United Nations – UN Secretary-General: ‘Denial Of Israel’s Right To Exist Is Antisemitism’


    L-R: Rabbi Meyer H. May, SWC Executive Director; Rabbi Marvin Hier, SWC Founder & Dean, UN Secretary General Anntonio Guterres; Rabbi Abraham Cooper, SWC Associate Dean and Mark Weitzman, SWC Government Affairs Director and UN RepresentativeUnited nations – United Nations Secretary-General Guterres met with senior officials of the Simon Wiesenthal Center at his offices at UN headquarters in New York.

    The discussion covered a wide range of issues including efforts to make terrorism a crime against humanity, the UN’s role in countering burgeoning anti-Semitism in Europe, ending the demonizing and abuse of Israel in and by UN agencies, including UNRWA, UNESCO, and the UN Human Rights Council, and stumbling blocks hampering Middle East peace prospects.

    Rabbi Marvin Hier, Dean and Founder of the leading Jewish human rights NGO urged the Secretary-General to pave the way for the UN to declare terrorism a crime against humanity. Rabbi Hier said, “There needs to be real consequences for perpetrators and supporters of terrorist acts like the recent suicide bombing carnage at a concert in Manchester, England and the UN must declare that this scourge is a crime against humanity.”

    Secretary General acknowledged the seriousness of terrorism and said that he is committed to reforming the current UN structure that currently has 38 separate entities dealing with the issue.

    Mr. Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal and a close friend of the late President of Israel, Shimon Peres, emphasized, “Denial of Israel’s right to exist is anti-Semitism.” He rejected the campaigns to erase Jewish history in the Holy Land. “History must be respected. Jerusalem is a holy city for three religions,” Secretary General Guterres added.

    Rabbi Hier pointed to Hamas’ genocidal founding charter and ongoing terrorist activities as the main roadblock to the peace process-not Israeli settlements. Mr. Gutteres, who opposes expansion of Israeli communities on the West Bank, acknowledged that Hamas had succeeded in leveraging the UN presence in Gaza. He said that he has a “very strong commitment to not allowing UNWRA to be instrumentalized” in the future, the way Hamas and Islamic Jihad during the last Gaza War.

    The Center’s Associate Dean, Rabbi Abraham Cooper who directs the Center’s Social Action agenda asked the Secretary General to speak out against legal and political attacks on core Jewish (and Muslim) religious practices including Shechita (ritual slaughter) and mila (circumcision). A recent unanimous vote in Belgium’s parliament outlaws Shechita, and there are recurring calls in Scandinavia and Germany to ban circumcision of Jewish baby boys.

    Government Affairs Director, Mark Weitzman who represents the SWC at the UN, outlined the many efforts in Europe and the Middle East underway to revise, rewrite, and in some instances deny past history, including the Shoah. Also participating was Rabbi Meyer H. May, SWC Executive Director.

    “We are profoundly impressed by the scope of Secretary General Guterres’ knowledge and interest on issues that impact World Jewry directly,” noted Rabbi Hier, adding, “As an NGO at the UN and UNESCO, the Wiesenthal Center is committed to support the Secretary General’s efforts to ensure that all members, including the Jewish state be treated as equals,” Rabbi Hier concluded.

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    1. Denying Israels right to exist has NOTHING to do with Antisemitism. The creating of
      Israel the Zionist State , not the JEWISH STATE, is the the complete antithesis of every part and parcel of a REAL Jew. Politically they can call themselves Israel or China for that matter. It has no connection with any authentic Jew. I and many proud American real Jews dont care of the UN words up or down cuz It wont make or break any erlicha yid. It has nothing with Anti semitism its the Zionists that want to make antisemitism an issue when theyre the one creating it with their provocative behavior. Israel is a Zionist State not a Jewish State. They have no connection to G D and his holy Torah and commandments. You cant pick or choose. A yid is a yid. And its a chilil Hashem every minute of its existence. May Hashem send Mashiach and dissolve the medina apikorsos now.

      • Hey monkey brain, Reb Yoel ZYA disagreed with your monkeybrainfullness.
        He said a goy that loves medinat israel is an ohev yisroel, because he thinks that israel is a jews. A goy that hates tbe medina is an antisemite for tbe same reason, except the opposite.

      • shoiteh who do u think helped the yidden in1948? Do u know how outnumbered we were? Didn’t think so. You aren’t allowed to read anything.
        If you don’t see the hand of G-D when Eretz Yisroel and then Yerushalaem is redeemed after 2000 yrs you are blind deaf and stupid. Kish mech

    2. How comical! The Zionists give a flying hoot for the basic pronciples of our Torah like milah or shchita??? I wish it wernt sucha sad joke. Totally non practicing Jews.

    3. This is a nice First Step but are they going to follow it up by condemning all the Arab countries who deny Israel’s right to exist? And will they stop pressuring Israel to stop making crazy concessions of land to the so-called Palestinians who seek Israel’s destruction?


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