Kiryas Joel, NY – KJ Bid To Alleviate Water Shortage By Accessing Well Turned Down By Appeals Court


    In this photo provided by the Village of Kiryas Joel, a work site seen inside the village of Kiryas Joel, where workmen have been laying, burying and otherwise constructing a water-transmission pipeline.Kiryas Joel, NY – It was another bad day in court for Kiryas Joel officials whose bid to access water from a well owned by the village in the nearby town of Cornwall was denied by an appeals court.

    The Times Herald Record ( reported that four Appellate judges refused on Wednesday to reconsider its earlier decision to restrict the town’s access to the well pending two permit challenges. The panel of judges agreed to fast track the case, ordering court papers to be filed by July 31st so that it could be scheduled for the upcoming September term.

    The village had hoped to begin pumping water by the beginning of June. Kiryas Joel officials asked the court to withdraw the injunction because of a severe water shortage in order to tap into at least a portion of the 612,000 gallons of water daily that had been allowed by the state.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Kiryas Joel has been hoping to solve its current water crisis by tapping into the Cornwall well, part of a 13 ½ mile long pipeline system that has been under construction for years. Opponents of the project have continued a steady barrage of legal challenges, the latest of which resulted in an injunction preventing Kiryas Joel from accessing the Cornwall water while a prior case is appealed to the State Supreme Court.

    The pipeline, which would give Kiryas Joel access to New York City’s Catskill Aqueduct, has been opposed by several neighboring towns and villages who say it would deplete the local water supply. Kiryas Joel officials say that those claims are unfounded.

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    1. Why do they keep instigating their Akum neighbors? At least the Zionists do it on Jewish land, that was liberated though not pacified from the Arab threat.

      • I dont know your age but i go back to 1976 when the village was founded the Goyim did every thing on the book to stop the growth of KJ. i am talking back when it was only the first 36 families which moved in. The Rebbe Z”L was watching over us and burech hashem we are up to over 5000 families kyn yirbi.
        The yidden in the midber also struggled for water but hashem never let his jewish nation down. KJ will have all the water they need and those Akum neighbors are running as far as they can run. Look at Blooming Grove and Highland Mills all taken over by KJ jews. So dont worry about american jews living in a goyishe country. We pay our taxes and we are allowed our growth.

        • “1976”? Official story states that the land was purchased before 1974 and families moved in 1974. In any case, what happened was that KJ was forced to incorporate so it could run things its own way (its own building codes, “land use standards” etc.) instead of (before incorporating) imposing its will on a jurisdiction (which had different building codes, “land use standards” etc.) where it was a minority. Incorporation required at least a minimal number of residents, so it could not incorporate until 1976.

          And reality is that the internal disputes going back at least to 1979 has persecuted Jews by Jews more than any problems they were caused by non-Jews.

        • Yossi, its Bloomingburg, and the entire thing was build on fraud. Lamm has already pled guilty. Just proof of satmar doing what it does best. Lying, cheating, not giving a damn about the neighbors. Take a nice charming town and turn it into a ghetto, just like you did to monsey. Besides the fact that so many of you don’t care about piles of garbage in front of ur homes.

        • “Jewish land”? You mean you gave it a bris? Turning serious, the only “Jewish land” is what G-d gave the Jews – want to guess what land that is? Or perhaps I have to be clearer. It was the REFORM movement that switched out of the Land of Israel to make goyish land “Jewish”.

          • I’m not sure what you are ranting about. Land ownership method is clearly established in the Torah as outlined in the purchase of what we know as the cave of the patriarchs and codified by chazal and the shulchan aruch. Monroe is Jewish land by deed and title.

      • The point is, Satmer is always bashing Jews who want to expand their communities in Yehuda and Shomron and even in Jerusalem. They scream that this is “reitzing” up the Arabs against the Jews. Why is Satmwr allowed to “Fritz

      • Why are anti-Zionist Satmer allowed to “reitz un ” the goyim when they want to build and have the chutzpah to scream when Jews want to build in their communities of Yehuda Shomron and in Jerusalem. This is hypocrisy.

    2. I always wondered -what is the big problem of water. A town like KY buys 2 tanker trucks, find a good well somewhere (or some heavy fed lake) and every night pump water into the trucks and the next day fill up the village holding tanks.
      Any one know why that can’t be done, and not have to fight around with all the neighbors?

      • A little background in general terms. KJ was not the first jurisdiction that required water. Its neighbours also required water. So they co-operated together in paying for things like studies and plans (something to the tune of a million dollars as rough estimate) for both current and future usage and growth. They all had to compromise with each other. KJ did not join that part of the effort. Once the neighbours managed to obtain the permits and necessary infrastructure, KJ used some legal loopholes to grab rights without ever having participated in the effort. So while KJ probably has the technical law on their side, the neighbours are mad. Wouldn’t you be?

    3. You know, it occurs to me that there exists a place where anti-Israel groups like Satmar, Skver and other like minded apostates can have, not only their own communities but their own whole country. It’s called Birobidzhan. It’s in southern Siberia and borders on China and it was established as a Jewish Autonomous Region. Halevai, they should all go there and stop bothering real Jews. The weather is lovely there this time of year


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