New York – Tragedy Strikes Brooklyn Jewish Family Again As 23 Year Old Killed In Fight Over Parking Spot


    Brooklyn, NY – A dispute over a parking place in the Bergen Beach section of Brooklyn went horribly wrong last night, ending in the death of a 23 year old member of the Sephardic Jewish community.

    The incident took place just before 11:30 Sunday night in front of 1253 East 73rd Street, two doors away from the three story brick home where 23 year old Omari Dahan lived with his 29 year old brother.

    Police said that a fight broke out between the elder Dahan and two men who had reportedly blocked Dahan’s driveway with their vehicle and when the altercation became more heated, Dahan went inside to get his younger brother Omari to back him up.

    At some point during the dispute, one of the two men from the parked car pulled a knife, slashing the elder Dahan in the arm and stabbing Omari Dahan in the chest. The two men fled the scene in a grey Volkswagen Jetta with TLC license plates.

    The elder Dahan was treated on scene for his injuries. Omari Dahan was taken to Beth Israel where he was pronounced dead.

    Last night’s fatal stabbing is not the first tragedy to strike the Dahan family. As previously reported on VIN News (, Omari Dahan’s father, Shlomo Dahan, and his then 23 year old brother Harel Dahan, died in 2009 when they were overcome by toxic fumes while cleaning a well at a waste transfer station in Queens.

    The Dahans lived just two blocks from the water of the Paerdegat Basin and neighbors told CBS News( that parking is tight in the area, often leading to fights.

    Police have yet to release any description of the suspects as they continue their investigation.

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    1. The fight appears to have been over a blocked driveway.
      Stating it was over a parking spot spreads the blame as though there were two sides.
      All indications are that the perps or animals blocked a driveway, left the car there and got angry when they were at fault. I am willing to bet that this was another minority UBER leased by UBER to give to irresponsible animals.

        • I can not be sure but lately NYC is flooded with Uber cars. It turns out that Uber was supporting the leasing of these cars to encourage Drivers to work with Uber. The result is irresponsible people getting free use of cars and claiming to work.
          I will apologize if I am wrong. The Haitian animal that did this was caught boarding a JetBlue flight to Haiti.

    2. BDE…i knew the father and brothern doing sewer service in my business.i was in a rush to go to a chasene and my driveway was blocked i called Uber and off i went. There is NO reason to get so out of control to cause someone to harm you over parking .


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