New York – Orthodox Jewish Woman Becomes Social Media Sensation After Soothing Autistic Boy On Overseas Flight


    New York – A Chabad emissary to North Carolina defused a tense situation on a flight from Belgium to Newark last week, using her instincts to soothe an autistic boy who was creating a disturbance on a trans-Atlantic flight.

    Rabbi Bentzion Groner and his wife Rochel, co-directors of The Friendship Circle in Charlotte, were on their way back from chaperoning a Birthright trip to Israel when they experienced a three hour stopover in Brussels last Friday.

    Passengers were already feeling restless when they finally boarded their Newark-bound flight, but approximately an hour after takeoff stress levels rose when a young passenger began to have a meltdown.

    “It was clear that it wasn’t a baby crying,” Mrs. Groner told VIN News. “It was obviously someone with special needs who was non-verbal. The noise continued and it was getting louder and you could feel the tension in the cabin was getting worse and worse.”

    The Groners were seated by the bulkhead and could hear that the disturbance was coming from behind them but were unable to see what exactly was happening.

    Summoning up her courage, Mrs. Groner, 33, walked down the aisle and saw two flight attendants kneeling next to a woman who did not appear to speak English in the aisle seat. Seated next to the window was a young boy who had tears streaming down his face.

    “I’m pretty shy but I asked the flight attendants to move,” said Mrs. Groner. “I had no idea what to do so I just put out my hands. He stopped crying for a second and then he looked at me and put his hands out to me.”

    Mrs. Groner walked with the boy back to the bulkhead where she sat down on the floor with him next to the aircraft door. Giving the boy a firm hug, Mrs. Groner rubbed his back and spoke softly to the boy, despite the obvious language barrier.

    “Sometimes the words aren’t everything,” observed Mrs. Groner.

    Using a pen borrowed from a flight attendant, the 33 year old Mrs. Groner began coloring on motion sickness bags with the boy, drawing pictures and tracing the outline of his hand. A fidget spinner borrowed from another passenger also helped keep the boy at peace.

    “We seemed to connect in that way,” noted Mrs. Groner. “It might have been an hour or maybe even two hours that I was entertaining him, rocking him, hugging him and keeping him happy and calm, but it kept all of the other passengers happy and calm as well.”

    Mrs. Groner, who has no official training in special education but works with the special needs population both at The Friendship Circle and its associated thrift shop, Zabs Place, noted that the rigid environment of an airplane can be extremely trying for someone with special needs.

    “People need to understand that for better or for worse, we have more and more special needs children in the world and we need to support them and understand them and learn from them,” said Mrs. Groner. “Most importantly, we need not to judge the people who are tasked with raising them. They need our love and support, not our judgment.”

    While Rabbi Groner’s Facebook posts sharing his wife’s deeds on the flight have been viewed by thousands, Mrs. Groner downplayed her actions.

    “For me, this was just two hours of my life,” said Mrs. Groner. “For this boy’s mother, it is her entire life and it is exhausting.”

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    1. Guys there’s a concept called a troll. They’ll comment just to incite controversy. Just ignore #1..

      May we only have positive news like this to report!

    2. The yeshiva system should follow the advice of the friendship circle and extend a hand to our children in need because before you know it they will be teenagers. I would love to mention which girls school in Brooklyn I’m talking about but the mods won’t show my comment. And #1 you disgust me!!!

    3. Kudos to Mrs Groner for displaying kindness,compassion, and sensitivity. Unfortunately for the African American Community, there is a significantly higher rate of Autism in African American males who receive their vaccines according to the CDC schedule. The CDC covered up this data and it has now been exposed to all the world in the documentary vaxxed. This information was provided by the lead CDC researcher turned whistle blower Dr William Thompsom to Dr Brian Hooker and the nearly 4 hours of conversation regarding the corruption in the CDC between these two scientists can be heard in its entirety online. Furthermore Robert Kennedy JR. has pointed out hundreds of Pub Med studies that have shown a causal relationship between vaccines and other neuro-developmental disorders as well such as ADHD,anxiety,depression,etc. Our own community is not immune. Write your congress people and demand that congress subpoena Dr Thompson to testify publicly in an open hearing and demand that the FBI investigate the CDC.

      • You are a very foolish and dangerous person. I’ve read the information that you have suggested and it doesn’t say what you claim. There are videos and articles that take statements out of context to support the medically i
        Unsupported garbage that vaccines cause autism. Vaccines save thousands of lives you ignoramus.

        • Question number one for you. Did you watch the documentary “Vaxxed” If you did then what in that documentary did you disagree with and why.
          Question number two. Did you listen to the recorded Telephone conversations between Dr.William Thompson the CDC Whistleblower and Dr.Brian Hooker. If you did not then I suggest you go online and listen to it. It is free of charge.
          Question number three. Did you watch Robert Kennedy Jr’s New Conference several months ago where he offered a $100,000 dollar reward to anyone who can give him a single peer reviewed study that demonstrates that thimerisol is safe to administer to children and pregnant women. If you did not I suggest you go online and watch that. In the same press conference he displayed a stack of several hundred Pub Med studies that demonstrated a causal link between vaccines and Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, autoimmune disease and many other problems.
          The scandal of the neurological damage that has been caused to our children by the vaccine industry is indeed monumental. There is not a school in our community that does not have significant numbers of children on drugs for ADHD and other problems. It is time to expose the truth.

          • Did you read the articles debunking all the junk propaganda that you cite? Did you read about the mumps and measles outbreaks that hit the frum communities who refuse to vaccinate?Are you on the spectrum?

            • There are no articles disputing the facts I cited. It is a fact that Dr William Thompson the lead CDC investigator, admitted to Dr Brian Hooker that the data which showed significantly increased rates of autism in African American males vaccinated according to the CDC schedule was covered up by the CDC. It is a fact that the documentary vaxxed was based on their recorded conversations. It is a fact that you can listen for your self online to their recorded conversations anytime you want. Robert Kennedy Jr’s press conference is also a fact and you can watch it online as well. It is also a fact that the outbreaks of mumps which have been occurring all over this country are occurring mostly in fully 100% vaccinated populations particularly on college campuses. This is due to a variety of reasons but basically the mumps portion of the MMR has proven to be largely ineffective and is currently the subject of a whistle blower lawsuit in federal court brought by two former Merck scientists who worked on the vaccine and are claiming that Merck deliberately overstated the effectiveness in order to preserve their MMR Monopoly. It seems that you are an antisemite trying to malign the frum.

          • I take it that you have never actually known people who have suffered from some of the childhood diseases in question. Measles can lead to deafness in one or both ears mumps, if contracted by post-pubescent males, can lead to sterility. I don’t think I need to discuss the effects of polio. I’ve known people who have suffered from these ailments and have suffered the side effects of them. No they are not “harmless childhood diseases”. I wonder if you would have been opposed to smallpox inoculation back when it was still relevant, or would you have insisted that smallpox, too, was a harmless disease?

      • Anti Vaxxer you’re a moron and a threat to society. How many people have to die due to unnecessary outbreaks because of false info given out by jerks like you. Pseudoscience junk!

        • Actually no one died from the Measles in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn outbreak four ago,no one died in the Disneyland outbreak two years ago, no one died in the L.A. outbreak this past year, and no one died in the Somali community outbreak in Minneapolis this year. No one has died from any of the mumps outbreaks either. However the Vaxxed Bus has documented many deaths from vaccines over the same time frame and has posted the names of thousands of dead and vaccine injured children all over their tour bus. So unfortunately many people are dying and being injured by bad, corrupt, and outdated, vaccine science, thanks to ignorant people like yourself who are only capable of hurling insults and name calling.You need to resort to bullying tactics because the science does not support your position. The Cochrane Collaborative has made the claim that more children in their Africa study were killed by non specific effects of the African Vaccine program than were saved by preventing disease. You need to get out of Long Island and read sometimes. It would be good for you.

      • who are you to waste everyone’s time on your personal agenda?

        Are you a doctor? A medical researcher? or just a yenta sitting on her behind at home and giving advice to more productive members of society?

        People like youa re the reasons that outsiders dislike Jews.

      • When yidden make a kiddish Hashem and show the world the beauty of being a yid why not post it to the world and show the true us . This lady is a real tzadakes and ayshed Chail! Terffic what she did .may we all emulate her ways

    4. Mumps and Measles were considered to be mild childhood illnesses until vaccines were invented for them when they were turned into scary illnesses by marketing departments in order to drive vaccine sales. There is a great deal of published evidence that historically, wild type Measles infection actually benefitted the growth and health children in the US. There is evidence that wild type varicella (chicken pox) has a protective effect against brain cancer which is lost with the vaccine.In addition with the introduction of varicella vaccine and the reduction in circulating wild type varicella which caused natural boosting in older children and adults, we now have increased rates of shingles in older children and adults. So no coincidence that drug companies are now pushing adult shingles vaccines. The biggest tragedy though are the families who have severely autistic children as a result of vaccine induced brain damage. Their lives are indeed a living hell.


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