London – 8 Year Old London Boy Viciously Beaten While Walking Home From Yeshiva


    The road where the attack is said to have taken place (Credit: Twitter/@Shomrim)London – London police are searching for an unknown suspect in the beating of an eight year old Jewish boy who was walking home from school on Monday afternoon in Stamford Hill.

    According to London Shomrim, the boy was walking on a residential street when he was attacked from behind by a white man wearing gloves. The child was reportedly pushed against a wall and beaten severely until two passers-by came to his rescue, prompting the suspect to flee the scene.

    The boy ran home after the attack and was transported to the hospital by Hatzolah where he was treated for bruises to his chest, neck, shoulder and face. He was reportedly so traumatized that he was unable to speak for over four hours following the incident.

    The incident was reported to the Metropolitan Police.

    Shaye Gluck of Shomrim Stamford Hill told The Jewish Chronicle ( that volunteers are combing surveillance footage for any leads that would give further information and have increased their presence in the area.

    “It is unacceptable that children can no longer walk home from school safely,” said Gluck.

    A 2016 investigation found 32 incidents of visibly Jewish individuals being targeted in a single month, including three assaults and ten threats of physical violence, according to Metro UK (

    Yesterday’s incident comes 11 months after another eight year old Stamford Hill boy was the victim of an anti-Semitic attack in Stamford Hill and a year after an 11 year old Hackney boy walking home from school was surrounded by a group of teens who ordered him to remove his yarmulka or face a beating as previously reported on VIN News (

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      • I don’t know where you live, but I live in Stamford hill, I wouldn’t exchange it with Israel, never mind New York, & I grew up in in the filthy New York metropolitan area, I’ve been living with a next door Muslim family for years without having any problems, (yes, one doesn’t know with them from minute to the other, but relatively ok) yes, I do admit that the Europeans do show their true faces as opposed to the American SHAIGETZ, where you never know what he’s up to,

    1. China is the only country who has it down pat, where crime, muggings, beatings, stabbings etc is virtually zero, and where single teenagers make and female can walk solo in the dead of the night with a moonless sky at any hour in any city, town, village, or district without any worry of being attacked. China must be doing something right besides from outlawing fire arms! Real freedom means not having to be a prisoner in your home after nightfall, let alone in the daylight In China there is zero tolerance for any type of crime!


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