Brooklyn, NY – FDNY Rescues Chasidic Man in BP Trapped By Falling Torah Safe


    Brooklyn, NY – There were some scary moments today for a Chasidic man who became trapped inside a safe when the giant metal structure toppled over on top of him.

    The incident took place this morning just before 10:30 AM at Yeshiva Machzikei Hadas Belz located on 39th Street near 14th Avenue.

    The safe was in the process of being moved and had been emptied of almost all of its sifrei Torah and removed from its supporting base. When Shalom Binet, who was moving the safe opened one of its heavy metal doors, the massive safe tipped forward without warning.

    Witnesses said that Binet had no time to run, instead tucking himself inside the safe as it pitched forward.

    David Friedman, who works at the yeshiva told DNA Info, that Binet “went inside like a turtle,” (

    FDNY officials said that Engine Company 282 and Ladder Company both responded to the scene, using tools to stabilize the safe so that Binet could be freed. Firefighters spoke with Binet as they worked, propping the safe up on wood blocks and removing one of the doors so that Binet could slide out from underneath the safe.

    It took a group of more than five firefighters approximately half an hour for the rescue to be completed. Binet emerged from the safe in good spirits and firefighters also removed a sefer Torah that had been left in the safe.

    Binet was transported by Hatzolah to the hospital with minor injuries but appeared to be otherwise unharmed.

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    1. no brains here,- I lifted an upright piano by myself ,using a fulcrum and only one foot I can’t figure out that these firemen couldn’t raise the safe in one minute all they needed is a 6 ft. 2×4 and a block of wood under the middle and only one leg to push down . it would lift that safe in no time.And I DIDN’T NEED TO FINISH SHAS FOR THAT.

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        Thanks for the compliments.

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