New York – Man Confuses Jewish Women For Muslims In Queens Subway Beating


    Queens, NY – A Jewish woman and her adult daughter are recovering after being assaulted on Thursday in Queens by a man who mistakenly thought they were Muslim.

    Police said that the two women, ages 57 and 37, had gotten off a northbound M train at the 67th Avenue station in Rego Park when they were accosted by a man who said “get out of my country you dirty Muslims.”

    When the younger of the two women questioned the man about his remarks, he spat in her face and punched her repeatedly in the body before punching the older woman in the lower lip.

    The man, identified as 40 year old Dimitrios Zias, was arrested at the scene and charged with two counts of assault as a hate crime. DNA Info ( reported that Zias asked police if he was being arrested because he was “rich and white.”

    According to The Daily News ( daughter told police that she believed that it was her mother’s head covering that likely gave Zias the mistaken impression that they were Muslim.

    The incident took place just blocks away from several synagogues.

    “I never expected it would happen in this neighborhood,” said the daughter.

    Zias was arraigned on Thursday and held on $50,000 bail. He is due back in court on September 27th.

    Police denied reports that Zias was drunk at the time of the incident. Zias had been previously arrested in 2015 after he was caught on an escalator using his cell phone to shoot footage under a woman’s skirt. He was sentenced to five years probation in that incident after he pleaded guilty to felony unlawful surveillance.

    At a September 6th pre-Rosh Hashana event at the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, Captain Mark Molinari, head of the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, said that hate crimes have been on the rise in the city, albeit at a slower rate than in previous years, reported the Queens Tribune (

    According to Molinari, anti-Semitic hate crimes have risen at a slightly higher rate than other bias incidents, with only two of the 109 incidents reported involving physical assaults. Molinari noted that he is unhappy with any rise in hate crimes.

    “I don’t like anything going up,” said Molinari. “I think zero is too many. I like negative numbers.”

    Officers will be assigned to area synagogues during the upcoming Jewish holidays, with NYPD Chief of Queens Patrol Borough North Juanita Holmes vowing to “kick it up a notch” this year.

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    1. Hey Archie,

      As the “Law according to Archie” surely would condone beating Muslims (much less severe than the aids and cancer you routinely wish on all Muslims), it’s time for you to bone up on “mistake of fact” in criminal law (unless, of course, you already know it all, and need no education)..and for you to offer your heartfelt sympathy to the attacker.

      • Not really sure where you are going with this . But let me repeat I condemn vicious attacks against anyone even animals like Muslims . It’s wrong and cannot be the tolerated . I do wish upon
        Muslims cancer and ALS and I hope all Jews daven to Hashem this rosh hashana that he should write us in the book of lives and spare us any machla or magafia. And that the eibshter use those machlas to punish Muslims . However , society should and cannot tolerate open violence or even spitting at Muslims .

        I hope that’s clear .

        • For the record…my father died from ALS…and I have been in more than one street fight in my life.

          If you believe that beating up a Muslim is “…wrong and cannot be tolerated…” and at the same time you “…do wish upon Muslims cancer and ALS…” – and you think you’re being intellectually and morally consistent – then quite frankly…I think you’ve exited the realm of rational discourse.

          • Nope sorry . I am
            Being very rational . As a human being us Jews don’t resort to violence . Hakol kol yakov vahayadim idi esav . As our forefathers did we daven that Hashem should smite our enemies but don’t believe in violence . And I would say even as a cultured society by non Jews violence is not something we should resort to . However we can pray that Hashem smite our Muslim enemies with tortorious affliction . I think there is a huge rational difference . So sad you fail to see that

        • “Punish muslims” Why? I live in Brooklyn with 2 million Yiden next door to 800000 Muslims. Never any Hatred or bombing or even beating. 40 Years 800.000 thousand Muslim Doctors, Nurses, Goroceries, Drivers etc. Never a beating. I will pray to Hashem to kill the Nazis and Neo-Nazis who attack innocents here in the USA. Who march with Swastikas and chant Jews. Never seen a Muslim march and chanting Jews will not replace us. Not the Muslims who live here peacefully. In Israel its a different story. Its my land/your land/his land etc. No one cares in Brookly. Not the Muslim and not the Yid (Lohavdil)

          • Never had any hatred or bombing in 40 years ? You are lying trough our teeth . Did u forget 9/11? Many lived in Brooklyn ? How about the shikeh arrrested for the 93 world trade bombing ? Are you more blind than the black no shikeh? Furthermore, have you attended anti Israel boycott meetings . Well I suggest you speak to those that had . Because at that meeting compromised almost all of Muslims the discussion was how Jews control the country including the USA . And they were planning how to strategically hurt Jews best . This a first hand eye witness from those who snuck into that meeting . Go to Brooklyn college and hang out with the Muslims there . Let me know of those activists love you

            Many in NYC are simply secular and not frum musllims . Others like many in hospitals are Indian which is not Muslim . And others keep a low profile because they’d rather money but deep inside they hate you .

            Bottom line the real frum Muslims surely want to see you or me dead whether they are physically violent or just inwardly . It’s all part of their rotten religion
            Stop fooling yourself and buying into Pc nonsense . Wake up Muslims add the threat not a few radical Nazis nutties

        • If you live in NY or any other main City and visit a Hospital you will find many many muslim doctors,nurses etc treating Yiden with love and respect. I wish them the best. Many Muslims save many Jewish life. Some serve in the Israeli Army, Police (Unlike some of your True Jews friends) and I and many many Yiden make a Mishe Berach for their well being every Shabos. Mi Sheberach for the TZAHAL

        • You sound like the Neurei Karte. We at most Orthodox Shuls pray to Hashem for their well being( Muslims in USA Govt , Muslims in the Israeli Govt, Courts, Army etc) every single week. We will pray again on Ros Hashana. Sana Tova and Refue Shelemo. Maybe you need to listen to people who teach LOVE instead of Hatred.

          • True love is hating those that seek to hurt my own brothers . As Dovid hamelech says oheva Hashem sinu ra.

            Blinded love is not a virtue nor a Jewish concept especially when it’s to enemies of the Jews . It’s a reform fake Jewish concept .

            By the way I do believe in respecting and loving other ethnic groups like Latinos and blacks who while not our style do not seek our destruction

        • Do you wish the same for all Muslims? Even the ones who save Jewish Lives. Like the one in France who saved 20+ Yiden? Or the Muslim who shlepped the Frum Girl out of the Subway track with 200+Whites (Some Yiden) watching and doing nothing? Or the Bus Driver who gave back the cash last week to the owner? How about the 1 billion Muslims who never did a single crime?

          • How about the 1 billion Muslims who never did a single crime?

            Out of the one billion Muslims that never physically committed a crime, at least half of them support terrorism. At leats half of them are happy when we die. As of recently when our Jewish brothers got brutally murdered during a friday night seuda, peaceful muslim nations like Turkey, Jordan, the Arab League etc… all supported that brutal terror attack as a rational response to putting camera’s at the mosque because our troops were brutally murdered there. (Kind of an odd circular rational but muslims don’t need to make sense.) So they support and commend terror. If peaceful muslims nations support terror the exactly who doesn’t ? I agree that not all”commit terror” . Most just want to live their daily lives. But almost all support and commend terror.

            Lest you argue those peaceful country’s who cheered on the murder of innocent yidden , don’t represent their people, well then who do they represent? There has t be a significant amount of people that agree and support their country’s ideology.

            Part 1

          • Part 2

            Some Muslims are simply not such “frum Muslims” I bet that most that helped and cared for jews are more secular. Do those Muslims fast 40 days on Ramadan? Do they abstain from alcohol? Do they daven 5 times a day? Yes I don’t wish cancer & ALS on non frum Muslims. The non frum Muslims are often influenced by secular environment and don’t support terror.

            There may be a machlokos among Muslims how much hate to display against the west in the open (Lehvdil aguda, vs nuetrai karta.) But they all hate us.

            In a nutshell you have to make an honest assessment with yourself, how many of those billion Muslims don’t support terror. Its not enough that they don’t commit acts of terror. How many believe terror is a good means to help them achieve their goal? And of those that don’t believe how many are truely frum devout Muslims?

            I find the whole term “radical Islam” as misleading. It implies its only a few fringes. In reality terror and support of terror is Islam. There maybe pockets of moderate Islamists and for them I don’t wish death upon however, Islam as a whole is rotten. (Just like Germany as a whole was rotten even though there were a few nice Germans during the war)

    2. Herr Trumpf opened up Pandora’s Box of hate, leading to random daily incidents of hate like this. Today he again threw his vile support to the white supremicist nazis in Charlottesville. Feh.

      • Quite possibly you are a newborn.
        Therefore you wouldn’t recall the FACTS of the last 8-9 years.
        I, however, felt hate increase progressively ever since Obama took office.
        As a matter of fact it increased exponentially when he began to bash Israel, condone BLM, and avoid (=refuse to) refer to islamic terror by name.
        My imagination? Do you have an imagination?
        You can now post counter comments, even nasty ones putting me down, as you do many times on these threads (a subject for a different time), but it will not change facts.

    3. What does it say about Obama when in 2015 (under Obama) this very same perpetrator, to quote:

      > In 2015, Zias was busted for taking pictures with his phone under a woman’s skirt at the Uniqlo store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, police said.

      Except it seems he was not drunk then as he was during this assault.

    4. To#4- I did not vote for Trump, or Ms. Hillary, and I don’t necessarily support certain statements or actions that Trump, and some of his advisers have made in the past. That being said, it just burns the —– when I read totally irresponsible statements such as yours, blaming Trump for random attacks on Jews. There have been Nazis in the USA, for nearly 80 years, and hundreds of attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions, since then. I remember in 1959, when there was a rash of swastikas being painted on Shuls, in the NYC area. I remember Rabbonim being attacked in NYC in the 1960s. I remember the sniper attack on a Shul in St. Louis by a Nazi in 1977. I remember the Chassdic man,, who was shot dead by a Nazi in Pittsburgh, during Pesach in 1986. I remember the Muslims, who took over an ADL office at gunpoint in 1977. I remember the Nazi attack on a JCC in LA, in 1999,as well as a fatal attack on a Federation in 2004, and the attack near Kansas City by a Nazi in 2014, as well as the attack by a Nazi on the Holocaust Museum in 2009. All of those attacks took place well before Trump was President. Yet, you never blamed Ike, JFK, LBJ ,Carter, Clinton, the Bushes, or Obama for them!

    5. To #9 – these left wing lunatics blamed Bushes for everything from the Black plague to Hurricane Andrew. What they don’t ever do is hold DEMOCRATS responsible for anything.


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