Miami, FL – IN PHOTOS: The Damage Left By Hurricane Irma In Florida


    Kelly McClenthen returns to see the flood damage to her home with her boyfriend Daniel Harrison in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma in Bonita Springs, Florida, on September 11, 2017. APMiami – As Hurricane Irma, now a tropical storm, moves out of Florida, images of the destruction left behind are beginning to appear.

    While the enormous storm caused widespread damage and flooding, and left more than 10 million without power, most reports indicate that most of Florida appears to have dodged a worst-case-scenario.

    Residents are now beginning to return to assess the damage, and begin recovery and rebuilding efforts.

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    1. To #1- What did you mean the “horror” of Irma? This storm was nothing, compared to Katrina in 2005, where 3,000 people were killed. True, it is a big inconvenience; however, homes will be rebuilt, the fuel will return to gas stations, the electric will be restored, and people will get on with their lives.


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