Ukraine – Israeli Man Assassinated In Kiev


    Kiev – Ukrainian police are investigating what they believe was the premeditated murder of a 29 year old Jerusalem man on Wednesday night.

    Police said that Shachroch Tornosov was killed outside Kiev’s historic Brodsky synagogue on Shota Rustaveli Street, according to Ynet reports ( Mobile rescue teams that raced to the site found Tornosov dead at the scene.

    According to Ukrainian news sources, Tornosov’s death was a targeted assassination with the shooter fleeing the scene in a Volkswagen vehicle. A suspect who was arrested in connection with Tornosov’s death is believed to have a criminal background.

    A statement released by the Israel Foreign Ministry said that it was aware of the incident which was being handled by the Israeli embassy in Kiev.

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    1. Why would Jews go to Kiev? Kiev is the site of Babi Yar, where over 100,000 Jews were slaughtered in a ravine. Jews are not welcome there today. I know of a group which went to see Babi Yar, and the local population was not hospitable to them. They looked at them as if to say “Who sent for your kind”.

      • I am a survivor of 4 yrs of concentration camp and if there were more like you incidents like the one in Kiev would not happen.The Ukrainians could not wait for Nazis and immediately began literally slaughtering Jews. Just click on progrom in Lviv in 1941

    2. To #3- I wrote the article in #1. I don’t know #2. It is obvious that whomever wrote #2, is not me, because the English grammar which was used, is not my style. I believe that #2 was trying to point out that Jews may not have a good historical grasp of the participation of the Ukraine in the genocide against the Jews. The citizens of the Ukraine were savage beasts, when it came to killing Jews.


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