New York, NY – Jewish Press Backtracks On 2013 De Blasio Endorsement After An Underwhelming And Disappointing Term In City Hall


    FILE - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visits Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem October 18, 2015. REUTERS/Nir Elias  - New York, NY – After enthusiastically endorsing Bill de Blasio’s 2013 mayoral campaign, a scathing Jewish Press editorial blasts the mayor for his “radical chic” agenda and his lack of Orthodox representation among his team of key decision makers.

    Titled “The Disturbing Mr. De Blasio,” the editorial ( comes seven months after a similar piece titled “The Disappointing Mr. De Blasio,” which slammed the mayor for endorsing staunchly anti-Israel congressman Keith Ellison in his bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

    The Jewish Press article takes the mayor to task on several issues including his pointed criticism of the president as the featured speaker at a German anti-Trump rally during the G-20 economic summit and his departure from the city one day after a 48 year old NYPD officer was gunned down.

    Yet another perceived de Blasio faux pax was his participation in this year’s Puerto Rican parade which paid homage to convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera who was found guilty of taking part in a bombing that took the lives of four New Yorkers.

    In a final barb, the article notes that as a self-proclaimed champion of inclusiveness, de Blasio has done little to ensure an equitable representation of Orthodox Jews at high level positions in his administration.

    In its 2013 endorsement of the mayor, The Jewish Press praised de Blasio for his ability to connect with voters and his understanding of the unique needs of the Jewish community, saying that he has “the intelligence, compassion and innate good sense to be a great mayor and take our city to new heights.”

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      • You are right a real HEEL. No normal Jew should vote for this garbage. We don’t need garbage brought to our home daily with him. Another total leftist wack job.
        Should go to Cuba and take his wacko wife with him.

      • When we thought nobody could be worst than the retarded peanut farmer Carter we got the leftist American hating obumma. Now when nobody could think there could be no worst than Dinkins along de@blasio. Just when you thought you can chair up. I was down and a friend said cheer up things could be worst; I did and it did get worst de’blasion and obumma. Hashem have Rechamim on US your People

    1. What heights? The trains are so bad that you are lucky to get home! The buses are sardine cans that nobody has addressed yet and there are some areas in Brooklyn that are not scheduled to be paved this summer. No matter how much you complain there are parts of Flatbush that take 3 years to be touched! Some areas are done every year and some areas they wait till it is so bad that there are multiple accidents at the same spot and then maybe they will do it!

    2. Whether you disagree or agree with President Trump, the Mayor’s refusal to attend the Inauguration was extremely disrespectful to the Office of the Presidency, and that alone should disqualify him for a second term.

    3. One of the worst Mayors in NYC history, besides deBlasio and Dinkins, was John Vliet Lindsay, who served from 1966-1973. The best Mayor was probably Fiorello LaGuardia, who halachically was Jewish, since his Mother was Jewish. LaGuardia spoke fluent Yiddish, also.

    4. When will all people realize that liberals are all good talk later, meaning good. They know how to make things sound good to guilt you into voting for them but in practice they have nothing to offer to make life better. And don’t come with the well fare stuff, cause that doesn’t make anything better for anyone long term, short term yes, but they make sure you stay there and don’t get to the American dream.

      • You mean you want a mayor who will take away all the well fare stuff from all your neighbors and friends and relatives? Like the section 8 and food stamps and WIC and HEAP and medicaid and medicare? Next time you in shul, I dare you to make an announcement like that, point to each person individually and tell him you going to take away his family’s benefits.


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