New York – Close Friends Or Nodding Acquaintances? NYC Mayor Tries To Define Relationship With Controversial Donors


    New York Mayor de Blasio waves to New Yorker as greet him before a rally announcing a plan to fund MTA improvements on Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, in New York. APNew York – Days after emails showed that Bill de Blasio responded promptly to emails from well heeled donors, the mayor told members of the media that he often answers emails quickly for efficiency’s sake and not as a sign of favoritism.

    de Blasio’s remarks came at a press conference today in Brooklyn and had the mayor offering seemingly contradictory comments on his relationship with both Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, reported the New York Post (

    Asked about emails showing that he had personally responded to emails in as little as ten minutes from the two men who are now in the center of an NYPD corruption probe, de Blasio said that that was “typical of my interaction with people I know.”

    The mayor has previously said that he didn’t know either of the two men, today refining his answer by saying he didn’t know them well.

    But newly released emails may indicate otherwise. According to the Post (, an email sent by Rechnitz to the mayor just months after taking office suggesting a candidate for a position as the city’s buildings commissioner elicited this warm response from de Blasio, in less than an hour.

    “I’m all ears, Jona. We’ve actually been looking for additional candidates. I’ve cc’ed my chief of staff laura santucci. Pls send the info to her as well. Thanks”

    Other emails between the mayor and Rechnitz included an invitation to Rechnitz’s son’s bris and a request to discuss a Metropolitan Opera production that had raised eyebrows.

    de Blasio noted that while he encourages people to share ideas with him, the emails from Rechnitz and Reichberg were typically passed on to subordinates and lacked substance, said The Daily News (

    “Those ideas those guys were putting forward typically were not good ideas and were not given the time of day by those who looked at them,” insisted de Blasio.

    de Blasio dismissed the idea that Reichberg and Rechnitz received special favors in exchange for political contributions.

    “I reject that notion,” said the mayor. “I reject it out of hand.”

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    1. So what happens is that people come to VIN to write bad things about DeBlasio when all along he has been on very good terms with us and very responsive to people like Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.

    2. I guess the aguda and their many mega donors to bozo have “not good ideas” but good money like tese 2 ” community leaders” the jewish press retracted their love for Dr bozo when will the charedid papers?


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