Los Angeles, CA – California Hit By Severe Heatwave


    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, left, comes to the aid of an unidentified man who collapsed in downtown Los Angeles Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017. APLos Angeles, CA – Managers of California’s power grid are asking for voluntary electricity conservation as forecasters predict more extreme heat statewide.

    The California Independent System Operator predicts demand on the system will set a new all-time record Friday.

    Consumers are asked to cut back on use of electricity between 1 p.m. and 10 p.m. when use of air conditioners is at its peak.

    The National Weather Service warns that the heat will bring a high risk of heat-related illness, especially for the elderly, the infirm and children.

    Forecasters also say the heat will be dangerous to anyone without proper hydration or adequate cooling.

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    1. To ALL you tzedreita Trumpsters:
      Look at the facts.
      In Feb. he signed order to switch on HAARP in Fairbanks Alaska.
      If you take the time from Shteiging over that daf or blatt, you would know that
      weather manipulation was a tool of the US miltary.
      Floods in Ca., Fires in the NW, Harvey, Heat Wave in CA, massive flooding in SE ASIA.
      Oh, did I hear you say Climate change is fake news.
      Not as fake as Chief Tiny hands.
      Time for y’all to do some tshuva.

      • After taking time to attempt to comprehend even one sentence of your incomprehensible rant, even to those of us who are not “tzedreita Trumpsters”, I will now go back to my daf.

      • I used to be one of the Government HAARP Program Managers, so let me confuse you a little with the facts:
        HAARP initial array went operational in 1996.
        HAARP full array went operational in 2007.
        President Trump – no President – was ever directly involved in HAARP funding decisions or operations.
        HAARP was transitioned from the US Air Force to the University of Alaska Fairbanks two years ago, after the Air Force claimed poverty and threatened to shut the facility down and plow it under.
        HAARP is an ionospheric research facility. It does not do, nor is it capable of weather modification, communication with aliens, or mind control. Believe me, I’ve heard all the nutcase conspiracy theories about HAARP, and they are all the products of diseased minds.


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