Brooklyn, NY – Photos: Satmar Draft Protest At Barclays Draws Thousands


    (Credit: Stefano Giovannini/ VIN News) Brooklyn, NY – Thousands of Satmar chasidim from all across the metropolitan New York area and beyond gathered at Barclays Center Sunday in Brooklyn to protest the forced draft of Chareidim in Israel.

    Event spokesperson Sam Stern said that the goal of the event was to raise awareness of a plan by the Israeli Defense Forces to force those who have dedicated their lives to learning Torah into the army.

    The event was organized by the followers of Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum and was officially boycotted by disciples of Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum.

    “We feel that this is a danger to the future of klal yisroel,” Stern told VIN News. “Right now their goal is to get 5,200 bochurim into the military system. They are targeting more the Sephardic right now but it could be anyone from the Charedi community – Chasidish, Litvish. It will get tighter and tighter until they reach the core of the community.”

    Stern said that he believes that the IDF’s ultimate goal will be to have an elite group of just1,800 full time students allowed to remain in yeshiva, with all others being forced to serve in the military.

    “We feel that they are starting to wipe out the community,” said Stern. “We can’t understand why everyone else is silent about this.”

    The four hour long demonstration started at approximately 3:30 this afternoon, with participants hailing from all across Brooklyn, Monsey, Montreal and Lakewood and small contingents representing the Satmar communities of London and Argentina.

    Stern said that he believed that among the 20,000 Chasidim in attendance were a handful of disciples of Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum who came to show their support, despite the official boycott.

    Stern said that even though the demonstration was taking place an ocean away, it would still send a clear message to Israeli officials.

    “We hope to keep the pressure on,” said Stern. “Once we shine a light on the facts we believe that the entire Jewish world will join us to protest what is happening.”
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    1. Fake News.

      This braclay thing is about rabbonim disseminating lies and distorting facts. R Zalamn Leib, R shmuel Aurbach and R aron shechter are lying. They tell you that by 2020 under the current deal with R Aron Leib, 40% of bochrim will be drafted. Then they pick on the one yeshiva guy who was caught in eliot with girls or/and on facebook and was drafted. Te rabbonim will lie and tell you how such a fine boy was drafted and how shrieklich the triefna tzionim are.

      “Right now their goal is to get 5,200 bochurim into the military system.”

      Don’t worry R Raon Leib knows that. The charedim have until 2020 to oblige and then by 2020 they will push it off more.

      “Stern said that he believes that the IDF’s ultimate goal will be to have an elite group of just1,800 full time students allowed to remain in yeshiva, with all others being forced to serve in the military.”

      Narishkietin . There is no such beilief in the IDF and they are not out to get you.

      Typical ny times style lying.

      Its fake news. SO Sad.

      • So what you’re saying is, we are all dumb and stupid, the Israeli army doesn’t want to consctript any yeshiva bocher , just a few real bums. I don’t think you are in the know. Why don’t you post your phone number , and the legal Israeli document that supports your argument.

        • Yes I am saying that some of us fall for fear mongering by the kanoim and gedolim of our midst.

          Yes the Israeli army does not want to draft all bochrim. Its a typical tactic by rabbonim to dissemante fake news to fool the masses.

          Are you saying that R Aron Leib Shtienman and the rest of the Aguda gimmel charedi world plus shas is dumb and stupid?

    2. I always wondered what the e EREV RAV looked like, well…… it is in its full glory. You see the leaders and the riff faff behind them.
      I never realized the R.. Aron Feldman from Ner Yisroel joined the erev rav??
      Did anybody know about that?…..Maybe he is getting senile? I think he should be thrown out of Baltimore, as he does not represent the Yeshiva nor what it stands for all these years I bet they will loose funding, once it becomes known what he did today. Shame on him and get rid of him.

      • I don’t have the stomach to read the comments – because the pro-rally animals make me sick. But I did notice #28, Cowdoc, and I agree. They get to live because of young men & women who are prepared to die for their country – and for the right of these leeches to practice their “religion” the way they want. One couple we are close to have all their sons in the army now. The things they have to do & see would make these soft boiled slops pass out in a second. Not to mention the first day of service is devoted to fingerprinting, xrays, DNA, at least 2 sets of dog tags to be kept on them 24/7…. in case G-d forbid, the worst happens. Just ask the parents of Hadar Goldin & Oren Shaul. But these sick dogs don’t care – they are able to riot and assault soldiers because OUR KIDS KEEP THEM SAFE ENOUGH TO DO IT.

    3. I failed to see anyone with a sefer. Talk about bittul Torah!!!

      All they had to do was register for the IDF. Then they would have been granted exemption. My nephews registered and they are now patur from the IDF.

    4. What a colossal ware of time for all who attended and a waste of hundred of thousands of dollars as well. Not one thing will come from this. Maybe working on sinas chinum between brothers,especially ones who are leaders of thousands, will solve some problems. Disgusting,truly disgusting how we sit back and watch these two factions of satmar duel with each other at every step. Do they talk? Go to each other’s simchas? And we should listen to them!????

    5. This a big kidush hashem a real kinus l’shem shomayim. This was a kinus of k’lal yisroel and for k’lal yosroel. Every yid should be part of this.

        • If you know the history well. ” all” gedolim at that time where against any yid to join the army at all cost. Leider some boys got taken in by force specially during ww 1 !
          So I’m not sure what is your point .
          Just to clarify. I’m not sure who your rebbe or godel is, however all yes all chassidish rebbe and all litvitsh rosh yeshives have said it clear without any question. ” it’s totally forbidden for a Boucher to go to the army BETTER BE IN JAIL THAN SERVE the ARMY ” just do some homework before you give comments .
          At the same point I’m personal not sure if maiking an event in a stadium in NYC can help , but I can’t see why such a event can make anything worse

          • “all litvitsh rosh yeshives “

            R Aron Lieb Shteinamn allowed nachal Charedi. So stop lying and disseminating fake news.

            Furthermore, the beis yisroel of ger had chasdim in the mixed army not even nachal charedi.

    6. This gathering of vicious Israel haters had nothing to do with the draft but everything to do with pure unadulterated vicious MEDINAS YISROEL hatred,
      what a disgusting ugly obscene spectacle

    7. Not every chareidi is learning. The army is the best thing for them. It gives a sense ouf purpose, pride, self reliance and preparation to contribute to society.

    8. Just to clarify two points
      “Event spokesperson Sam Stern said that the goal of the event was to raise awareness of a plan by the Israeli Defense Forces to force those who have dedicated their lives to learning Torah into the army”
      This is totally incorrect.
      The issue in question has nothing to do with learning or being in yeshivah.The issue is forced assimilation.
      The draft law clearly states that a certain quota of the religious population has to be drafted every year in order to assimilate them into secular society.
      Obviously the easiest target and excuse to draft a bochur is if he is not learning or properly enrolled in a big yeshivah where he can easily get a deferment.But its not the yeshivah or the learning they are after,its the assimilation into secular society that they are after.
      Secondly,one of the main speakers and activists who pushed for the demonstration was Rav Schechter, Rosh Yeshivas R Chaim Berlin.,so while Satmar did the organisation of the event, the main push came from him and other litvishe Roshei Yeshivas who are not affiliated with Satmar.

      • “The draft law clearly states that a certain quota of the religious population has to be drafted every year in order to assimilate them into secular society.”

        1) They have till 2020 to reach those quotas. And trust me by 2020 the charedim will delay it again. Its a game. Don’t worry noone is being drafted.
        2)the in order to assimilate them is fake news and a lie. Stop making up stroies. The tzionim are not out to assimilate the fum jews. Ben Gurion had such an ideology. That’s not Bibi’s goal. He may want to help charedim “integrate” into society via brining them up to par so that the can gain meaningful employment.. But stop lying about them wanting to “shmad us”

        Rav Aron Shechter for some crazy reason decided to take a R shmuel Aurebach hard line. For those who don’t know the issue, A Aron Leib Shteinman is fully Ok with the new law. R shmuel decided to break away and start his own fringe party. ( most likely also due to the ponvez kanahman markowitz fight too). R Aron for some crazy reason decided to take on this fringe element. But its far from the norm

        Its so so sad that you engage in disseminating fake news and fear mongering . Das Torah is cheap nowadays.

      • Uh, no.
        There is no law of forced assimilation. Not 1%, not 1 person. It’s not true.
        Lying is an aveira.
        It’s obvious you don’t live here.

        • Lying is a common tactic by kanoim and their rabbis to scare the population. Charedim are way ahead of the curve when it comes to disseminating fake news and engaging in fear mongering.

    9. Total Chillul Hashem!! if they are so concerned with bitul torah they did it themselves at this event…. and more importantly, isn’t it assur to have a smart phone, why is it that every chasid thats pictured with a phone has a “Smart Phone”?
      Literally hypocrites!!

    10. What was this supposed to accomplish?
      Perhaps they thought the Rosh Memshala needed a good laugh at his cabinet meeting the day after this bizarre meeting.
      Perhaps they thought anybody in Israel or anywhere cares about this event that only had an audience because the fathers of boys in the cheder and the yeshiva as well as yungeleight in kollel were threatened with inconveniences and consequences if they didn’t show up.
      Perhaps they thought Medinas Yisroel would end the draft because of this little gathering.
      What was the purpose?????
      These are smart people.
      I know some of these Rebbes and Rabonim.
      What were they thinking???
      Bitul Totah. Sinas Chinam. Waste of money.

    11. #1 just imagine if there really were 1800 boys learning at least the equivalent hours that a combat soldier was on duty daily.

      As far as I am concerned these folks can keep walking around all day because my son and sons in law are stupid enough to spend months each away from their families to protect this blue blooded royalty and my taxes put food on their table.

    12. #25, who gave you son and son in law a heter to serve? the point is the Zionist enterprise is on its last legs and the Zionists are desperate, I am by the way anti-NK and follow up strictly the path of the Mossad murdered Rav Meir Kahane. ironically the federation which is secular Zionist are HUGE donors to Satmar through their “Passover campaigns:.

      • Yes a shame they alligned with the fringe R shmuel Aurebach camp.

        Most litfish did not attend and do not approve of it. They abide with R Shteinman’s ruling that the deal is OK.

        Lets not spread half truths or alternative facts please.

      • Reply to #31

        git gezugt Says:

        “ I heard the neturei karta sang the national anthem before the opening speeches ”
        I hope you mean that they sang the Israeli national anthem!

    13. What a great Kiddish Hashem!

      Amazing to see the venom and the hate from comments towards Torah observant Jews.
      The goal of this protest was simple:to make aware that observant Jews no matter if they learn or not do not belong in the IDF. The Israeli army for Orthodox Jews is like a cesspool.

    14. How much did but cost to rent the Barclay’s? All that money could of helped those that are in need and then some…there are Yidden in need of money…Chaval Al Hakesef!!!

    15. This event further reminds us how far Moshiach really is. Can you image the day when our gedolim fill up arenas with protesting the incredibly horrible chillulei Hashem that is taking place in Meah She’arim when chayalim are being harassed and beaten up for doing the job that those kofrei tov lazy bums refuse to do. We have completely lost our way and it does not appear that we have the gedolim to speak up and take charge of the Charedi tzibur. So very, very sad. Let u sstand up for what is right and truthful as opposed to this utter nonsense.

    16. So why were they protesting in BKLYN when the IDF is fighting and dying in Israel in their behalf? How crazy are these guys to be against Israel after 1950 years in exile praying to return… Very sad…

    17. The shittah of anti-Tzionism, which actually has some valid points, has turned into a religion of hatred and intolerance of Jews who put their lives on the line for the anti-Tzionists in Israel and hatred for frum Jews with shittas that are different than Satmer and other anti-Tzioni sectors which are actually the minority of most Chareidy Jews. But they feel that only their shittah is correct and everyone else’s, including big rabbonim who have a different opinion than theirs, are “deening avodah zora” .

    18. A few points to the above that people brought up:
      They sang the National Anthem. I doubt it. Probably none know the words to either the U,S, or Israeli.
      Do 18 year olds register for the draft in the U,S? No the law does not require it but Israeli law does.
      Did Rabbi Feldman of Baltimore address the group? I do not know. But if he did then I hope the yeshiva throws him out.
      Someone asked which Rav gave my family members permission to serve in the Israeli army. We didn’t ask. We can think and arrive at such decisions on our own

    19. remeber this
      the zali faction of satmar are the primary funders of neturei karta netruna and all the other sickos
      they have turned all 613 mitzvohs into one -anti tzioni

      rabbi schapiro who spoke is a trophy for them as they can show an articulate english speaker as their spokesperson
      he is a nephew of the satmar rebbe and is on their payroll
      he had a shule in bayswater and was kicked out for his nonesenical ramblings

    20. this was a complete waste of money but at least these people had something to do on a sunday afternoon
      Im just wondering how all those rabonim from the CRC AKA Hisachdus harabonim
      were able to take the time out of their busy schedules to attend this
      i though their full time occupation was giving the hasgocho on mayim chaim seltzer!

    21. To #51-Get real, will you! All 18 year olds in the USA, must by law, register for
      Selective Service.Although conscription was abolished in 1973, when the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Congress reinstated the registering only (in 1980), of all 18 year olds. There have been calls to abolish the Selective Service System in the USA, but so far, not one politician has the guts to touch it.


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