Jerusalem – Israeli Activist Arrested In Alleged Baby Trafficking Network


    Haim Aharon Yosefi is brought to a court at the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on August 17, 2017. Yosefi is suspected of being a member in a network that allegedly trades in babies from Israel to the United States. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 Jerusalem – Just days after the Israeli media revealed an investigation into allegations of baby trafficking in the Charedi world, the well known figure at the center of the probe has been placed under arrest.

    Chaim Aharon Yosefi was arrested on Wednesday night as he left a Bnei Brak synagogue, reported Ynet ( He was charged on multiple accounts including forgery, sexual harassment and violations of Israeli adoption law.

    Police arrived at Yosefi’s home on Sunday morning with a search warrant, and while Yosefi was not home at the time, he was warned not to leave the country. Investigations by both Ynet and Yediot Aharanot alleged that Yosefi had been involved in numerous cases of unwanted pregnancies in the Charedi world, sending expectant young women to the United States to host families to care for them during their pregnancy. The babies were reportedly adopted after birth, with thousands of dollars reportedly exchanged in the process.

    According to Ynet (, Yosefi told one prospective client that he would cover all of her expenses for the duration of her pregnancy and the birth, including medical care for her and the baby, clothing and cosmetics.

    “If you want, we can make efforts to give you some cosmetic treatment, a body design studio,” Yosefi allegedly told the young woman. “I need to pamper you. This is all in the package. Trips, restaurants, fun. It will all be paid for.”

    Yosefi’s lawyers said that their client has been cooperating with the authorities and that they have full confidence that he will be exonerated.

    Police called Yosefi’s arrest the first step in what they expect to be a major investigation.

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    1. The secular Zionists are upset that frum people:

      1) are taking care of their own

      2) don’t want their babies raised by the frei

      3) are sending people to the USA

      What’s not to like?

        • you mean bribe politicians? we in Brooklyn don’t even elect our politicians since david greenfield anointed his best friend kalman yeger who lives outside the district as his heir. Laws mean nothing when you have mayors of big cities saying they will not allow for rapists and the like to be deported because they are illegal.

    2. Sounds more like he was talking the women out of abortions by having them give up their babies for adoption rather than aborting while making a few dollars while at it.

      • There’s an idea that prosecutors like to peddle that if someone does something good, but makes “a few dollars while at it”, it suddenly becomes something bad. That can’t be true, because the do-gooder still needs to live and support his family. That’s like saying the prosecutor himself, another do-gooder, when he takes a salary for his work in the DA office, that he suddenly becomes someone bad.

    3. Paying a female to carry and deliver a baby for adoption is perfectly legal in the United States. In fact, it is exactly what the LGBT community is lobbying Israel to allow. In fact, it is exactly why the leftist media trashes the Israeli government for its “homophobic” laws not allowing this baby selling. And now the same media is trashing the Hareidi for doing nothing more than they themselves advocate.

          • 1) we use “black market” donors too… it’s called helping a fellow yid. However, that yid has bypassed the lists which to many people die on, like my mom, before getting a transplant. My mom went to quickly to change things bec of a mistake maimondies did, but the “black market” donors are doing a HUGE mitzvah.

            2) since I don’t know the particulars in this case, I can’t say this man deserves an award for his mitzvah. However, there are many childless couples (like the chabbad rebbe & rebbitzen) who would have been perfect parents but can’t have children. There are children who come from a house void of love & therefore make the wrong decision & get pregnant. Why is it not a mitzvah, worse it’s illegal for that newborn to be placed in a home filled with love, Torah, adoration, wealth, kindness & so much more?

            3) I’m not accusing ANYONE here, I’m simply pointing out a fact, slavery wasn’t against the law, hiding Jews was against the law… who was right?

            • Your screen name is vile and despicable. Do you not understand the ramifications of this? Congratulations on joining the ranks of kapos, mosrim and general Rodfim of klal Yisroel through the generations. I hope and pray Your wickedness won’t cost any Jewish blood.

            • I love his screen name. And what is the ramifications? I hope you hate arabs too. Because I hate people who want me dead especially when even those “peaceful” Muslims like Jordan cheer on murders.

              Nothing wrong with letting people know that when you kill us we hate you. That’s not called a rodef.

              I”ll end off with the tefilah I always say may hashem smite all muslims with ALS and cancer and spare use yidden those machlas. In fact its not a bad screen name, Perhaps Iwill change my name to “Cancer & ALS upon All Muslims”. Its a thought.

            • And another one bites the dust Joining the rodef group.

              The chilul Hashem and the responsibility on your head for posting such despicably broad racist sentiments, by a Jew, on the public web is shocking and sad.

          • That, my male friends, is the point. Yes, these girls B”H don’t have abortions. But how do they know their babies go to healthy, loving families? We all know there are many, many cases of dysfunctionality & abuse in Chareidi families…as there are in all segments of society. Does he look into the families? There’s no oversight here. Furthermore, he says these women will be pampered… do they get any form of counseling as well?

            Does he bother to find out WHO the fathers are & the circumstances of the conception? Not every frum girl in this situation went with an Arab who took advantage. Incest. Rape. Anyone think of those possibilities? And afterwards? Do they just go back home to misery and the same issues that got them into these situations?

            If he was a legal adoption agency, we would all be applauding. But he is doing this just for money, don’t think for one minute he is altruistic.

    4. What is the crime exactly? Seems to be involved in giving girls an alternative to killing the baby – giving birth and then having it adopted. What gives?

      • There is nothing wrong here. The Israeli government wants it should go through the secular Israeli channels. Today’s’ governments like to control everything.

    5. There are women with unwanted pregnancies who want to give up their baies for adoption. There are women who want to adopt. He is the agent and charges a fee which prospective adoptees willingly pay. Why does the government have to get involved? As long as the babies go to good homes why can’t people arrange their own adoptions?

    6. It’s funny how the recent story on VIN of a frum woman who was pregnant during her marriage was called all sorts of bad names on here, yet these same commentators have nothing bad to say about these pregnant charedi girls with “unwanted” babies. Hypocrites!


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