Rockland County NY – Anti-Chasidic Facebook Post Lands Hospital Staff Nurse In The Hot Seat


    Rockland County NY – A Facebook post allegedly written by a Nyack Hospital nurse at blasting Chasidic women for their lifestyle choices has sparked outrage in Rockland County’s Jewish community, many of whom patronize the nearby medical facility.

    According to a News 12 report (, Deborah Rosario wrote the post on Wednesday complaining that Chasidic women stay home to raise their large families while she and others have to work two jobs to make ends meet.

    “They hide behind their religion!” posted Rosario. “I’m tired of my tax dollars paying for their 13 children!!!! I’m working 2 jobs while these pregnant beauties are shopping at lord and Taylor!!! When will it end?”

    Rosario, who began the post on her personal Facebook page by saying that she was voicing opinions that others might be afraid to articulate, finished off with a call to action, urging Rockland County residents to “wake up.”

    Yossi Gestetner, head of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council, said that he was tipped off to the post by a member of the Jewish community.

    Gestetner posted the content of Rosario’s post on Twitter and was contacted a short time later by officials at the hospital who arranged a Thursday morning meeting between Gestetner, Nyack Hospital CEO Dr. Mark Geller and the hospital’s chairman of the board Richard Kohlhausen.

    Gestetner said that the mere fact that the hospital arranged the high level meeting so quickly indicated the facility’s commitment to treating all patients equally and its zero tolerance policy on discrimination.

    “If someone wants to be a bigot that’s life but for a registered nurse at a hospital that services Orthodox and Chasidic people to say things like that gets people unnerved,” Gestetner told VIN News. “It is against the code of conduct for members of the medical profession to disparage anyone based on their race, ethnicity, religion and so forth.”

    An official statement released by Nyack Hospital said that the facility prides itself on offering the highest level of care to every patient and is continuing an internal investigation into the incident.

    “We are appalled by the Facebook post, which in no way reflects our ideas and care delivered each day,” read the statement.

    Lauren Malone, director of public relations at the hospital, said that she could not comment on what kind of consequences Rosario might be facing.

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    1. So this nurse (who served an saved the lives of Jewish women for years) is being persecuted and having her free speech attacked for opinions held by a huge majority of the frum population that works and is not on welfare. Got it.

    2. this is not anti-Semitic whatsoever, people on welfare, Section 8, head start, WIC, food stamps, free phones, Medicaid and even free air conditioners who are “poor” shouldn’t be having so many kids nor shooping in LT or Macys, Century 21 etc. whether they are Hasidim or welfare queens from the projects.

      • Who said it is anti-Semitic; it is dangerous. Leading people to believe they are working/paying tax to serve others who allegedly live a good life is dangerous rhetoric. It can lead crazies to do vandalism or worse. In fact, the municipalities in and around the hospital has seen an uptick in hate crimes over the last 18 months.

      • i have some news for you…my family lives off all those programs and we are b”H blessed with 11 kids and YES my wife shops at Macys,and Lord and Taylor.
        My family can NOT afford $350 skirts and $900 suits at S & W in boro park and she can not afford baby outfits for $250 every season, so whats wrong buying a skirt at Macys for $32.00 and paying a taylor $7 to hem it.
        and by the way i dont know if you have any kids but believe me i wake up every morning doing housework,feeding a family of 12 including my husband is the greatest pleasure in life a Yiddishe mama can have.

        • If the Socialists don’t stop Trump, he will do away with a lot of it. That is why Satmar loved Hillary not just because she hated Israel.

    3. Subjects like this are irritating. If this nurse feels this way, she has a right to do so. I am also entitled to my thoughts and feelings, and no one has the right to legislate that. That’s what tolerance is about. When it comes to taking actions that are discriminatory, or making public statements that incite people to do harmful things, we have a problem.

      As much as I feel this nurse should have consequences for implying that action should be taken against frum women, and as much as I disagree with her premise, I do not fault her for the thought. I have the right to think of her as a stupid klotz. The notion of “thought police” is completely unacceptable to me, as is the rest of the “PC” ideology.

      • The thought is not the issue; people can think what they want. The issue is disparaging people among staff or in public. Patients need the confidence that they are not in the hands of people who have such disdain to actually write what was written. Hence, hospitals have tough polices on this.

    4. To all supporters of this Racist nurse you are forgetting that the 13 children will pay her pension and the pension of all elderly people that had only 1.5 children + cat and dog.

      • Zeide, do you reall think most of those 13 kids will work? The math of needing mor eyoung people only holds true if thos epeople end up joining the work force. Some do, most don’t.
        Many ignore the fact that this RN obviously worked very hard to get her license and, if terminated can probably get a better paying job in minutes. How many frum young peoplework and study to become an RN which can make money even working 2 days a week? I work in Wiiliamsburg and in the winter many frum Women take turns going to Miami while their sister helps with the kids. Why not do that 2 days a week and earn some money?

    5. She is allowed to voice her opinion, period. And she has a point too. She did not say anything viscous, all she did was voice her opinion and she has every right to do that. Yossi Gestetner, instead of putting her down, should’ve point out that most of our tax dollars are actually going to illegals who have babies every other year and for these illegals childrens’ education right through college as well as their medical care. This is costing us a fortune of money that cannot afford. That would’ve put things in perspective. But this nurse can say what’s on her mind.

      I’m saying the same about Latinos. We are paying ridiculous amount of taxes that we cannot afford to fund the education and medical bills of illegals and their kids.of Rockland County residents wake up!

        • Wake up doesn’t mean advocating for anything in my vocabulary book. I would advocate if I there would be a chance of positive change, but this country is very politically correct. Even Trump can’t make a wall or even enforce a travel ban.

      • Your point exactly demonstrates why she’s anti-semitic because with any other race she doesn’t have a problem paying her tax dollars but when it comes to religious people she’s voicing her opinion. But in truth this whole Lord & Taylor type of lifestyle you know when I know……

        • Other ethnicities are really poor. Its us frum jews that collect programs while shopping at Lord and Taylor and driving nice cars.. She has a point.

          Plus frum jews are smart and not poor immigrants. We could work if we push ourselves. We are not poor Latino immigrants who by the way work hard.

          • “Other ethnicities are poor…” Are you for real? They are here ILLEGALLY. And a lot of Chasidim are also poor, so what’s your point, that they can rob us of our tax dollars and while Chassidim can’t ?

    6. She said what many of us are and have been saying. Unfortunately many people are afraid to say it out of fear for the same reason mentioned above. She would be rewarded a medal for saying the truth. This idiot gestetner will use anything to make a name for himself.

    7. TUFF ON YOU ! ! if I have a large family, the sanitation workers have more work due to the size of my family. etc. etc.
      This has nothing to do with food stamps, section 8 etc. The cost to the government is more if a family has 5 kids vs. 2 kids. That’s life and TOUGH ON YOU ! !

    8. seems to me that the washed out looking nurse is jealous of the frum, well dressed, tznius, monogamous, put together and young new mothers that she is supposed to be caring for her.

      they may be on food stamps, section 8 and welfare, but I am happy that my hard earned taxes are being distributed to my own. not to the of illegitimate or illegals that benefit from it.

      I can bet her patients’ four-year-olds can spell better than her– it’s Rockland, not ‘rock land’, loser!

      I hope that she is fired…maybe she can work at Popeye’s and complain about her welfare customers online. let’s see how the reaction will be to that.

    9. Some of the nurses have terrible attitudes. I was 18 1/2 when I had my first child. The nurse came in at 8:00 in the morning to check my temperature. I was not fully awake yet and she was not happy about that. I heard her telling my roommate “she is lazy teenage pregnancy. HA If I had the guts what I had today boy would I put her in her place. After that I was afraid of her care.

    10. as a frum Jew who pays large amounts of taxes I enjoy knowing that some of my taxes go towards Jewish families who need help, but this nurse should not be a public servant because she will definitely neglect people she hates – she s/b collecting the garbage of rockland county.

    11. So much absurdity.

      Despite being from a different country, I can tell the absurdity that “Chasidic” shop “at lord and Taylor” – as if “lord and Taylor” have tznius clothing!

      In any case, those “Chasidic” on foodstamps and the like live inside cloistered villages (and even, like New Square, have their own medical facilities).

      Those “Chasidic” who live in the real world have real jobs ranging from the traditional jewelry businesses to high-tech.

    12. It’s a shame. 2 years ago I kept bouncing in and out of Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern NY and had the most amazing care over there. The nurses were outstanding whether they worked in the surgical unit, the hospital floor and most importantly the Emergency Room. I can not thank them enough for everything they did for me.

    13. I live at kj and shop in monroe and woodbury commons. I honestly have to say she is not off. Awe. I see this all the time
      – off Sachs is a favorite Saturday night spot
      The fb pages about Monroe are filled with similar posts — she is not saying anything new
      Check out the comments in the photo o news
      This is of reactionary
      Oh I pay taxes for everyone’s benefit
      Good shabas

    14. With all due respect I too would love to make comments about my TAX dollars paying for service of some other race who do not live decently but I need to keep my mouth SHUT or else I will be all a racist. She can always get a job where she will never encounter the white Jew women who raise decent people.

      If NYack hospital is a 1199 hospital nothing will be done.

    15. If the conversation is about why this Overwhelmed Nyack Nurse doesn’t see the beauty in our lifestyle where Hasidic Womem are not Over Worked.
      Here is my Opinion:
      Hasidic Family’s have always
      emphasized the importance for strong family values, With a Deep respect for our Mothers.
      We value having children, We cherish our children and so do we cherish our wife’s. Hasidic mothers are very devoted to raising their children and keeping their homes a safe meaningful growing place. Honorable jewish men accept the responsibility-Burden of feeding their familys so their wife’s are not overworked as this Nyack Nurse. (of course this does not imply that women can’t work) but it’s defenitly not their burden. so instead of this Overwoked Nyack Mother/Nurse insulting and accusing hasidic women of hiding behind their religion, she should Respect and glorify Hasidic Women who work very hard to have children and work very hard to run a beautiful home, And to the men who work very hard to support that.
      I am Proud

    16. As an Orthodox Jew of course I don’t like to hear a professional RN talk like this. In fact, I would not want any RN of any background talking like this. Imagine if your MD spoke like this? Besides this…My husband and I work full time, we pay a high rent, we help our married son since he learns full time in kollel, another son in shidduch parsha, iyh. The question is, if you have 13 children, your husband sits and learns, how does one manage to buy huge homes, drive new cars, and buy the utmost in fashion for those 13 kids. I know what those outfits go for. So it makes you wonder how can an at home yiddishe mamale afford to dress like that with no income other than section 8, wic, food stamps??? I am a Jew and I wonder, imagine how the goyim see it. We are not meant to be showy, so when very hard working people with two kids, can’t buy a house, can’t pay 3500 per month rent, buy designer shoes, bags and such…it causes resentment for many. If you tell me these Chassidic families are business owners with lots of money, kol kavod, but how sitting and learning families with 10 plus kids live like Wall streeters, it makes you wonder, what am I doing wrong?

      • Obviously you know very little about the diverse Jewish “sects”. They may look the same to you from the outside, but are they ever different on the inside. The idea that they devote all their time to learning is really for a very narrow set of “sects” in this diverse group (and even then, it is much more of an Israeli thing in Israel, not in America).

    17. She should not be posting her hate filled rhetoric. I don’t think she would like if people made a negative hate filled statement about Latinos being lazy while scamming the government. I am far from chasidish but I’m sure while there are many scammers there are many tax paying individuals who pay for her children’s public education. Fire her!

    18. First nobody is stopping her from having 12 children and collecting. Second not everybody is many kids collect, Third our children do not use public schools like the non Jews do. Fourth must all orthodox Jews are married not living together and demanding more, Fifth we have the lowest criminal rate in the country, Sixth we have the lowest drunk rate in the country. Sixth we spend money in this country for basics not trips to France, Sweden,etc. We buy clothes, food, housing, etc. Please send this to her.I don’t think she should be fired but take an awareness course of other cultures Good Shabbos

      • Who are “we”? But if you are referring to the groups of Jews more-or-less called Chasidish with more large families than the average of the country, then. many of your statements are simple false. To pick one example, the alleged lowest criminal rate refers to convictions, because the insular community hides its transgressions and will not testify against each other in “secular” society, and in fact, many are so isolated they don’t even speak the language so they couldn’t testify if they wanted to, and the others are so dependent on the insular group they don’t dare testify or complain for fear of repercussions. Not enough time on Friday to say what really needs to be said, so that will have to do.

      • #32, have you seen a passport post office recently. BLi Ayin HoRoh, frum jews, big families are constantly getting passports and travelling, and, yes.. they used benefit cards as ID. So please do not tell me they don’t spend on travel.
        My wife could not travel home for nephews and nieces getting married while we are bombarded with appeals for others that need to travel to their nephews and nieces weddings.

        In my humble opinion, the person should not have said these things but did bring up what others might be thinking quietly.

    19. You do realize that not only can’t illegals collect benefits, but legal immigrants, who do pay taxes, can’t collect benefits for 5 years after immigrating? My husband, who is Israeli, can’t get the health insurance subsidy I do in the marketplace because he isn’t a citizen and even if he were, he has been here less than 5 years.

      So don’t worry, your tax dollars aren’t paying for anyone illegal. They are mostly paying for bombs and guns that we’ll be trying to capture in wars in the Middle East in 30 years, like the Taliban and ISIS are using guns we gave them to fight the Russians in the 1980s.

      If nobody knows this, then this should be an argument for secular education so people stop watching Fox and believing everything they see.

      • RCohen you are right in principal but wrong in reality.
        Any person that gets to a hospital must get treatment till they are stable to leave or transferred to someplace ready to accept them. So a sick illegal will get treated and the bill ultimately paid by State and Federal money.
        Years ago we looked into bringing my elderly in laws (ZTZL) to the USA. An atty told me that I would have to sponsor them but after a few months they could apply for medicaid and chances are nobody would connect the dots and make me pay. If I understand correctly, DiBlasio then changed that law to never make the sponsor pay.

      • The US government is paying BILLIONS for illegal immigrants medical care. These illegals go to the emergency rooms for medical care and give a fake address where the hospital sends bills to but it never gets paid. If an illegal is pregnant, they get free care as well. And then these kids get free medical care and education from cradle to grave. So even if there are illegals who don’t take advantage of the medical system, they have kids here who are draining the system. The fact is, whether you agree with it or not, one of the reasons that the US is so deeply in debt is because of the illegals. And of course, the US’s needlessly and continuous fighting is also one of the reasons of the high debt .

    20. Some people here seem to forget that the civil right of free speech is a slightly limited (e.g. yelling “fire in a theater) right to express oneself without government interference, and not freedom to embarrass or harm your employer. Most workers are employed “at will” meaning that either employee or employer can immediately terminate employment for any reason except one prohibited by statute (e.g. religious discrimination). If you publicly embarrass your employer or publicly transgress company policy, be prepared to be fired.

    21. What she said was terrible, but chas v’shalom the frum community should hear her call for help and maybe try to do something to help this poor woman live comfortably.

    22. I understand everyone can post their opinion and it’s free speech ,my problem is my wife is due in August her doctor uses the Nyack Hospital I wouldn’t want this lady to be the one taking care of her ,

    23. What about Woodbury Common? Chassidishe women buying Hermes scarves to use as tichels… at $350 each. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They buy designer stuff… when I shopped there I couldn’t afford much at all. Carters was my limit, and we were both working.

      Having said all that, this nurse should be fired. As Mr. Gestetner says, everyone can think what he/she likes, but not everything should be said. She is supposed to put aside her personal feelings as she should help everyone equally. Obviously, her contempt makes that impossible – she is bringing her personal feelings into the workplace. If I were in Nyack now & she was my nurse I’d be kicking up such a fuss to get her off my care.

      • Just how do you know these are not wealthy families who earn their money from (as example) the gem business or hi tech?

        The real problem is that they refuse to learn from history. The Spanish Expulsion (1492) was not caused by Jews being on “welfare”. On the contrary. All their money was hard-earned. As the rich were so over-the-top gaudy, the Rabbis instituted limits on such things the number jewelry rings a person could wear. Didn’t help much. An apparently there are those who have not learned the lesson.

    24. I thought about it some more and decided that Mr. Gestetner was right in asking that this nurse be removed. Even though I personally think she had a point.

      1. With such an attitude it is dangerous for her to fulfill the position that she is, servicing the very people she resents so strongly.

      2. I can understand her being upset with her having to work two jobs to pay taxes while others get freebies. BUT the illegals and other races get way more programs and freebies than Chassisdim ( besides for illegals being illegals). The fact is that other races have a much greater impact on the fact that she works two jobs. The fact that she only singled out Jews is anti -Semitism.

      3. Not all Chassidim have free medical care. Many pay ridiculously high fees for medical insurance.


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