barking.

      • The poor woman suffered alot. The night of the elections she trashed her hotel room and was in a complete state of shock. (This is despite the fact that many vin commentators claim the polls didn’t lie and predicted that trump was in the margin of error. So she should not have been shocked) She needs to go on big walks to alleviate her depression. Her new mosad is therapeutic for her. Lets let her live. May she have much success.

        • Now she is the victim? Don’t be a fool. She is a career liar, and she failed at every single thing she touched, except getting the nomination. Check her career in the senate. Nothing. I think she got a library named after someone. Nothing of any substance or value to America. As Secretary of State, also nothing. Just bungled foreign affairs. Plus pay to play, which should be fully investigated and brought to court. Her campaign had so much viciousness and dishonesty to it that it fueled a huge undercurrent of immorality, violence, and threats to America. May Hillary, and all her supporters find their way to obsolescence speedily in our days.

          The best therapy for her would require silencing her.

    3. My friends on government programs are planning summer vacations and ask me so where are you planning to go? I tell them I don’t have money for a vacation since I work for a living.

      My friends on programs don’t think twice when going to the grocery store shopping because food stamps pay for it. I do have to think can i afford that meat or ice cream for yom tov.

      Yet we are cruel if we trim some fat and give them a little less.

      Just the other day I offered two modest cuts to medicad. 1) Charge copays that amount to the equivalence of an iphone 2)Incorporate a work on wellness program. Basically you impose a $300 annual charge.Those on medicad who commit to healthy life styles get a refund while those who choose to live unhealthy don’t get a refund.

      Are my ideas absurd? Yet I was called cruel and sodom like. Does anyone think its sodom like to ask the poor to chip in just a tiny bit? How about to ask them to be responsible about their health or pay for irresponsibility? Is that cruel and sodom like? Its not cruel to make the struggling middle class pay more to subsidize the poor? Its pnly cruel when we ask the poor to pay more?

    4. Now lets focus on these terrible education cuts.

      Right now every school needs a nurse. So if a child gets a head ache the nurse can administer advil to him/her. Those nurses do nothing a whole day. yes once a year they are needed to ensure medical records are up to par. But aside for that do they do anything that the other mature adults can’t do? We grew up without nurses. Who pays for this nonsense uncle sam???

      Recently, Torah Umesora had a weekend convention. Its a wonderful organization and the convention was fantastic. I am in no way knocking the mosad or its mission. But guess who pays for a weekend retreat for rabbeim? Title one and the government. Yes its government sponsored. Should a government be in the business of sponsoring these things?

      Do we need to pay for the college education of those that major in anthropology and arts?

      There is plenty of waste in eductaion.

    5. “My friends on government programs are planning summer vacations and ask me so where are you planning to go? I tell them I don’t have money for a vacation since I work for a living.”

      Work doing what? You’ve been asked several times over many months, but you never give an answer…in the past you have make claims to having an “intellectual” profession. Furthermore, I had vacations when a sailor – when driving a cab in NYC…when driving a tractor trailer…and when an attorney in government…what’s your real excuse?

      • Do I need to release my tax returns as well? Will that make you happy? Is that a requirement on VIN or only as president?

        I work in Finance and thats as far as I’ll reveal. Yes its a highly intellectual profession.

        I ma glad you were able to afford vacations. I do not have money for vacations.

          • Sorry but strong vocabulary skills are not required for a corporate finance job . There are many smart Asians who can barely write or speak English yet they are highly valuable to the company . Furthermore , the old style of composing large memos and reports are declining . Managers now want to see data in two sentences and that’s it .

            But if you’d like to challenge me on financial concepts feel free to do so . Let’s see if you now the basic frame work of a BSM model .

            I guess ignorance of the system is bliss

        • It’s already in process…it may or may not result in impeachment, but you’re in denial if you don’t think Trump has gotten himself into major league hot water, and if you continue posting rubbish that Trump’s asking a prosecutor or investigator to back off an investigation cannot constitute obstruction of justice

          • As all pundits have stated. “We are very far away from a Trump Impeachment”

            And yes simply asking especially in the Trump kind of silly way of talking means nothing. Its not an obstruction unless I request it.

            • Stick with whatever is your “finance” job…your understanding of the law on obstruction of justice is as enlightened as a Conservative rabbi’s understanding of hilchos Shabbos.

    6. she is the voice of the poor Just ask her just like she was so poor when she left the white house and stole the silverware and dishes, got £8,000,000 for her books, had the clinton fraud foundation pay for Chelsea’s wedding. I wish I was a poor as her so I could take 2 weeks in a 4 star hotel once a year and go out to a restaurant while on vacation and have money to buy an ice cream sundae once a month


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