Jerusalem – Meah Shearim Man Arrested For Lag B’Omer Burning Of Charedi IDF Doll


    Dovid Krois, accused of burning a doll of an Israeli soldier during lag baomer celebration, is brought for a court hearing in the Magistrate's Court in Jerusalem on September 4, 2017. Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90 Jerusalem – A Meah Shearim man has turned himself into police in connection with the Lag B’Omer incident that had a life size figure dressed as a Charedi IDF soldier burned in effigy amid cheering crowds.

    Israeli police launched a months-long investigation into the May 14th bonfire, hoping to identify the man who hung an effigy of a bearded soldier wearing tzitzis and the uniform of an elite commando unit on a long stick and then dangled it over a Lag B’Omer bonfire, reported The Times of Israel ( The man was identified from video that was taken at the scene and, according to Ynet (, he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

    A 21 year old man and two children, ages 15 and 11, were arrested within days of the incident for burning Israeli flags said The Times of Israel ( All three were questioned by police in May and authorities indicated at the time that further arrests could be forthcoming.

    Israel toughened up its Flag, Emblem and National Anthem Law in July, ramping up punishments for those who desecrate the state flag. Those found guilty of violating the new legislation could face up to three years in prison of a fine of $50,000 NIS in addition to losing their national health insurance, unemployment benefits and scholarships for higher education.

    The suspect was expected to be brought before an Israeli judge sometime today.

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        • When these crazies show up at my door, we slam it in their faces. I have no problem showing my contempt for these bloodsucking leeches.

          I like the idea of them losing all their benefits, but take it further: if they are married, their entire family loses them. If they are single, the parents do. Make it count!

    1. A. Under the new law, yes!
      B. After he serves his time in jail, let him serve additional time in the IDF! Two years of lugging heavy ammunition used in tanks will do wonders for his attitude. It will cause other young morons like him to think twice about disrespecting the country that protects them. If he can’t keep his views to himself, let him find another place of residence which is more to his liking.

    2. As long as the head snakes who brainwash and support and encourage these animals are not arrested and jailed this criminality will go on.
      The government knows damn well which yeshiva’s these hoodlums are coming from and which so called rosh hayeshivas encourage and brainwash these zombies in this vicious irrational and pathological hatred to their own country and it’s citizens,therefore why these dens of hate and treason have not been shut down by the government is beyond me.

    3. Burning effigies of zionist soldiers

      R. S.Z. Auerbach zt”l writes, (Halichos Shlomo 1:34)

      ” One must be careful to act לשם שמים. If one has a non-Frum person
      in his house and the norm would be to serve him food & drink.
      The Halacha (O.Ch. 169:2) forbids us from serving them food unless they
      will wash (Netilas Yodayim) and make the appropriate Brachos.

      However, if the non-Frum person will feel offended (even if asked politely) to wash etc. and
      might hate Shomrei Torah Umitzvohs for acting this way, then it is better to disregard
      the Halacha in Shulchan Aruch of not feeding them because them hating Frum Yidden
      is a bigger מכשול.”

      According to R.S.Z.Auerbach it would seem Even if burning Zionist Flags &
      effigies were to be a Mitzvah mentioned in Shulchan Aruch it would still be forbidden
      to do so being it makes the non-Frum hate the Frum.

      Probably. the ones who do the burning believe that the non-frum
      are not upset with us and won’t hate Frum Yidden for doing so.

        • What are you talking about? These are Mechalelei shem shomayim BeFarhesya among other terrible things. They deserve little consideration and those that created them deserve much worse. They are enemies of legitimate frum people everywhere and besmirch our name and our Torah before other Jews and the world at large. Would that they would repent or sink into oblivion.

    4. Accordng to my measurement the perps peos extend 9 inches below the collarbone. I though the maximum allowed was only 4 inches.

      Whoops, maybe that only applies to madelach!


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