Jerusalem – PHOTOS: ZAKA Chairman Shows Us The Deadly Attack Scene


    Jerusalem – ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav on Saturday night showed the scene of Friday’s terror attack.

    On Friday night, 19-year-old terrorist – aptly nicknamed a “beast” by Israeli prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – murdered three members of the Salomon family and wounded a fourth. At the time, the family was eating their Friday night dinner, celebrating the birth of a newborn baby.

    When the terrorist began his stabbing spree, one of the women hid her five children in a side room and called the police, saving their lives.

    “The amount of blood here is horrific,” Meshi-Zahav said. “To see this amount of blood, right near the Shabbat (Sabbath) table with the wine and the Shabbat candles, and the preparations for the celebration… It’s horrific.”

    “It says in the Bible, ‘Through your blood, you shall live.’ Here, they celebrated the new life of a baby, and a terrorist came and took away lives. They didn’t even have a chance to touch the foods they’d prepared to celebrate the newborn.

    “It was a stroke of luck that the neighbor heard the screams… Otherwise, I don’t even want to think what could have happened, G-d forbid.”

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    1. To yamsar And yonasonw the pics above could confirm What I have been saying all along . Muslims are filthier than pigs . They deserve worse than human or animal like treatments.. They are the filthiest creature in this world . May they all die The most painful death ever to exist . Curse be the muslims . FEh feh

        • Be nice. You should know a few things about him, he was accepted into one of the top ten schools in his neighborhood and scored an A- on his RHF exams.

          • Please refrain from offensive comments especially during the 3 weeks. It violates Vin’s rules and serves no point. Es pas nisht.

            You are free to substantively debate the issue but don’t offend or mock others .

            Thank you

        • Guess what I too at one point lived near your lovely neighbors who participated in 9/11 including that shikeh Yamach shimo arrested for the 93 attack .

          It’s so inconsiderate to see the pics above and continue living in la la land .

          No group of Jews ( there are loners like Goldstein ) would ever commit such despicable acts as these animals even the most extremists among us who commit price tag acts would not do this . And you know that . I lived through the last intifada . These worse than pigs are not loners . Get this thru your head . They are part of a culture that glorifies bloody acts. You’ll argue it’s only the extreme cultures of Islam not all of Islam . But why is there an extreme culture of Islam that encourages such things ? Jews and even Christians nowadays ( yes it was a rotten religion but they evolved ) don’t have that culture .

          And Abbas yimsach shimo who is supporting this resistance is a peaceful Muslim .

          FEh FEh FEh !

        • Oh and by the way my stomach does cramp when I see such pics of our yiddisha brothers being slaughtered like sheep during a simcha and Friday night seuda one of the most heilgia moments . If you don’t get diherria from this please check your yichus

      • This terror act should leave everybody shocked. The animal that commited this crime certainly did so in the name of Islam, but you still can’t malign all the muslims because of it. This confirms nothing. The only thing confirmed is what commenter 3 said.

    2. Oh yeah how about when pour peaceful friends like Abbas and Jordan keep on promoting these attacks? How about when these attacks happen so frequently? This is not just an extreme fringe. And if fringe groups can carry on like this it shows what Islam is about


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