Jerusalem – Statute of Limitation has Judge Tossing Lawsuit Blaming State of Israel for Charedi Schools’ Educational Failures


    Attorney Uri Kedar, who represented some of the schools named in the suit.Jerusalem – It was a major legal setback today for a group of former ultra-Orthodox young men who sued the Israeli government for allowing the Charedi school system to deprive them of a proper education.

    Judge Moshe Bar Am dismissed all claims filed by plaintiffs over 25 years of age because the statute of limitations had expired. Today’s ruling removed the majority of the plaintiffs from the legal action against Israel’s Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defense, reported Israel National News (

    According to Haaretz ( the 2015 lawsuit named 53 plaintiffs, all of whom were educated in Charedi schools but ultimately chose a secular path in life.

    The plaintiffs claimed that after leaving school they lacked the basic skills needed to pursue higher education or to secure a job that paid a reasonable wage, leaving them scrambling to fill the gaps in their knowledge at considerable expense of their own.

    The Israeli government attempted to shift the blame directly onto both the students’ parents and the schools in question by naming them as a third party to the case. Judge Bar Am asked the state attorney’s office to remove the Charedi institutions from the lawsuit last May, as reported by Israel National News (

    Attorney Uri Kedar, who represented some of the schools named in the suit, said that the state had acted incorrectly by faulting the Charedi schools, which he said “provided quality education of the highest order while preserving the heritage of Israel, Judaism and values.”

    Akiva Brilliant, lawyer for another group of schools, said that he had been expecting a positive outcome to the case and that he is confident that the entire case will ultimately be rejected.

    In addition to removing most of the plaintiffs from the lawsuit, Judge Bar Am also ordered the plaintiffs to pay tens of thousands of shekels in legal costs associated with the case.

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    1. Mazel Tov
      These ex orthodox heretics lost.
      Yeshivas are doing a great job educating our youth with the limited finances they have. These anti Torah bums are losers.


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