Rockland County, NY – Monsey Toddler Dies After Being Hit By Taxi


    VIA WABC7Rockland County, NY – A Monsey family is in mourning after a fatal accident took the life of their 14 month old son.

    The Ramapo Police Department said that the accident occurred at approximately 4:58 PM when a taxi driver who picked up a fare at a Johanna Lane home hit a toddler who lived at the house while backing out of the driveway.

    atzolah was called to the scene and the child was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern where he later died.

    The 41 year old driver of the 2015 Toyota Prius remained at the scene and no charges have been filed at this time. The Ramapo Police Accident Investigation Unit and Detective Division both responded to the scene to conduct an accident reconstruction and investigation.

    Today’s fatality comes just weeks after a three month old baby boy was killed in nearby Spring Valley by a driver who was reportedly trying to get back at a car service driver who he believed cut him off, and eight months after a 6 year old Monsey resident was critically injured when he ran out in the street in front of a taxi, as reported by The Journal News (

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    1. BD’E.
      There has been a few terrible tragedies recently involving children Rachmana Lizhlon. In the early 1990’s, there was a similar situation and the Rabonim made a big Yom Tefilah. Shortly after the Yom Tefilah, the teribble events stopped B’H. It is very scary what is going on and Hashem always listens to Tefilos. bln.
      May the family have a Nechama B’soch Availai Tzion V’Yerusaloyim.
      May we all see Moshiach soon in our days.

      • Are you saying that HASHEM decided to kill our children unless we pray and beg him not to , do you realize how idiotic and childish this sounds.
        The simple solution to these unfortunate tragedies is “DON’T LET 14 month old children roam outside your house without supervision “this is exactly what HASHEM wants from us

        • you sound pathetic. chill out and start davening. nothing wrong with #1’s sympathy and emunah filled comment. you don’t know if the child was supervised or not, so don’t rush to any judgments

        • That’s not what he’s saying in Comment #1…the comment goes to the power of prayer, and the importance of undertaking a collective self-examination and tikkun when tragedies occur. To deny this is would be to deny a fundamental principle of Yiddishkeit.

      • Tefiloh is great, and it remains one of our biggest assets. HKB”H wants us to daven. He craves our tefilos all the time. I agree that a Yom tefiloh might be a great idea.

        But I propose an alternative to this single dramatic event. I suggest that everyone undertake to make the regular tefilos we say every day, you know, Shacharis, Mincha, Maariv into major events. We should invest our emotional experience in tefiloh, and stand in from of the Kisei Hakavod daily. thrice. We are all capable of improving our tefiloh experience, rendering it each time we daven into a memorable experience, not just a chore that we complete to fulfill a requirement. Being able to stand by the Kisei Hakavod is a truly Divine gift, and we should relish it as a precious opportunity.

        Those are the tefilos that are asked of us. Tefiloh is not a chore, but a Heavenly gift.

    2. Back up cameras should be MANDATORY, it’s not a luxury feature and so some other features which are luxury features should become MANDATORY , like blind spot light on mirror and laser cruise control which brakes when u get close to car in front of you,
      Bkitzer Hashem Yeraachem

      • It is suppose to be starting next year but that does not help. It looks like a Toyota Prius which has horrible rear vision. All electric cars do for that matter. I have on all my vans and trucks and cars rear sensors and started to install Cameras both front and rear. The new cars with the pedestrians sloop hood does not give good front visibility either. I myself like to back in so you have a vision what is there. I can’t believe how many stupid people will walk behind you while you are reversing instead of letting you to proceed. Cameras are a most today since nobody respects anybody else

    3. Although this tragedy was caused by a non jewish driver, I would nevertheless beg our neighbors to please drive carefully. Laws are created for a reason. Please obey street lights, stop signs, one way signs, and PLEASE do not text while driving. You can wait in line for the light like everyone else; you don’t need to race up the center lane of 59 and cut everyone off. Also, if you happen to be in a supermarket lot, SLOW DOWN. It is truly a miracle from Hashem that we have not had many tragedies in the lots of Evergreen, Rockland Kosher, Hatzlacha, Wesley Kosher, etc. You moved from Brooklyn, welcome; but please leave the poor driving habits behind. By the way, how many of you know that there is a stop sign and crosswalk in front of everygreen? Take a good look and you’ll see that more than 95% of drivers blow right thru it.

    4. B”de, what a tragedy. My thoughts are with the family.
      I just can’t help to mention that I am a former Monsey resident and live out of town now. When I am back in Monsey I shudder at the driving lately in Monsey. Since when is it OK not to adhere to any driving laws and etiquette. The traffic and everyone being in such a rush with no common sense driving is out of hand and scary. Yes Hashem is in charge, but we all need to do our Hishdatlus in watching our precious children and driving more carefully!


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