Brooklyn, NY – Citing Frustrations With Albany State Senator Daniel Squadron Abruptly Resigns


    Brooklyn, NY – State Senator Daniel Squadron has announced this morning he will retire this Friday so that he can help democratic candidates outside of New York “stand up for core values that are under threat,” the Brooklyn and Manhattan representative announced Wednesday.

    Squadron has represented the 26th District — which covers Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Lower Manhattan — since Nov. 2008, a time he referred to as “a season of hope and change.”

    Squadron announcement is setting up a special election to fill the 26th district seat in November.

    Here is the full text of Squadron’s announcement.

    Dear Friend,

    For years, we’ve fought together for a better Albany and a stronger district. From the beginning, your support, advice, energy — and, yes, criticism — have been an enormous inspiration. That’s why I wanted to let you know directly why I have decided to resign from the Senate this Friday.

    Like many across the country, since November, I’ve thought a lot about how best to change the direction of our country, and stand up for core values that are under threat. After much reflection, I have decided to lend my hand to make a difference in states across the country, pushing policies and candidates that will create a fairer and more democratic future.

    It’s not possible to take on this challenge and continue to be a full-time legislator, which is what I always promised I would be.

    When I was first elected in 2008 in a season of hope and change, I hoped to bring enthusiasm for government to the district, and a government to be more proud of to Albany. Though progress has sometimes been slow — and there is much more to do in this much less hopeful time — the many constituents, colleagues, and staff with whom I’ve partnered have kept that enthusiasm, and pride in public service, alive.

    Together, we’ve secured millions for public housing, storm resiliency, and waterfront parks. We’ve won a Lunar New Year school holiday, and a more equitable parks system. We’ve fought to hold Albany accountable, cut through red tape, advocated for subways, and tried (and tried, and tried) to fix a corrupt campaign finance system. I’ve been grateful for every chance to support a local school, make an intersection safer, or stand up to a bad landlord.

    It has truly been an honor to serve the people of the 26th District.

    The timing of my decision means the 26th District Senate seat will be filled in this November’s election — and I remain committed to continuing to fight for an empowered Democratic majority.

    Thank you again to the many people with whom I’ve worked. Your faith in a better Albany and a stronger district continues to inspire me. And thank you especially to the constituents who hired me over these last nine years. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve.

    If you have a constituent need, you can and should continue to contact the district office number at 212-298-5565.

    See you in the neighborhood,


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      • Not surprised that a Trumpanzee would make such a remark. No one is imposing Yeger on anyone. He’s the Democratic Party nominee. There will be other candidates from other parties on the November ballot.

        • if greenfield wanted people to have a choice he would’ve waited a couple of weeks like Squadron did, clearly he didn’t want people to have a choice and wants to put his buddy and finance manager WHO LIVES OUTSIDE THE DISTRICT to take over his seat. All people I spoke to in the district will in fact vote for Yoni.

        • Yes, thankfully, Yoni Hikind is running. When Greenfeld eliminates a Democratic Primary, it is an attempt to limit the voters choice and is a major Dis to his constituents.
          Voters are not stupid, and therefore Yoni Hikind will win.


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